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One of the more dastardly things about the American tax code is that if you lose at the lottery (or any gambling establishments), your losses are only tax deductible as subtracted from your winnings. Image credit: simulations were performed at the National Center for Supercomputer Applicationsby Andrey Kravtsov (The University of Chicago) and Anatoly Klypin (New Mexico State University). By time the 1970s came along (the photos above are from the first IAU conference on structure formation, in 1977), these two were titans in the field of structure formation, having worked out the theoretical consequences of open, closed, and flat Universes with low or normal matter densities and modeled with and without hot, warm and cold dark matter. This effect was first pointed out to me by professor John Yelton when I was in graduate school in the early 2000s, and it was such a good discussion we had about it that it spurred me to ask him to be on my thesis defense committee a couple of years later. To someone who’s never done experimental or observational work, this might seem like the ultimate example of fooling yourself. In all my free time, you want me to do web development for the parent company that hosts me? Cosmological redshifts are misunderstood by almost all laypeople, many physicists and even some cosmologists.
The many worlds interpretation is valid, which is to say it gives results that agree with what we observe. The lack of testable evidence will not stop people from being interested in or working on them. In any case, discussion of this remarkable event, and of the possible cause would be welcome.
But not only is there plenty more on the way, including our next podcast (coming soon), a new week of articles coming (starting now), and the start of a special upcoming series on the future of astronomy.

You also threw in the cosmic web, which I’m pretty sure is not explicable in terms of that, in principle. When the Big Bang was first proposed back by Gamow and his collaborators back in the 1940s, it was pretty well understood that a hot, dense, homogeneous past would lead to a much cooler, sparser, and inhomogeneous present, where matter existed in clumps and in voids. But beyond what I personally believe, there’s a difference between being a womanizer in your personal life (which you may or may not approve of) and being a lecher or a harasser in your work environment and around your professional peers, juniors and seniors. Calcada, of a pulsar orbiting a binary companion and the gravitational waves (or ripples) in spacetime that ensue as a result.
That the value thus calculated corresponded to the measured value of the speed of light was taken as evidence that light was, indeed, an electromagnetic wave. As with everything, I give talks dependent on budget, time and what sorts of freedoms they do and don’t allow. You can see “plateaus” where experiments settled on an “accepted” value, before some result kicked that idea aside. So do many other interpretations, like Niels Bohr’s, the de Broglie-Bohm interpretation, and pretty much any of the other non-falsified ones. It was understood that understanding exactly what structures would form and when were details that would need to be worked out, and that hadn’t been worked out. I don’t talk for everyone who asks, but I do talk for as large an audience as possible so long as the conditions are reasonable. For another, you’d have to make that material convert all wavelengths of light into usable energy.

If you can do better, take advantage of the pre-dawn skies and view what you can; Mercury’s a rare treat if you can see it! If you gamble and come out down $1000, you had to pay tax on that income and don’t recoup any of it for your losses. The working out began, in earnest, in the 1960s by Peebles in the USA and by Zel’dovich in the USSR. But if you want to subject your coworkers to your toxic behavior, you are way over the line.
And finally, why not just build a large collecting area either close to the star (the source) or close to the planet (the destination) to get as much usable energy as you need?
In General Relativity, you do an analogous thing, and you get quadrupole radiation (because you’re in a tensor, rather than a vector, theory) that carries energy away and propagates at c, the speed of light in a vacuum. The additional resources required to build the full sphere for what’s clearly an unnecessarily huge amount of energy just seems gratuitous and wasteful. Getting Mercury will be very hard, but Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and the bright stars of Antares and Spica along the way is a real possibility for most. Erring on the other side, by the way, is what leads to the OPERA faster-than-light neutrinos, where you fail to get all your systematics before publishing!

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are lottery winnings tax deductible

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