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Critics said that VA Secretary Robert McDonald had trivialized the long-standing problem of lengthy wait times for appointments. Army infantry platoons will soon have the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle as a permanently assigned weapon.
Call it the Navy SEAL brass strikes back, after virtually unprecedented public scrutiny of the elite force's top ranks.
The Americans said the number of Arab volunteers has surged this spring, following a series of battlefield gains against ISIS. Defense Secretary Carter told sailors he's still working to make career advancement more flexible in order to retain top talent. The Iraqi offensive to retake Fallujah imperiled thousands of trapped civilians in the ISIS stronghold, according to the UN. Two different visions of the hell that is war are seared into the minds of WWII survivors on opposite sides of the Pacific.
Blunt called for VA Secretary Robert McDonald to resign after McDonald compared wait times to waiting in line at a Disneyland. ISIS will be defeated only with a ground war involving Western troops, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will take up a case involving the murder of an Okinawan woman in his talks with President Obama. This is a significant change since patrols count for approximately 50 percent of graded portion of Ranger School. This change to Ranger School is just one of several training upgrades the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Benning has launched in an attempt to prepare young soldiers and leaders for battlefield threats they may face in the future.
One of the newest training concepts Benning officials have stressed is what’s known as Advanced Situational Awareness Training. That means that soldiers armed with this training will be able to recognize and understand the human behaviors occurring in their environment, said Col.
Soldiers will learn skills such as how to best use their optics to observe an area of interest from a distance and make threat assessments, Rauhut said.
The Ranger Training Brigade stresses some of these key lessons in the enhanced patrol portion of Ranger School. In the past, these patrols featured patrol-base planning, executing a react to contact against a predictable opposing force during movement to a raid objective, Lear said.
The react to contact may involve civilians where intelligence changes the planned raid objective, Lear said. Safer's controversial August 1965 report from Cam Ne helped ignite home front protests against the Vietnam War. Paul Treaster's ashes had been lost after getting left behind during his son's bad divorce but were found on the side of the road.

The first 29 Palms Military Film Festival gave veterans a chance to come together last week in California's Mojave Desert.
Leadership Training Course Home PageStudents joining ROTC at the end of their sophomore year, or with two years left towards an advanced degree, attend a four-week basic leadership course during the summer before their junior year. Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) Program: For Army ROTC Cadets, the world is their classroom.
LEADERSHIP TRAINING COURSE Cadets take part in the leader's training Course if they enter Army ROTC going into their junior year.
Every Army ROTC Cadet who enters into the Advanced Course attends the Leader Development and Assessment Course.
The Army Cultural Understanding and Language Program sends cadets across the globe to better learn languages and understand foreign cultures.
The summer of LDAC, cadets have an opportunity to grow their leadership skills by direct interaction with real-world soldiers through the Cadet Troop Leader Training and Drill Cadet Leader Training programs.
Officials have focused the concept on a five-day training course that seeks to train soldiers in human-behavioral analysis when observing a situation on the battlefield.
Benning officials are pushing a combined-arms mindset in both the Infantry Basic Officers Leadership Course and Armor Basic Leaders Course. As a result, soldiers have become less proficient in traditional, combined arms combat operations. Leaders stress the need to return to combat training that prepares soldiers and units for more-costly, high-intensity fights. Captured enemy leadership on the raid objective then could lead the platoon to conduct a hasty ambush. This part of their training covers adventure training, which builds both Cadet self confidence and unit esprit-de-corps. This portion of the Cadet's training introduces them to the social aspect of the Army. Every year hundreds of Cadets travel the globe, spending up to three weeks immersed in foreign cultures, learning more about how other others around the world view the U.S.
This course, made up of four phases, allows Cadets to "catch up" to those who joined in their freshman or sophomore years.
Benning, GA, Airborne trains cadets to safely and successfully parachute from the C-130 cargo aircraft.  After successfully completing all training and undergoing four daytime jumps and one nighttime jump, cadets will earn the right to wear airborne wings on their uniform. Campbell, KY, Air Assault qualifies cadets to conduct airmobile and air assault helicopter operations. Cadets typically work with either a non-governmental agency, like Cross-Cultural Solutions, or with a foreign nation’s military. The two programs have a cadet shadow an active-duty Second Lieutenant or current Drill Sergeant.

During the two-month course, students must master combat-leader skills under grueling, mental and physical conditions.
At the same time, most planners are determined to hold on to the lessons the service has learned over the past decade of war.
Another scenario could feature intelligence from an unmanned aerial vehicle that leads to an adjusted patrol-base location, Lear said. LTC is a fully paid program that is designed to teach the basic skills required of leaders. Final briefings are conducted as well as a Family Day in conjunction with a Cadet run graduation ceremony. This course normally takes place between your junior and senior years of college, and is conducted at Fort Lewis, Washington.
After successfully completing all training, to include a 10k ruck march,  cadets will earn the right to wear the coveted air assault wings on their uniform. In years past, Cadets have traveled to countries such as China, Tanzania, Morocco, Russia, Senegal, Korea, Ghana, and Botswana. This course takes the place of the basic course (First two years of ROTC).
Specifically, Cadets learn military customs and courtesies such as saluting, how to wear the uniform and how to march.
A Cadets primary mission can be to train with the local military in their respective country, teach conversational English, participate in humanitarian outreach projects and learn about local cultures, values and languages. There are scholarship opportunities available for students who attend and complete the Leaders Training Course. Contact FAMU Army ROTC to find out how you can be part of this awesome opportunity 850-599-3515.
Cadets learn basic military skills in order to function as a small group member.
The Field Training Exercise is intentionally tough and introduces the element of stress. Throughout the exercise Cadets encounter physical and mental obstacles that challenge them as a person, Cadet and leader.
This course is an accelerated version of the two years of leadership development training Cadets receive in the Basic Course.

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