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The numerous art schools in New York speak about New York’s popularity in terms of being one of the fashion capitals of the world.
This article will let you know about some of the popular art schools in New York and the courses offered by them. The Parsons New School for Design is one of most renowned art schools in New York followed by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Digital Media Arts College, International Academy of Design and Technology, Academy of Art University, School of Visual Arts, New York Art Academy, Pratt Institute, etc. The game art and design course focuses on the artistic side of gaming and not computer programming. At the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, you’ll graduate to become a game-play tester, 2-D conceptual artists, 3-D character builder, object modeler and so on. If these are your concerns, our Language school, in association with the Ashcan Studio of Art can help you reach your dream of attending art and design programs at US colleges and Universities. We have created special 6 and 3 month packages to help students prepare both their Art and English for entrance into post-secondary art programs. English and iBT TOEFL Courses are offered here at the school in New York, and your Art Courses are held just a few blocks away at the Ashcan Studio of Art.
We will design your course layout, to ensure a completed body of work, and a portfolio of excellence.The Studio of Art is located just a few blocks away from our school, in the heart of Manhattan. Develop Creative thinking that leads to the endowment of individual artistic style and creativity.
Using a wide range of media (video, photograph, newspaper, music, and dance) to create art works. Ashcan facilitates the entire admission and application process, including application, portfolio, essay, and interview appointment.
Insatiable, Contemporary Dessert Painting InvestmentThis original painting is available for purchase. Babe Ruth Tribute Baseball Giclee Print, NY YankeesThis stunning gallery wrapped giclee print by Hall Groat II is of a classic baseball and glove, and was inspired by Babe Ruth and the American Dream ideal. Landscape Painting Techniques Video, Adirondacks StreamIn this DVD, Hall teaches how to paint the Adirondacks landscape. Xavier Gonzalez, Spanish Artist, Roses with SkullOriginal Watercolor, Roses with Skull, 18x24 inches by Xavier Gonzalez, Spanish Artist.
The Visual Communication Arts degree prepares students for successful careers in Visual Communication and fosters students’ transfer to four-year senior institutions.
Broadly, students in the Visual Communication Arts degree program will learn the theory and practice of the dynamic between an image and an idea.
The broad and deep and highly innovative curriculum of the program will meet the diverse needs, both immediate and life-long, of individuals and entities within the local community and beyond it.
If you have just graduated from high school, why not pursue an exciting Visual Communication Arts Career at BCC! Survey of the visual arts in Western culture from the early Renaissance until today, revealing the ways that the world and the thoughts of men and women have changed during this period, and how evolving ideas are reflected in works of art.  Slide lecture format. 1.  Broaden the student’s knowledge of how works of art and architecture reflect and relate to the natural and built environments. 2.  Have developed analytical approaches to discussing the cultures of the world, and their artistic creations. 4.  Correctly identify a broad range of art production, and relate that art to the social, political, economic and philosophical context of its time. 1.  Train their eye to be analytical and critical enabling them to become independent thinkers and solve design problems on their own, transforming theory into practical application. 3.  Understand the emotional and symbolic significance of visual composition therefore considering it as an important tool for conveying a cultural or hidden message in design products.
1.  Have used the formal art elements including line, tonal value, shape, texture, spatial illustration, pattern, color, balance and composition to make a drawing. 2.  Have handled charcoal, ink, pen, brush, conte, color media and mixed in order to produce a drawing. Study of the basic processes of design and creation of clay forms, both functional and sculptural.  Techniques of handbuilding, throwing on the potter’s wheel, glazing and firing will be explored. 1.  Produce works of art using methods of relief printing, intaglio printing, embossment, and monotype printing.
2.  Understand additional methods not covered in class through exposure to the works of other printmakers.
2.  Describe the composition and durability of various paints and sealants available for mural production. 3.  Analyze composition, durability and other practical characteristics of various substrates available for mural production. Students who earn a score of 90 or higher on the NYS ELA may enroll directly into ENG 111 without taking the Placement Test. Students will demonstrate the ability to produce coherent texts within common college level forms. 2.  Describe the context within which policy decisions are made, including institutional, economic, cultural, and so on. 3.  Apply their general knowledge of public policy to the analysis os specific policy issues such as economic, environmental, educational, and foreign policy issues. You can join the Art Institute of New York City, which offers courses on fashion designing. The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City is one of the best fashion schools in the world. The Fashion Design Department at the Pratt’s School of Art and Design in New York is another popular institution where you can enroll for a course in fashion designing. The institute aims to help you acquire skills so that you can explore a wide spectrum of creative fields like fashion designing, jewelry designing, etc.
The best thing about Pratt’s School of Art and Design is, it arranges field trips for you.

For more than forty years Sotheby’s Institute of Art has offered object-based, professionally-oriented education that draws creatively upon the resources of important art centers worldwide. Following the success of our intensive summer programmes, Sotheby’s Institute of Art will be offering new, and exciting courses that students can enjoy throughout the year. See for yourself how priceless artwork follows a secure path from the loading dock to the auction house sales room. Develop a greater level of expertise by studying the most well-known, and significant developments in nineteenth-century European painting: Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism.
Take an inside look at the current state of the New York contemporary gallery business, and the recent rise of the Lower East Side gallery scene. In the past fifty years contemporary art has become one of the most exciting and crowded fields in New York’s cultural life. With photography, from Ansel Adams to Andreas Gursky, continuing to have a growing presence in private and public collections, develop a discerning eye by examining the major movements and key figures that have influenced 20th and 21st century practice. This spring discover exciting works of art in public and private settings around the city through a series of guided art lectures. Winged Foot Golf Club (West) has been ranked in the top 100 courses for all of the ranking’s 49 years. Fisher’s Island Club is probably the finest work of designers Seth Raynor and Charles Banks, and it was opened in 1926. Quaker Ridge Golf Club in Scarsdale, built in 1915, has been revised only slightly since 1925, and its design has stood the test of time.
Hudson National Golf Course has a dramatic location perched on bluffs far above the Hudson River Valley.
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Tech Valley is focused on transforming the real estate industry by integrating technology and personal attention.
About Distinctive CollectionWhen you’re in the market for–or are considering selling–an exceptional home, you expect service and support from your real estate partner that is as singular and distinct as your position in the marketplace.
Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate understands and is ideally positioned to deliver on your expectations for the highest levels of real estate service and innovation. From Ansel Adams to Andreas Gursky, photography is continuing to have a growing presence in private and public collections.
Attend the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction with your own fine jewelry expert, who will guide you through the fascinating and fabulous world of precious gemstones, colored stones, and brilliant diamonds. This course looks at the full range of marketing approaches that visual arts businesses and organizations use to communicate to the public about their activities, attract collectors and visitors and build the reputation and credibility of their artists and their own institutional brands. An overview of contemporary art from emerging markets such as China, Korea, India and the Middle East. Examining the motivations of both historical and contemporary art collectors and the impact on the market and on art practice, this course lets students investigate the changing taste and historical trends in collecting, the economics of collecting (supply and demand), connoisseurship, and aesthetics.
Some of these are the Associate of Science in web design and interactive media, Bachelor of Science in game art and design, graphic design and interior design.
You find out how to blend technique with digital expertise and creative interpretation, and learn to excel in the various fields of design, animation and art. You can brush up your English or iBT TOEFL score and perfect your portfolio to get into the school of your dreams.
Essay writing and other writing activities help students prepare for this important section of the exam. Portrait, self-portrait, life drawing, figure studies, landscape, architectural, interior design, fashion, and more. Gallery wrapped giclee prints are also available in sizes ranging from 8x10 to 30x40 inches, which are perfect for the home or corporate office.Learn MoreTerra Mater, Earth, paintings of nature for saleTerra Mater, or “mother earth”, was the goddess of fertility and growth in Roman mythology. It's painted in a classical style in umber, gold, yellow, red, gray, green and blue tones.Gallery wrapped giclee prints available in standard and custom sizes. He introduces various landscape painting concepts and techniques that are essential to painting a classic scene with water, rocks and trees.Learn MoreLearn to Paint Still life Vegetables, DVD LessonsIn this DVD, entitled Tomatoes, Peaches and Pepper, Hall introduces the eleven important foundation painting phases, such as "form light and shadow" that are the foundation of classical observational painting.
These diverse and dynamic careers include Animation, Graphic Design, Game Design, New Media Design, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Fashion Design, Scientific & Medical Illustration, Industrial Design, Art Education, Art History, Art Therapy, Architecture, Video Production, Editorial Illustration, Fine Arts, Interior Design and Photography. They will acquire the conceptual and technical skills critical to the application of contemporary image-based communication in a global environment.
The unique qualities of the fine art print are specific to the medium and are unlike any found in other areas of visual art. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Not only do they teach you the basics of fashion but also help you to come up with creative ideas so that you can introduce trends in the apparel industry. These courses emphasize on traditional as well as computer-aided design, and help you know how the fashion industry has come across various trends over the years. Along with the study of fashion designing, you can explore related areas like jewelry design, photography, etc. This is really helpful for those who intend to set up their own apparel business after completing their courses. At the Institute’s campuses in London, New York and Singapore, graduate level programs and courses actively engage students in the dynamic international art world. Short Courses at Sotheby’s Institute of Art provide unparalleled opportunities for participants to gain practical skills, knowledge and insight into the international art world, right here in New York. Specialists reveal how they acquire and evaluate property, and will take you on a tour of the current exhibition and the private, behind-the-scenes world of the auction house. Visit the galleries to meet the pioneering generation behind this emerging and exciting art hub.
Understand key legal concepts such as intellectual property, copyright, and provenance that are crucial for anyone involved in the art world. Join us for a guide to contemporary art, surveying all the trends and movements that have shaped the period, and tracing how the market for art has kept pace.

This outstanding course has been in Golf Digest’s top 100 for 48 out of the 49 years that the ranking has existed. It has geometrically shaped greens and bunkers with steep banks, and it offers gorgeous panoramas of Long Island Sound and the Atlantic.
The area is rich in the history of the American Revolution, and the course itself is frequently named as one of the very best in Westchester County. The average elevation of the course is 450 feet, and the river can be seen from 14 of the 18 holes.
Develop a discerning eye by examining the major movements and key figures that have influenced 20th and 21st century practice.
Students examine how the primary and secondary markets function and gain a solid understanding of key market concepts as well as practical tools for understanding and evaluating prices for contemporary art. It allows students to study different movements, schools and the kinds of visual art-making practices that have proliferated since the late nineteenth century.
Participants gain an overview of the gallery business, from initial funding and forming an artist roster, to exhibition planning and marketing and communications strategies. Beginning in Colonial times, the course explores American fine and decorative arts through major movements, including the Hudson River School of painting, American impressionism, Folk Art, Tiffany and the Aesthetic Movement, and the Arts and Crafts movement.
This question has become increasingly prelevant in the transnational art world where peripatetic artists participate in biennials, art fairs, and exhibitions across the globe. Students gain an understanding of both contemporary art history and the newest developments coming out of Basel, Berlin, Brooklyn and other important art markets. The web design and interactive media course teaches you how to deliver interactive content with the help of audio, video, images, animation, text, etc.
The interior design course teaches you computer-aided design, 3-D design and space planning. Not only do you get personal attention from the faculty on study-related issues but also the opportunity for internship. Learn MoreMars Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Candy ArtworkThis is an original contemporary still life oil painting, which includes a Mars Reese's Peanut Butter, Hershey's Chocolate Kisses, Skittles, gumballs and a chocolate rabbit. Gallery wrapped giclee prints are available in sizes ranging from 8x10 to 30x40 inches, which are perfect for the home or corporate office. Learn MoreOil Painting Videos, How to Paint Desserts VideoIn this DVD Hall teaches us how to paint scrumptious desserts, and introduces several techniques for painting a variety of delicious baked foods. Through demonstration, studio practice, and discussion students develop skills and insights necessary for the creative application of basic printmaking methods. The institute arranges interactive sessions where you can discuss with famous designers and get an idea of how the industry works. In case you don’t get selected by any of these, try your luck in other institutes offering courses on fashion. The courses are focused to meet the needs of those who have an active or professional interest in art and art business but have limited time. Shinnecock Hills also has the honor of being the earliest links in America, and its classic architecture hasn’t undergone many changes in the past 50 years. Designed in 1996 by Tom Fazio, Hudson National has 7122 yards, is par 70, and has 61.05 points. Better Homes and Gardens® is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation licensed to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC. This course takes students into the work spaces of leading and emerging contemporary artists working across a variety of media. Sotheby’s Institute of Art offers a variety of graduate programs, diplomas, semester courses, and summer study programs in London, New York and Singapore. When the course ends, you get the chance to become 3-D character animators, modelers, story board artists, graphic designers, etc. Learn MoreSkaneateles, NY, View from Shotwell Park, Giclee PrintThis gallery wrapped giclee print is by Hall Groat II and is available in standard and custom sizes. The impeccable attention to detail is evident in the subtle layering of line, value and texture.
All students will complete a set of core courses: Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design, Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design, Beginning Drawing, Introduction to Computer Graphics, and an art history elective. Techniques that are both time honored and contemporary enable students to express a broad range of personal artistic visions. The courses enable you to acquire the professional skills that are needed to find employment opportunities as fashion designer or costume designer. Besides, the course will give you a fair idea of computer-aided designing, sketching, draping and other aspects of fashion. It was the first formal golf club in the United States, opening in 1892, and it was also the first to admit women.
A private golf, tennis and beach club, Fisher’s Island offers beautiful residences, fine dining, and five tennis courts. The clubhouse at Hudson National was once a vintage mansion, and it’s been completely refurbished to maintain its architectural character while providing a venue for fine dining and lingering with friends. They will also complete a Speaking or Theater course—Effective Speaking or Introduction to Acting or Oral Interpretation—and a cardiovascular Physical Education course.
These greens are designed in an unusual way, with steep slants and slopes that make them a real challenge. The annual William Rice Hochster Memorial Tournament, honoring the founder of this golf club, is held here each year in June.

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