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A Monthly Calendar is more than just a chance to show off great pictures of Britney Spears, Shaquille O'Neal, or cuddly kittens. Buy or make one for your wall or desk, with really big daily squares where you can write in important dates. Get in the habit of writing every important deadline or event, from school project due dates to club meetings and sports games.
A Daily Schedule will help you plan every part of your day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you crawl into bed at night. When you begin to write things into your schedule chart, start with those things that have specific start times. Next, move on to the things that don't have specific start times, but that you have to get done. If you have an important event like band practice that falls right in the middle of your evening, talk to a parent about adjusting other things, such as dinnertime, so you can make your schedule work out. Consider using a different colored pen or marker to color in different types of responsibilities. Remember that we can't predict what's going to happen every day, and time management involves being flexible, too. We've made an example of a filled-in Daily Schedule that youcan look at, then you can print your own blank Daily Schedule toget started! The school district conducted an extremely thorough prequalification process with general contractors and reviewed 15 highly qualified firms. As with any construction project, there are always challenges and obstacles that present themselves and this project had its share of them. Over the past 22 years I've been directly involved and responsible for countless construction projects requiring project managements and engineering oversight. This is the second article in a three-part series on helping young students transition from elementary school into middle school (intermediate schools in the case of the Washington County School District).
Here are some of the most daunting changes local students will encounter during this year of transition — and some tips from Sylvan Learning on how to work through them successfully. Time Management: Work together on a schedule and develop an organizational system with your student. General Skills Preparation: Summarizing, paraphrasing, and identifying main or important ideas and details are three skills that are essential in all content areas. Note-Taking: The workload and pace really pick up in middle school, so note taking is going to be critical for them to keep up.
Build their Problem Solving Skills: Common Core State Standards outline the knowledge and skills K-12 students need to acquire for post-high school success.
Fall is officially here and this bulletin board design features lots of our favorite fall things - pumpkins, scarecrows, sunflowers, and colorful leaves!
A big thank you to one of our talented Facebook fans for sending in this beautiful Veterans Day bulletin board! Not only do we love its vibrant colors, this festive holiday bulletin board created by Lisa, kindergarten teacher and creator of Lisa's Little Graphics would make a great addition to your December decor because it's super versatile. Here's another cute winter display created with hand drawn graphics made by Lisa of Lisa's Little Graphics! If you're looking for a way to welcome your students back to class after winter break, you need to check out this crazy cute bulletin board idea featured on School Bulletin Board Ideas! Barbara Gruener - elementary counselor, character coach, and creator of The Corner On Character - is at it again and this time she's put together a wonderfully festive bulletin board display that invites kiddos to put kindness into action!
With football season heading into the playoffs, now is your chance to take advantage of this football-themed interactive bulletin board idea provided by Shaunna from the Kutztown University R.S. Refresh your decor in the new year with this super fun bulletin board idea created by Lisa Mooney, kindergarten teacher and artist behind Lisa's Little Graphics! We're always blown away by Barbara's creativity and are super grateful that she's willing to share her amazing ideas with us!

Welcome Spring (and your kiddos) into class with this super creative bulletin board idea featured by Debbie over at Rainbows Within Reach. Inspire your older students to take hold of their own futures with this motivational art-themed bulletin board!
To Cheat or Not To Cheat - online game; Choose your way through the day and find out what happens when you do or don't play by school rules!
Try using colored markers, stickers, or magazine photos to make the calendar squares pop out.
For example, if you have a big science project due on a certain day, don't just mark that day. You might want to make a separate schedule for each day of the week, or one for weekdays and one for weekends. Make a list of all the things you need to do, from taking a shower to doing homework and afterschool activities. If doing all of your homework in one chunk is too much for you, schedule a little bit of free time between subjects.
You could use yellow for family chores, red for school events, blue for sports and activities, and so on. If you hurt your ankle on a Wednesday afternoon and have to spend two hours at the hospital, you probably won't be able to stick to your schedule-and that's okay. One by one, Meridian calmly addressed each challenge and together as a team, the issues were solved, good decisions were made and the project kept moving forward.
And while these changes —new friends, new teachers and new school environment — can be exciting, they also can be a bit unnerving for new middle-schoolers.
Acknowledge and make allowances for anxiety; at first, your student may need to carry everything for all classes all the time in order to feel prepared.
Included in the CCSS are Standards for Mathematical Practice, many of which focus on academic behaviors and attitudes such as perseverance, constructing viable arguments, critiquing others’ arguments, and paying attention to precision. We love the dramatic eagle and flag element and the 'stars of thanks', created by students, not only compliment the design, but make the display more personal and meaningful! That's one of the reasons why this interactive holiday bulletin board designed by Kutztown University's Chris Kavcak caught my eye. Again, what we love about this display is that it can do double duty, both as a Christmas display and as a general winter themed display.
Not only are the smiley snowmen and snowflakes perfect for the season, we love the title's play on words. Check out this fun display submitted by Erica, parent volunteer at the Miami Lakes K-8 Center and creator of DigiGirl Paper Crafts.
Chances are you're looking to update your classroom decor and here's a cute winter themed design, created by talented early childhood educator, Tara Werbowy, that will add a touch of fun to your walls through the rest of the winter season! This feature comes a bit later that it should have, but this idea was too good not to share and we know it's a keeper for the inspiration folder! The 3-D flowers really bring the board to life and serve as a wonderful reminder that Spring is finally in the air!
Not only do we love the vibrant, high contrast colors, we also think it offers a great opportunity to empower your kiddos throughout the school year, reminding them that they have the ability to be super students and super human beings! It was recently submitted for a bulletin board contest we held and is definitely one of our favorites. By seeing an entire month at once, you can get a good sense of what's coming up without having to flip too many pages.
Count back a week, and then mark that calendar square with "ONE WEEK UNTIL SCIENCE PROJECT DUE!!" This can be especially helpful when something is scheduled for the beginning of a month, because you could flip to the new month page and be taken by surprise by what's waiting there.
For example, it may be a good idea to schedule homework before dinner, since after your meal you may get too sleepy to concentrate. This way, you'll get a good sense of how your day is planned out just by glancing at your schedule.

You can make a Daily Schedule that's a big circle, with the half hours divided into slices, like a pie (or a large pepperoni pizza!). I'd like to offer my recommendation and personal thoughts on Tim Long, owner of Meridian Construction. There were moments when I had serious doubts that we could successfully complete the project within the time frame and budget. As a parent, you can do your part to help a student acquire these key behaviors and attitudes. And, when you do, make sure you have some time because it's going to take you some time to check out all of the amazing FREE printable activities, crafts, resources, etc! Not only is it festive, it features a fun logic puzzle that will sharpen your kiddos' problem solving skills! And, with a simple change of title, this board would be perfect to get you through until Spring! Kill two birds with one stone with a bulletin board decoration AND a clever game to play with students to review important concepts you've been working on in class.
The play on words is super cute and the book 'characters' playing in the snow are adorable!
While it's a little late, we love the medieval fair theme and think you'll find the decor inspiring! This idea is sure to add a punch of color to any hallway or classroom, and with the clever saying it will absolutely grab your students' attention (and perhaps get them thinking about where they're headed)! If there's way too much blue, for example, you'll know that you're probably overloaded with sports and activities.
For instance, your trip to the hospital may have cut into your homework square, but you can make it up by giving yourself an extra homework square the next day. In March of 2010, the Concord School District took on a 5 million dollar, very challenging heating, ventilation and mechanical renovation project, spanning over 188,000 square feet of space occupied by 1,500 students and staff.
George-area students who said goodbye to elementary school earlier this year, this fall represents the start of a critical transition to middle school. Note-taking is not automatic; the more examples kids see, the quicker they’ll acquire the skill. Encourage perseverance by having your child work through problems — rather than you stepping in to fix them. We love the modern shape of the trees, the texture created by all the layers and mixed media, and the simplicity of the overall design! The renovation included a complete replacement of a boiler plant, changing from oil fired heat to district steam heat.
The professionalism and demeanor of Tim and his team convinced everyone that he was the best fit for the project. These are buzz words that any general contractor would like said about any projects they have completed. It also included a 100% replacement of existing systems and components with new energy efficient components. This work needed to start while school was in operation and complete before the winter heating season began.
The project was difficult, because of its complexity, time frame, and safety of students and staff occupying the building during the project. This project was funded under the federal ARRA program and carried a variety of additional processes that Meridian had to file to comply with this program.

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