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One of the most effective ways to communicate confidence is to use assertive communication but a lot of people (but women in particular in my experience) find this challenging. Part of the problem is the lack of confidence to use “I” statements in assertive communication, (that goes against some of the lessons we have learned about always putting others first).
My advice is to start practicing assertive communication in a non-threatening situation such as with a customer service representative, waiter or bank teller.
Margaret Buj is an Interview and Career Acceleration Coach who specializes in helping professionals get any job they want at their best ever salary. Practice giving your opinion at least once during every meeting and make it a goal to speak during every meeting.

Practice saying “no!” especially when people (your boss or direct reports) delegate inappropriately to you.
Practice expressing your opinion clearly and confronting issues head-on using “I” statements.
When you are faced with a situation in which you feel compromised or disappointed, use “I” statements to clearly express your opinion and build your comfort level with assertive communication over time. If you want to learn how recruiters read resumes, why you’re not getting hired, how to sell yourself successfully in an interview and how to negotiate your best salary yet, download her You’re HIRED! When you are negotiating for a raise or asking for a promotion, have all the history and facts about your specific accomplishments and how they have impacted the business.

It’s simple but somehow we always find the need to give credit to others or discredit the compliment. Make sure you are balancing your communication style so that it is not aggressive or passive aggressive.
Use benefit language that includes specific outcome and results rather than your effort involved.

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assertive communication skills for professionals book

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