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Assertiveness training therefore emphasises the values of clear, calm and frank communication so when that little voice in your head is saying "no", instead of keeping quiet you're able to voice it. The difference between assertive people and passive people is that while they both may know themselves and their boundaries, only the assertive group is able to clearly communicate these to their co-workers.
Learning to be more assertive helps individuals identify these problem situations and teaches them to react accordingly, in a calm and rational way in order to bring about the best possible outcome.

In addition to this Assertiveness Training has also benefited supervisors, managers and other people in positions of authority who have had the need to persuade others to follow their instructions without wanting to become a bully.
Either way becoming more assertive can help make life a lot less stressful by removing the pressure of having to try to please everyone, which allows you to focus on the important things. Aggressive people on the other hand may be communicating their boundaries a little bit too forcefully and in the process might be encroaching on yours.

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assertive communication skills for professionals

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