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Powerful, assertive communication skills yield better relationships, increase productivity, improve team involvement and decrease tension.
An assertive approach has links to emotional intelligence especially understanding and managing myself. This practical 1 day communication course will help delegates choose from a range of different strategies to promote honest and open communication. This course can also be very useful for newly promoted team leaders who wish to establish their role within the team whilst maintaining positive relationships.
This course is run over 1 day and is fully documented with supporting materials and slides. Each delegate is encouraged to complete a pre course questioner with their leader to inform their self image for reflection on the course. Each delegate will receive an opportunity for 30 minutes remote coaching after the course to build confidence and discuss progress. Work InitiativeWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better.
PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE AND ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION WORKSHEETSInterpersonal communication being. If you're going to make the effort to learn assertiveness training, let's make sure it really works for you, and doesn't lead to disappointment. You've been having some trouble with communication, or you wouldn't be reading about this subject.
The inside part is where you make sure you have access to all of your personal energy and power, so that when you get to the outside part--the assertiveness--it is just what you hoped it would be. As we start, just consider that you are far more powerful within yourself than you have ever imagined.
The clarity, focus and confidence you need in order to be assertive on a consistent basis depends entirely on your level of emotional intelligence.
Self management--inner child work is a good place to start here, then move on to practicing relaxation.

Social awareness--be sure and learn about nonverbal communication and basic emotional needs, as you begin to develop a positive view of other people.
Relationship management--this is a very large subject, so we will just focus on the assertiveness training aspect here.
The first three components lay the groundwork for the fourth, which is where assertiveness training comes in. Assertiveness without self awareness, self control and social awareness will either be ineffective or counter-productive. Assuming you've done some work in the first three areas of improving your emotional intelligence, it's time to begin learning about assertiveness. When you're being assertive, you're mainly using "I" statements, talking about where you stand, what you want, and what you will and won't do. If you have too much anger, you won't have the emotional control to be assertive in a healthy manner. If your anger is deeply buried and suppressed, you will be too passive in your efforts to assert yourself. When your anger is healthy, it is not a problem for you, and you will not seek conflict or feel a need to avoid it.
Healthy anger comes straight out of the self love, and the need to love and be loved, which is the same positive origin of assertiveness.
Make sure your anger is healthy, by listening to the free previews below of Healthy Anger And Your Health, a live recording of a presentation I made to help explain this important topic. HEALTHY ANGER AND YOUR HEALTH: Using Healthy Emotions to Heal Your Body reg. I Never Saw Myself As A Mother & Now I'm Worried I'll Be A Bad One May 24, 16 08:19 AM I have a beautiful 18 month old son and a wonderful husband.
Overcome Criticism, Doubt & Questioning In Your Relationships May 16, 16 09:30 AMCheck out the latest Healing Anger Newsletter. My Husband And His Cousin's Daughter May 15, 16 05:47 PM For the past three years, my husband and his cousin's adult daughter have become very close.

It’s about building the personal skills and resilience to get your views across with confidence whilst showing respect to those around you. By understanding our approach and emotional triggers we can identify when we may be liable to take a non assertive or aggressive approach. To make sure you get what you're looking for, we're going to approach this topic from the inside out. This assertiveness training information will give you the knowledge and skills you need to make this a part of your everyday life. This step also includes a lot of work on developing healthy anger, which will serve you well in all that you do in life.
You're not talking about the other person, which runs the risk of becoming intrusive and aggressive.
This usually means you'll have trouble being assertive, because assertiveness often means not giving the other person what they want. Assertiveness training is not quick or easy, but it's well worth the investment of your time and energy. This information provides the foundation for becoming more aware of our behaviour and making the right choices with others. As a part of your assertiveness training, I highly recommend that you learn conflict resolution skills. Putting your own needs first simply means that everyone you interact with gets a happier, healthier you when you show up--because you took care of yourself before you got there. When this powerful emotion is healthy, it operates hand-in-hand with love, intelligence and kindness Imagine having all of that emotional energy in anger available to you to do the good things you really want to do, like be healthy and happy and create wonderful relationships.

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