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Training Edge has highly proficient trainers for leadership, motivational, personnel development and technical skills. Note: This course is also presented as an in-company package, or at client preferred location. Assertiveness Training at Insight Matters – Saturday 24th Aug 10-3pm, only €75 – Book your place now! Being assertive involves being able to express yourself clearly, to have your needs met and your rights acknowledged while also being able to have respect and consideration for the rights of others. At Insight Matters we believe in providing participant centered training and courses are limited to 8 places only.

Effective communication is an essential component of professional success, a stable family life and personal happiness.
This course has been delivered globally and locally to the Major Oil and Gas Companies, Singapore Armed forces, Ministry of Manpower; Universities and MNCs. This step-by-step guide uses cognitive-behavioural techniques to help the reader suffering from assertiveness problems to set realistic personal boundaries and transform interpersonal styles. The ones who have already tried wearing a mask and have found they can't breathe very well with it on. They want to learn how to hold the maks more firmly, how to present it more rigidly, how to prevent others from seeing them so easily.

They have rejected themselves, and they have decided that they want to preserve the personality (or lack of it) that they display to the world.

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assertiveness training nyc jobs

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