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LIO’s latest IMI product release, the Collection Asset Management Simulator, can expand to serve multiple intelligence disciplines and staff functions within and outside the installation. Gosnell said CAMS offers a more contemporary scenario than MICCC’s Operation Northern Star and Operation Southern Cross which are based in Sierra Vista. Chris Gonzales, LIO lead developer on the project, stated CAMS is also portable and requires very little system resources.
Jamie Tate, MICCC training specialist, said Operation Kanjhar Strike teaches students how to conduct their own analysis as well as read and determine the pertinence of message traffic.
Gosnell said CAMS learning outcomes extend beyond collection asset management to situational order of battle, symbology and fusion analysis. Satisfied with the finished product, Gosnell, Gonzales and Tate acknowledged some challenges they encountered during development of Operation Kanjhar Strike.

According to Gosnell, CAMS’s unique features and capabilities are already capturing the attention of other USAICoE organizations and courses. Most recently, the Joint Human Intelligence Officer Course submitted a request for service to modify CAMS and develop a supplement to their existing instruction.
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The course consists of 10 intensive modules which examine the fundamentals of AIM and how to structure and efficiently implement its key elements, using the latest risk-based techniques. The course contains numerous examples of previous incidents and failures and each module is followed by an interactive case study which reinforces the topics covered. We recruit and develop themost talented individualsbecause as a growing companywe're only as good as our team.

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Army Intelligence Center of Excellence continues its campaign to build a more effective and efficient future force, its Learning Innovation Office or LIO, is responding to the call to action by developing adaptable interactive multimedia instruction. Operation Kanjhar Strike is a 2-dimensional product with a high intensity conflict scenario and Operation Kanjhar Storm is a 3-dimensional product with a counterinsurgency setting. The course will offer delegates a unique opportunity to learn about AIM and also network with a number of industry professionals.

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asset management training in malaysia

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