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Waitakere Diwali celebrations amid the Rugby World Cup at Henderson tomorrow reflect a triumph of local body lobbying in the super city transition.
When Waitakere Indian Association (WIA) marked its 10th anniversary celebrations at former Waitakere City Council chambers in May last year, the guest of honour was Vijaya Vaidhnath, former chief executive of Rodney and Waitakere City Council.
She had paid tribute to community organisations, and in particular the “exemplary” partnership between then Waitakere City Council and Waitakere Indian Association. In light of the changes proposed by the super city plans, she had suggested its composition should reflect the makeup of the city.
She also reminded that having one city did not mean different communities would be forced to lose our individual flavour. Before the formation of the super city, community organisations, including WIA, harboured similar fears about communities being ignored. A special plea from Waitakere Indian Association to the politicians was to include the communities and tangata whenua in the super city.
Previous president, Manoj Tahal summed this up with a request for embracing the communities in the super city.

It was a proud moment for Tahal in particular and Waitakere Indian Association in general when the new Auckland Council embraced such views from communities and built up on structures and community events that were in place. Former Waitakere City Council had contributed to setting up a successful trend of community-local government partnership, and this has been taken on board by the new council. It was a key occasion when the super city Auckland Council signed a sponsorship agreement with Waitakere Indian Association to host 2011 Waitakere Diwali at the Trusts Stadium during the Rugby World Cup. While the Waitakere Indian Association was represented by its president, Anand Naidu, and project manager, Manoj Tahal, Auckland Council, was represented by Vanessa Neeson, chairperson of Henderson-Massy Local Board. Manoj Tahal, project manager of Waitakere Diwali 2011 was a happy man after the signing at the former Waitakere City Council complex in Henderson Valley Road. Tahal added that this year’s Diwali event theme tomorrow was community health and well being where services of health professionals, police, fire department, ACC and injury prevention groups and Watersafe will be engaged.
Neeson, a “Westie” herself, added that West Auckland was unique with heavy community involvement in Waitakere where different cultures have shown unique character in coming together to celebrate their respective festivals. When asked how she was finding the operations of the new council and community involvement, she said that things were looking positive.

Neeson was confident that Auckland Council and local boards would endeavour to support memorable and hugely successful event like Diwali that reflected the diversity of New Zealand and gives the reason to the Super City why community based events should not only be encouraged, but emulated in other parts of Auckland. Thakur Ranjit Singh is a community worker and a volunteer at organising of Waitakere Diwali.
AUT University television and journalism students contribute to special Eyes of Fire microsite. It was about each community contributing to make the city bright, vibrant while recognising the uniqueness of each culture.
We are realising there are different ways of doing things and West is the best where communities come together and we are able to embrace all cultures,” Neeson said. Meet Josephine Latu from Pacific Media Watch, Violet Cho from Irrawaddy magazine, filmmaker Jim Marbrook and TVNZ Tagata Pasifika's John Utanga, director David Robie and others.

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auckland council executive leadership team

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