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COURSE is the training management system of choice for airlines and aviation training organisations. Training demand identification allows effective planning of resources, courses and training activities. COURSE allows for defining and monitoring qualification requirements and training pre-requisites. You can manage all training-related data for instructors, simulators, classrooms and equipment, for instance contracts, prices, or slots.
You can manage all training-related data for instructors, simulators, classrooms and equipment, for instance contracts, prices, or slots.
Depending on your requirements, meticulous record-keeping & change tracking can be established. The instructor module enables moving to a 100% bi-directional paperless communication between training department and instructors. COURSE provides workflow and communication features which improve the training management processes, e.g. This module provides training organizations which offer services to external customers with features of customer relationship management systems. Increasing a training organisationa€™s effectiveness through process automation has been one of the design goals of COURSE. COURSE can be integrated with other systems to provide a high degree of process automation. Another example of process automation is the semi or fully automated assignment of trainees, instructors and resources. We're looking forward to providing you with detailed information about our products and services.

The capability to remotely transmit altered aircraft flight plan data via remote data link transmissions directly into Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft Flight Management Computers (FMCs) for use by aircraft auto-pilot functions, was technologically available circa 2001. Developed in 1999 and technologically supported by the FANS-capable (Future Air Navigation System) Honeywell Pegasus Flight Management System (FMS) for Boeing 757s and 767s by 2000, Dynamic Airborne Reroute Procedure (DARP) technology enables aircraft course changes via modified flight plan waypoints remotely transmitted and installed into aircraft FMCs by VHF or SATCOM (satellite communications) transmission uplinks. Boeing 757s and 767s containing such Flight Management Computers and Multi-mode Receivers, can precisely self-navigate entirely under augmented GPS-guided autopilot control, to destinations still out of sight and along routes that reportedly never vary more than 18 meters. Augmented GPS service (Wide Area Augmentation System or WAAS) activated in August, 2000 supports aircraft navigation corridors as narrow as 243 feet and a 95% rate of aircraft containment.
KARACHI: Graduation ceremony of No 65 Flight Safety Officers’ Course was held at PAF Base, Masroor, says a press release issued here on Friday.
Vice Chief of the Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Air Marshal Syed Athar Hussain Bukhari was the chief guest on the occasion and awarded certificates to the successful participants. Squadron Leader Asad Khan bagged the Chief of the Air Staff Best Graduate’s Trophy for the best performance in the course. Officers from the Pakistan Air Force, army, navy and friendly countries including Bangladesh, Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Nigeria attended the course. Emphasizing upon the importance of safety, Air Marshal Syed Athar Hussain Bukhari said: “In the recent years the need to instil aviation safety management has become a necessity, not just because of the complexity of aviation, but also because it has become extremely expensive and the losses are becoming unaffordable.
Earlier on his arrival at the base, Air Marshal Syed Athar Hussain Bukhari was received by Officer Commanding of the Institute of Air Safety Air Commodore Noor Elahi Bajwa. The scheduling allows for manual, semi-automated or fully automated assignment of trainees, instructors and resources to training activities, while observing legal and company rules.
You can also access all utilisation and cost reports required for an effective training management.
This involves all related processes such as accessing own schedule and course plans, registering trainees, grading, accessing traineesa€™ qualifications, checking traineesa€™ performance history or revalidating qualifications.

For instance, you could create utilisation and cost reports for all trainees and resources, or you could calculate training needs and generate reports on qualification expirations, just to name a few.
For instance, it provides features to manage customers and their staff, to maintain and track communication with customers or to manage marketing campaigns. For instance, changes in an HR system could be updated in COURSE automatically; or schedules in COURSE could be exported to a crew scheduling system automatically. Trophy for the Best Group Research Paper on the topic (Understand Spin) was given to Squadron Leader M Talha Saeed, Squadron Leader Usman Qamar and Squadron Leader Asad Khan. It can be used by all parties involved in training management, and it allows for seamless integration with other systems. All relevant data from other systems can be made fully available in COURSE and vice versa, if required in real-time. Depending on the selected configuration, you can either use it as your main system or as an extension to your existing system. Regulatory authorities can be granted rights to access audit-relevant data via the Internet. And you can attach as many electronic documents as needed to each single record in the system. For instance, you could scan a simulator contract and attach it to the respective contract record.

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