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President Barack Obama is seen here talking on his mobile phone - somewhat of an unusual photo nowadays. As with all the posts on this blog, there is no political agenda trying to be advanced here.
This variation of an inward lip roll with a lower lip bulge at 1:44 is indicative of what emotion? Note that the President is looking down to his right and did so extensively during this video - particularly in the earlier portions. How does hand dominance influence this gazing pattern preference and is Barack's left-hand dominance any different vs. In the image immediately below and throughout much of the speech, one shoulder was higher than the other indicating weight distributed considerably more on one leg.
In the context of the other nonverbals present, what does this lower lip bite at 12:14 indicate? Look carefully at 13:50 and you will see Barack Obama display a microexpression on the left side of his face. How does the relative lack of any forehead muscle contraction throughout this speech influence your interpretation of President Obama's sincerity quotient?
During Barack Obama's speech tonight addressing ISIS-ISIL-The Islamic State, the President displayed some subtle and very short-lived expressions of disgust. While eyelid involvement is not a required component of the disgust nonverbal - their partial closure does act as an amplifier of this emotion. Both of these examples are subtle and evanescent - and thus are particularly difficult to catch in "real-time".
President Obama and Hillary Clinton are pictured here during their recent trip to Thailand. Another notable body language exampled here can be seen with all three Thai leaders - they are leaning significantly forward in their chairs - mirroring President Obama.
Both foot pointing and mirroring are, like 99.9+% of body language, initiated subconsciously. Vladimir Putin greeted the other G20 leaders as they arrived for their annual meeting earlier today. The photographed or videoed political handshake is unlike almost any other handshake because it is so very posed for the camera and media. In most circumstances it is not advised that a man buttons his suit jacket just prior to a greeting and shaking hands - because this can be a signal of deliberative distancing and arrogance and thus should be avoided. Obama's hand is slightly less than perpendicular to the ground - close to, but not quite in the neutral position. A second later after the hand contact is made, Putin maintains his arm and wrist so that he is still somewhat on top - therefore slightly more dominant or in the alpha position - advantage Russia. Vladimir's hand should be further out - away from his torso in order to project diplomacy and build rapport (e.g. With his six inch disadvantage in height and a proportional diminished leverage - there was a much easier way for Putin to achieve this hand dominance - do you know how?
Notice that President Putin is leaning slightly backwards here while Obama is leaning toward his Russian counterpart. Note here that Obama is not looking at Putin (this is known as "gaze aversion") - nor is Barack smiling.
Vladimir's emotional mindset is very tense in this instant - as betrayed by his clenched jaw muscles. One anomaly specific to photographed political handshakes is the extreme number of hand pumps (posing for cameras, etc.) - here the two World leaders exhibit seventeen pumps. Putin's strong gaze aversion further amplified by a head-tilt downward, is very poor form in this moment. Another oddity particular to the political handshake is turning towards the camera - thus preventing eye contact - in order to allow a good photograph moment. Obama's smile is sincere here, and Putin's is significantly improved (although not fully a Duchenne smile quite yet).

Negotiation Secret # 703: Reaching out to Sarah Palin, Bad Handshake?  Let me count the ways! Bear Grylls et Barack Obama ont fait un selfie devant le glacier Exit, en Alaska, en septembre 2015. Quand, en France, Manuel Valls s’aventure a On n’est pas couche, de l’autre cote de l’Atlantique Barack Obama crapahute avec Bear Grylls.
Le baroudeur britannique a deja arpente des territoires hostiles avec des celebrites telles que Ben Stiller, Channing Tatum ou Kate Winslet… Mais, juste avant de jouer les Castor Junior avec Barack Obama ce jour de septembre 2015, Bear Grylls a le stressometre dans le rouge. Avec sa parka grise et ses chaussures de randonnee, il ressemble a n’importe quel vadrouilleur du dimanche.
Bear Grylls explique par ailleurs que le gouteur s’est inquiete de voir le chef d’Etat deguster les restes du repas d’un ours parce que, normalement, « le president ne doit pas etre filme en train de manger ».
Si l’on voit effectivement un glacier fondre apres une explication sur le phenomene d’exfoliation, c’est surtout l’aspect people que l’on retient de ces quarante minutes.
Avant de laisser Barack Obama redecoller vers la vie politique, Bear Gryll se propose de prier avec et pour lui – chose impensable en France.
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During their recent visit to Normandy to honor the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion, much was made about the tension between Vladimir Putin and other heads of State - particularly Barack Obama. In this photo, although the angle is not optimal, the Russian President's mouth appears to be relatively neutral - yet his central forehead contraction is again seen. Although the use of the CFC can indicate a number of completely different emotions depending on the other body language signal which accompanies it (a nonverbal cluster-context) - the over-use of the central forehead contraction can be a reliable indicator for feelings of insincerity, inferiority and seeking validation. For the vast majority of us, when we talk on the phone, our social filters largely, or at least partially, drop away. For anyone familiar with this terrorist organization's actions, and in particular given the President's role, such an emotion is very expected and normal for the context. In this image they are meeting with the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej (to Obama's immediate left) as well as Thailand's Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra (to the King's immediate left).
The mirroring nonverbal is further reflected in the position of Prime Minister Shinawatra's hands as well as the other Thai official to her left - relative to Obama's. These are both very reliable nonverbal signals to use in sales, the negotiation process, in the court room - or during dating & romance. Thus certain aspects of this particular species of handshake are diminished while others are often exaggerated. However when the jacket is left open it signals a mirroring open, inviting and friendly emotional tone - and engenders the same feelings in others. This puts the American in a more dominant position and is strongly suggestive that Putin is intimidated by Obama. The importance of eye contact and sincere (Duchenne) smiling during a handshake cannot be overstated - yet so few who should know better follow through with this body language.
Although it can be a form of one-up-man-ship, be careful not to read too much into this action in this setting. Putin is on top by approximately 25 degrees - in a slight but significant dominant (alpha) configuration. Such contact is a form of false-affection display - it is patronizing, arrogant and is ill-advised. Le pro de la survie a emmene le president americain jusqu’en Alaska pour constater les effets du rechauffement climatique sur le glacier Exit.
Le Britannique n’aurait « jamais cru possible » de pouvoir prodiguer ses conseils au « leader du monde libre » [sic] et vit sa journee comme un « privilege ». Des amabilites qui lancent l’emission comme un remake bromance du Secret de Brockeback Mountain.
Que ce soit dit, les quelques plans montrant Obama croquer dans un bout de saumon sont HIS-TO-RIQUES. Pour que les gens voient ce qu’il en est, plutot que de se contenter de lire des rapports chiffres », clame Barack Obama a Bear Grylls.

Entre deux gorgees d’infusion de feuilles d’arbre, le president americain parle de son epouse et de leurs enfants comme il le ferait avec un pote.
Les dieux de l’audience n’auront pas ete completement au rendez-vous : diffuse le 17 decembre aux Etats-Unis cet episode de Running Wild With Bear Grylls a ete suivi par 3,55 millions de telespectateurs. Putin displays a "Central Forehead Contraction" (CFC) with what appears to be (low resolution and indirect angle) a very slight right sided, insincere mouth smile - with a degree of contempt. Ironically, we express ourselves very openly nonverbally while on the phone, but of course the person we're speaking with cannot see us - of course, those around us can see our behavior. Nonverbal, verbal and paralanguage mirroring are signals of rapport (and possible attraction) and when continued, they will engender these mental-emotional tones further. Care must be taken to avoid mirroring others too exactly or to quickly - lest it become obvious and backfire. Yet there remains a myriad of emotions and mindsets which can be gleaned from careful nonverbal observation. Perhaps this would have been one occasion where it was particularly advisable to leave his jacket open.
His need to maintain his hand on top and the muscle strength in order to achieve this necessitates him keeping his arm closer to his body. Le chef d’Etat a sorti sa panoplie du parfait randonneur pour une operation de sensibilisation – et, evidemment, de communication – diffusee pour la premiere fois en France ce mercredi, a 21h, sur D8. Barack Obama a beau repeter qu’il est heureux de sortir de sa « bulle », son escapade en pleine nature ne s’est pas organisee comme une classe verte. Meme si on est habitue a le voir plutot relax, il est assez amusant de le voir galerer a prendre un selfie avec un smartphone.
En revanche, si Bear Grylls est connu pour boire sa propre urine, Obama ne s’est pas laisse tenter par une rasade de pipi.
Un score dans la moyenne de la deuxieme saison mais en deca du numero avec Michelle Rodriguez qui a captive 3,85 millions d’Americains. However, if this same person were standing next to us in an identical conversation, our body language would usually be dialed-down. This example is only sited here as an example in which to discuss and teach nonverbal communication. A drop-off in these mirroring phenomena will destroy rapport and when witnessed, should send up strong alert signals. What follows is an analysis of Putin and Obama's handshake and initial contact at the 2013 G20 meeting.
Dans son sillage, c’est une armada d’agents des services secrets et de personnels de la Maison Blanche qui a fait le voyage. Et pour cause, il ne possede pas de telephone portable « pour des raison de securite », car il serait trop facile de le localiser.
Le peril n’etait pas suffisamment imminent : « Dans un cas extreme, je pense que j’en serai capable, surtout si la seule alternative, c’est la mort », ose quand meme l’homologue de Francois Hollande. Il faut dire que dans celui-la, Grylls avalait une souris bouillie dans l’urine de l’actrice. The same nonverbal communication and emotions are still expressed, but they're simply diluted and harder to see. Meme un gouteur, charge de veiller a ce qu’Obama ne s’empoisonne pas, a fait le deplacement. Thus when politicians, business associates, clients, politicians, friends, family members, etc. We also usually have a fair amount of "background information" regarding the subject matter being discussed, and as we correlate their verbal with their nonverbal - which is always a goal of good body language analysis - we will be able to use this to our dramatic advantage when this same person on another occasion is speaking to us - for they have given us glimpse inside their "primer".

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