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You can’t turn on the TV or open a newspaper without hearing about oil and gas, alternative energy, or fracking. BDO’s Natural Resources practice covers all aspects of the industry, from shale technology and offshore drilling to transportation, refining, and seismic work. Of course, it isn’t all about oil – solar, wind, and hydropower are also crucial to the future of BDO’s practice, and Dewhurst says these energy sources are categorized in BDO’s Technology & Life Sciences industry group. Not that long ago, when business deals needed to get done, banks were the primary sources of credit.
Given the nature of the sector, those best suited for private equity have an endless appetite for learning new things.
If you want to work with some of the world’s biggest global brands and most recognizable names, consider working in retail – a dynamic industry with lots of growth prospects. Ted Vaughan, Assurance Partner and Consumer Business practice leader, says he enjoys working in a sector tied to consumer spending – one of the largest and most important drivers affecting the global economy. Working with retailers and consumer products is also a way to bring your personal life into your professional life. On a typical day, accountants in this sector might work to help a primarily national company build its presence overseas, either by building new stores or acquiring a rival. As a professional at BDO, you won’t have to choose a specialty until you’ve had a chance to explore a variety of clients and industries – each with its own language, challenges, and opportunities.
Fluctuating commodity prices and environmental concerns continue to pique the interest of the media, regulators, and investors. There are Fortune 500 companies that play a leading role in the industry, but there are also many smaller companies that focus on specialized components; BDO serves clients across the full spectrum.
But these days, the private equity industry functions as a direct provider of capital and supports portfolio companies with their latest endeavors.
Our professionals play a major role in these developments, providing transaction advisory, audit, and tax services to private equity, venture capital, mezzanine, and buyout firms, as well as their portfolio investments. Ben Williams, Senior Manager in BDO’s Minneapolis office, says an ideal intern or associate for BDO’s Private Equity practice would be passionate about the industry, feel comfortable speaking with private equity management and investors, and be able to deal with the multifaceted nature of the business. Good candidates for this sector are energetic, keenly aware of broad economic trends, and focused on exceptional client service. Moreover, because private equity sponsors invest in companies across virtually every industry, our specialists get to take a peek inside an unrivaled diversity of clients.

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bdo summer leadership program 2014

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