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February 18, 2012 by Fred Phillips 1 Comment One of the best ways to make a good living and to truly help people change their lives is to become a Christian life coach. When you become a Christian life coach, you learn the skills that can help people get from point A to point B. As a life coach you can earn respect, become involved in a highly rewarding career, make a good living, and work in an environment that embraces Christian values. When you become a Christian life coach, you help clients work on and improve various areas of their lives.
Teach methods for organizing personal and business items, eliminating clutter, and setting up efficient systems for storing and retrieving items.
When you become a Christian life coach, you work with clients to help them find solutions to life’s problems.
As a faith-based life coach, you frame assessments and analysis in terms based on Christian values and ideals.

June 23, 2011 by Mark Rabbitt 5 Comments I was having a conversation with a friend and the topics shifted from sports to do you need to be certified to be a life coach? Becoming a Christian life coach is all about helping people get from point A in their lives to point B. A Christian life coach teaches their clients that with faith in Jesus Christ and a Christian approach to life, goals and dreams can be attained.
When you become a coach, you put yourself into a position where you can help others while helping yourself!
Personal attributes, relationships, career, health, finances, organizational skills, and goals are all areas for which you can offer assistance and guidance.
A coach does not provide all the answers; a coach serves as a catalyst in the client’s search for their own answers.
The coaching I do with Mentoring For Free is not specifically Christian, but our personal development program allows for speaking clearly about what the Lord is teaching me.

This helps others, whether they are believers or not, because biblical principles are vitally important.
You do need to have credibility in order to influence others and that is what a good life coach does, influence others.
As a coach, do I need to have a certification or be a certified coach who focuses on life issues?

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become a life coach brisbane

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