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The verse means that we should learn to count or give importance to all the days of our lives, including today.
Do you know that  statistic shows that 85 % of people making resolutions on the first of January, break them by the twentieth of January. Here is my advice to you:' If you wish to change, upgrade and move your life forward, do not wait for the first of January. Personally, I have already drafted a great plan for my upcoming days.I did not wait for new years day, and I have already started.

Waiting on the first of January to change and make decisions is a waste of the moment present.
When a new year comes we all tend to make great resolutions and only wait for the first of January to start making moves and changes in our lives.
Your self, your family, your friends, your work, your boss, your clients, the world, your lover and even God  are all thrilled to see changes you will make.
I often wonder what is so special about the first of January, that we have to start new habits only on that day?

I  always believed that if you can't start making changes (even the little ones) in your moment present, chances are that you will not make those changes on the first of January, even if you fill your heart with great intentions. There are no laws in the world, even in the Bible, that stipulates a specific day as the best one to make great intentions.

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best book to change your life download

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