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As schools adopt more digital tools, the way we approach teaching and learning will continue to evolve. Podcasting has taken off as a means of entertainment, news and education in the past few years. The platform was developed around the idea of giving positive feedback to the students, instead of the old fashion ways of punishment. Students are able to keep track of their own behavior and improvements by opening a student ClassDojo account, with the use of a private code provided by the teacher.
Bilingual Monster is conformed by a group of bilingual educators focus in developing quality solutions and resources in both, English and Spanish, to maximize learning in students and educators time on the work area. Below is a collection of some very good iPad apps to help teachers with  classroom management.
You need to do some research via blogs, web searches, and polling colleagues about which app you should try out with your students. Okay, you’re now the most informed and most knowledgeable user of this app for miles around. In an effort to help you navigate this decision-making process a bit better, we’ve whipped up a pair of handy resources. The first is a visual guide to the typical process most teachers and school leaders go through when trying to figure out which app works best for the classroom.

Jeff is an education and technology lover who has worked in far too many industries to count.
Pictured here is the attendance feature, which allows teachers to easily keep track of multiple classes and mark who was present in each one.
This easy to use tool is helping thousands of educators around the world from different grade levels to improve behavior and students’ motivation inside their classroom. The students can be award feedback points, called Dojo Points, for specific behaviors, learning habits, accomplishments and group work in class. Students are able to customize their avatars (monster figures) at any time and these will be shown instantly on the ClassDojo dashboard for the whole class to see. It would be great if, points awarded by the students could be exchanged for different avatar items, like an avatar store. Some of the tasks you can do with these apps include: conduct instant formative assessments in class, create seating charts, record class attendance, randomly pick students for classroom participation, create and share permission slips, visualize and assess students understanding, set timed tasks in class, improve students behaviour by providing real-time feedback, poll your students and many more. There’s a painstaking process of trial and error that teachers must go through (usually during the summer break or professional development sessions). It took forever and now you’re left with a few opinions, app options, and unsure how to proceed. Do some in-depth web research, ask around on Learn Egg, Twitter, Facebook, and look up that app as much as possible.

Follow the above steps and you should be on your way to choosing a truly awesome app for your classroom or school district. Many teachers don’t even venture past step #1 because of all the headaches that come with trying to figure out how to integrate education technology, manage expectations, figure out what works with your particular students, talk to administrators, parents, trial and error, etc.
The guide is by no means exhaustive and is really meant to help you know (ahead of time) what to expect when you try to integrate education technology. Everything is logged in real time and students can see it instantly from the Class Dojo dashboard, if projected.
The apps featured in this list are among the best titles you can find in the category of classroom management. How do you manage privacy settings, adjust brightness of your device, share screenshots, explain the app to parents, etc.?
Best case scenario: it enhances learning and takes your classroom to a whole new level of learning!
It’s crazy long and only useful as a jumping-off point for identifying the best apps for your classroom.

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best classroom management apps for teachers

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