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Construction for local governments like Cities, Schools, Utilities, and Counties is more complicated than you ever anticipate.  Most City Managers and School Superintendents that have experienced a construction project will tell you they encountered a lot of surprises and learned the hard way. The [CPC’s] thoughtful process of early programming, planning, and budgeting of physical plant and facility development can lead to the qualitative and fiscal expectations that help institutional and organizational missions. I think the CPC will be an important source of information during very difficult financial times for school districts. I believe others will want to join and participate in the CPC to have a singular resource for educational tools for the various construction delivery methods, share construction experiences, and contribute to the future direction of the construction industry and the finished projects Owners and end users receive. I envision the CPC being a voice for change in our industry in the coming years.  My hope is that the CPC will be an advocate for the Owners’ best interest while being mindful of the experience and expertise of service providers and contractors. Having a ‘goto’ construction resource [like the CPC] for new leaders, or leaders that just haven’t had construction experience, would be a wonderful asset that would help eliminate unnecessary spending. Casey Sledge has been a very enthusiastic and creative Program Manager in the unique delivery of design and construction services.
I came into my current position dealing with a construction project that was 37% over budget. Many times, school officials are not trained and prepared to handle construction projects that they get thrust into.
I agreed to serve on the CPC board in order to help others understand the construction process and make informed decisions about how schools can benefit from good information.
With the ever increasing demand for quality, cost effective facilities, the economic demands of the project, and long term stewardship of facilities, it is critical for owners and facility managers to understand [how]the early stages of planning and design impact the 20-50 year project lifespan. The ultimate goal of the CPC is to see more cost effective and time sensitive projects be accomplished for the benefit of the end user.

When I first learned about the concept of the CPC, I was excited of the potential influence this organization could be on the industry.
The CPC provides a dynamic platform for leaders in the public sector to explore intentional, innovative strategies to maximize resources for the greater good of their respective communities. I believe that CPC is important because it provides information and support to public officials with construction projects and ways to be very cost effective in construction projects. As a school administrator, many times we are put into managing construction projects, which is not what we are trained and prepared to do, but is required of our position.
I believe that public construction is one of the areas that school administrators need help with and have little training in. Dearing Elementary School was one of the first zero energy ready schools built in Central Texas. The project team used Bluebeam, a software program that ensures that all entities involved in the construction process have access to the most up-to-date information on changes and progress.
Despite a faltering international market, 2015 and the beginning of 2016 are proving to be strong years for U.S.
I believe that it may eventually lead to better decision-making by schools as they begin construction projects. The opportunity to be a part of a dynamic group and mission allows an engaging relationship with potential to assist organizations and institutions in their facility challenges. The CPC can provide support and make sure the information needed is available throughout the construction project. The resources offered by the CPC will allow Owners to fully understand the variety of delivery methods and determine if one method may be preferable for a given project type.

I believe that helping everyone understand what he or she needs to know is a huge advantage that can make or break the project or career of the administrator.
The 93,376-sq-ft, two-story building uses geothermal heat for both electricity and heating and is equipped with LED lights throughout. Some of the many advantages of building with these types of walls over conventional wood-frame construction are low air filtration, high thermal mass, high strength and fire resistance, good sound-deadening ability and much higher insulating values than standard masonry construction.
The EMS also provides metering and monitoring functions that allow data gathering, which helps personnel make more informed decisions about future energy activities. The program was a major asset on the project and contributed significantly to successful communication and teamwork, the project team says. Casey Sledge’s [CPC process] helped me trim the budget into a project that we could afford to complete. Programs on best construction management processes for city, school, utility, and county executives and officials and private sector providers. Some are thrust upon executive staff of cities, schools, counties, utilities and hospitals.

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