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Learning resources and online courses on IT subjects related to information technology, information systems, computers and the web. If you need to add employees to nourish growth, that requires new processes and infrastructure to organize your operation. But when we look at organizations that maintain and spread excellence, one thing that happens a€“ and sometimes senior management is the architect and frankly sometimes it happens despite them a€“ [is] there is that feeling in the organization a€¦ that a€?I own ita€™ and the other part that is really important is a€?it owns me.a€™ We see that at Pixar. The course also has proven to be extremely popular, with an astounding 60.5% completion rate among students in its most recent incarnation.
On February 23, Hong Kong Polytechnic Universitya€™s "Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business" re-opens, which has earned four out of five-star reviews from students. Or, if you see entrepreneurship as a means to drive social change, Case Western Reservea€™s "Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies" looks at how startups can flourish in even the poorest markets. Not to mention, this month features several long-time favorites coming out, including Yalea€™s "The Global Financial Crisis" and Whartona€™s "Marketing Analytics, "Introduction to Corporate Finance," and "Gamification." To learn more about these courses a€” and register for them a€” click on the links below.
We at Al-Quraan wa As-Sunnah Society of New York thank Allaah Azza Wa Jal for giving us the tawfeeq to successfully organize five educational and spiritual Seminers. As Stated by the Scholars as well as participants all seminars were of great benefit, full of blessings, great success and "exceptional life time experience which will never be forgotten". Seminars are organized to help bridge the gap between Muslims and Scholars and to provide exceptional opportunities and environment so every participant can learn on their own pace.

These seminars are unique mix of informative field trips, Eemaan boosting exclusive trips and full scale tarbiyyah programs to help participants get close to Allaah, provide opportunities to sit and learn from leading and most knowledgeable scholars of our time, and cultivating the participants upon balanced and tolerant methodology. The seminars, the lectures, and the schedule details are specially designed for participant's to help them increase their Eemaan, enhance knowledge, foster better understanding and nurture proper usage (and implementation) of Usool and Qawaaid. We thank Allaah (swt) for enabling us to achieve our goals in exceeding the expectations of all participants. Summer seminars - Quench your thirst for knowledge, Seminars and intensive courses by Senior Scholars.
Hifth Course - Al-Haafidhoon wal-Haafidhaat makes easy for you the memorization and understanding of the Qur'aan, Hadeeth and Classical Texts.
You always wanted Umrah in Ramadaan, now set your bar higher, We bring you Umrah in Ramadaan and with scholars. If you wish to broadcast lectures in your local community, please subscribe to this list to stay updated.
Suddenly, youa€™re spending less time on the frontlines and more time coaching and thinking. It is that pivot point where you transition from startup to established firm a€”A when you learn that the practices fueling your growth may not take you to the next level.
Based off the lessons from "Scaling Up Excellence," the course is based on research on the many reasons why promising startups a€“ and even established ventures a€“ either fail or fall into mediocrity when they struggle to adapt.
The month is rife with new releases for the tech sector, headed by the University of Colorado-Denvera€™s "Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications," which takes students inside the tools and best practices used in data warehousing and analysis.

Lots of options will open up, but youa€™re never quite sure if they lead to big scores or dead ends. Check out the University of Virginiaa€™s "Strategic Planning and Execution," which covers variables ranging from budgeting to communication in implementing initiatives. MITa€™s "Supply Chain Fundamentals" and the University of Illinoisa€™ "Process Improvement" are designed to help you with just that. For more online courses, visit our complete collection, 1200 Free Online Courses from Top Universities.
I appreciate that we didna€™t dive into the technical but were offered a detailed yet broad understanding. Professor Fayyada€™s relevant work experience made his modules very tangible and insightful. Take a look at "Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility" to help raise awareness and commitment to the greater good in your organization.

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