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Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel TipsUnconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn languages to fluency and beyond!
Wordreference,, Google Translate for wide-ranges of languages covered for general terms and Proz term search , the Interactive Terminology for Europe and Mymemory for technical vocabulary. Some of these can actually be good dictionaries for specific languages, and as good as, or better than many dedicated specific language dictionaries. As well as these, I highly recommend using Wikipedia to search for the word in English and see a possible translation in the left. Having said that, in this post, I want to list as many free dictionary websites that cater better to specific languages.
Also keep in mind that you can use many of these online dictionaries in conjunction with Learning With Texts for quick access to translations while you read. Now, keep in mind that I would highly recommend you don’t rely too much on bilingual dictionaries!! Their purpose of a dictionary for anyone but tourists should always be to help you learn a language, rather than to replace the learning process with instant translations. As an addition, if you don’t find a monolingual dictionary for the language you want among those below, check out the many languages of Wiktionary and use the one in your target language! ASL pro have a very useful dictionary for learners of this language, where you click through the alphabet and see the word visually signed for you via real videos by signers for each and every word. Signing Savvy is another one, although there are many features of this site blocked by paid membership. Oxford dictionaries have an online searchable monolingual English database that contains 145,000 words and definitions; very useful for English learners among you!
I’m sure there are plenty missing from this list, so let us know in the comments below! Today I’m happy to share a language learning success story, from active Fluent in 3 months forum contributor Brian Kwong.

My flight is about to leave for my new home for the next 3 months (announced here on the blog on Wednesday), so I’ll make this quick ?? I have just released a brand new video series called Speak from Day 1. Seven years later, I can’t say that I’m perfect and don’t make any mistakes, or that I understand and know how to say everything. They are either too bulky (and expensive) to use conveniently, and not updated regularly enough, or they are too small to cover all the words you might need. It is also good for looking up conjugations of verbs in these languages if you are not sure. As with the free-resources post, I will strive to keep this post as updated as possible, so I will list just a few at first and then hope that your comments can help me expand this list to make it a nice go to dictionary. They can make us lazily just accept translations rather than truly try to understand a phrase and its component words, through context. It’s why I opt to use monolingual dictionaries as soon as possible and have tried to include as many here below as possible. Also let me know your feedback on the ones I have included, in case you find any of them less than adequate compared to alternatives. You can’t search, but you can go through the alphabetic list to click particular ones without registering.
Note that you can use this as a great dictionary for Norwegian and other languages, as long as you use it through German. He wanted to genuinely talk to his Austrian father-in-law, who doesn’t speak any English.
After successfully learning Esperanto last year to get her started in language learning, she has decided to make Russian one of her goals for 2015.
Right from the beginning I decided that I didn’t just want to learn some Mandarin, I wanted to be proficient. It’s the 21st century, so lets embrace all the free online dictionaries available to us!

Just click the flags on the left, and Linguee for a bilingual dictionary that gives you the words in context rather than just translations or definitions, and is good for several languages).
Google Translate seems to be the easiest one to use for less common languages, although I welcome alternatives below! Otherwise, look it up in the Wikipedia specific to that language and see its English or other translation on that page. If you want to start thinking in that language, then you should aim to learn the language via that language asap, and monolingual dictionaries are a great way to do that.
On the same page, at tabs at the top, you have further specific dictionaries for religious terms, conversational phrases and signs for babies. I wanted to speak the language to an advanced level and be able to read a newspaper and write characters with ease. I can speak Mandarin fluently, and I know all the simplified and traditional characters other than the really rare ones. Finally, I like to use Google Image search to give myself a visual understanding of the word, without relying on translations. In most cases to look up single words, you can find them in the alphabetic list without signing up. It’s fair to say that I got stuck in immediately, and got completely immersed in my studies!
I speak and use Chinese every day, and it has really become a part of my life and a second language to me now.

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