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In Italian, Maestro refers to an individual who has mastered a craft—whether art, music, or design.
Until now, design professionals faced a number of challenges in buying Italian-made home goods. IMaestri’s founder, Paolo Timoni, is an Italian professional with global experience and a deep understanding of the worlds of distribution and technology. We have been bringing Bushwick residents the most delicious Italian cookies and pastries; take a look at our delicious creations! Here at Circo's we are not only known for our delicious desserts but as well as our trusted services. This is Maggie, you guys did my son's first birthday party on March 3rd (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Thank you so much for the last minute cake I bought yesterday.Not only was it beautiful,it was delicious! April 17 near New York Thank you so much Anthony, for making my daughter Roslyn Baptismal cake so beautiful and delicious. Thank you Anthony & everyone at Circo's for making me a last-minute Safari Monkey baby shower cake this past weekend March 3rd 2012.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! The cookies arrived on time, they were a surprise and he absolutely loved them.
I just wanted to thank the Pierdipino family, on Christmas Eve I took my daughter to the shop to pick up pastrys, you guys treated her like gold and she was thrilled the way you treated her.
I HAVENT BEEN TO CIRCOS IN TWENTY FIVE YEARS.WE WENT THERE THIS PAST SATURDAY, THE PASTRIES ARE STILL THE SAME. For me this place is amazing i love their cakes and in every party i have in my family we always order from Circo's pastry shop. Reviewed in the last week Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent This is hand's down the BEST Italian bakery EVER!!! I just had to tell you that the cookies shipped very nicely, and not to mention they we delicious!!! I had to write you because the pastries came today and that is the best Grain Pie I've ever had. I never had a chance to express my gratitude of the beautifully, amazing, cake your bakery made for me for my daughter's baby shower. I just wanted to say thank you for the spectacular cake you made for my daughter's baby shower today.
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The company is named IMAESTRI (The Masters) because showcases and sells only the finest Italian furnishings through an innovative system that will help you be a maestro and create rooms and spaces of exceptional beauty.
Sourcing products is time consuming and ordering them can be even worse, fraught with delays and miscommunication. The unique and easy-to-use online platform lets you search and source hard-to-find furnishings and home decorative goods from the best Italian companies, share them directly with your clients, and order and deliver them with just a few clicks.
We hear customers coming in saying "the bakery that was suppose to make there cake ended up calling them last minute to cancel. I also wanted to thank you for the great customer service we received - specifically, that you responded to my inquiries about the delivery delay in a timely manner. My daughter was very upset when she thought she was not going to be able to get her monster high cake, thank god my husband googled a last minute bakery and came across Circos pastry shop,You guys made it happen in less than 3 hours.
Thanks to Circo's for making such an awesome cake for my daughter Graziella Genna & Thomas Carroll's Engagement Party ! I wanna thank them for helping me make my nephew's birthday party special and for also helping me put a big smile on his face. Delicious! Thank you so much Anthony and crew, I loved the cake and you did a beautiful job, you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried cannoli cream from all over, and it just does not compare to what Circo's has to offer. This is actually the first place I ever thought to write a review for because I love it so much.
I have passed the word about your bakery and hope this will give you more orders, you for sure will be hearing from me again ! I felt like I was home!
They were a part of the highlight of the shower, especially because everyone thought that the cake was not actually a cake until we cut it!
We feature elegant wedding cakes, festive party cakes and gourmet creations customized to the individuality of you and your guests.
It is assembled with cheap beads for Pandora with large hole to meet the requirements of low-end fashion glass jewellery customers. Stravagante is a skilled producer of Murano glass jewelry devoted to the online wholesale market of glass charms.

A line with a great and important achievement in the wholesale online glass jewelry business. Named by Advertising Age as “one of the marketing industry’s most innovative in America,” Paolo was previously CEO of Piaggio Group Americas, the maker of world famous Vespa motor scooters, a Partner at McKinsey & Company, both in Milan and New York, and a consultant at Accenture. When I was young and even into adult hood my very Italian Grandmother would buy me these cookies when I came to NY.
The cake turned out to be a million times better than I ever could have imagined, it was PERFECT and FLAWLESS! Everyone loved it and it was delicious too! a€” with Circo's Pastry Shop in Middle Village, New York. And later found out that they tasted great too lol a€?The best valentinea€™s day surprise gift EVER!!! You can now get your favorite Nashville Italian restaurants delivered to your home, office, hotel or event!
We offer a wide selection of Italian jewelry and cheap Pandora charms appreciated by renowned fashion jewelry traders.
IMaestri‘s customer service is the best in its class and their team includes a coterie of the interior design world’s most in-demand and knowledgeable authorities.
When I told my mother where we bought it she told me she been getting her cakes their since she was a young girl.
I really can't thank you enough for everything, even the smash cake was absolutely gorgeous. This is never easy when traveling through Brooklyn and Manhattan, yet for the 4th time you have done it.
Amazing job! (This a Story sent by Kelly who shipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries to her Special Someone For Valentine's Day.
To order, just enter your address above, pick from a popular Italian restaurant or select from one of the many Italian restaurants in Nashville listed below. You guys are definitely my go to bakery from now on, you'll be hearing from me in the future.
After having to relocate to Texas, we were disappointed to find that the DFW area does not have what we call "real" bakeries.
Planing a party takes a lot of work and time, plan it with us and know once your order is in you will have no worries. We tried ordering from other online bakery businesses who advertised NY style baked goods, but have not found any that truly captured what we remembered.

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