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The eERP functionality in on Demand ERP is designed to meet the needs of growing companies, and is based on the traditional ERP application, an industry-leading product.
Reduce redundant data entry and processes and in other hand it shares information across the department. ERP for Automobile company, ERP for School, ERP for manufacturing company, ERP for Pharmaceutical company, ERP for Hotels, ERP for Hospitals, ERP for Jewellers, EMV Softwares Pvt Ltd. Lacus elit faucibus nisi, ut porta justo adipiscing elitvel lectus ut mauris convallis lacinia. The system enables the Manufacturers and distributors to function promptly, which will able to improve the volume of production and fulfilment of orders while reducing costs. Their courses cover general real estate principles as well state-specific information that will be tested on your state’s real estate licensing exam.Many people choose to take online or live courses at local universities or colleges. We’re not covering those schools in this article because we have readers from all over the country.
Every year, Kaplan teaches nearly 34,000 licensed and prospective real estate professionals, and it gets good reviews from former students.We want to be straightforward. In fact, Real Estate Express has an equal or higher first-time exam pass rate than Kaplan in some states. It’s not just about the exam though — it’s also about whether the course is engaging and helps you absorb and retain information that you will use as a real estate agent. We think Kaplan excels in these respects.Kaplan gives you a classroom experience without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home or office. Also, Kaplan has weekly interactive study groups where the instructor leads a webinar on a selected topic, and students get to discuss it and ask questions. If you ever have questions about course content while studying, your instructors are just an email away and will respond within 24-48 hours.Current real estate agents who took Kaplan courses give Kaplan good reviews. It has a very small number of complaints on Better Business Bureau.On the downside, Kaplan is more expensive than Career Webschool and Real Estate Express. However, Kaplan includes exam prep, study groups, and other useful features into that $199 package. Our top pick for best budget real estate school is Career Webschool because it has better student reviews than Real Estate Express and a good approach to learning and retention.Career Webschool’s courses start at $99, while Kaplan’s start at $199.
For $99, you can get a basic course that fulfills your required prelicensing hours and gives you all the information you need to pass the exam.
However, there are no video lectures or study groups, so the quality of instruction isn’t as good as Kaplan’s.User reviews are our primary reason for choosing Career Webschool over Real Estate Express.
Students who have used Real Estate Express have high exam pass rates, even higher than Kaplan in some cases.
However, Real Estate Express has poor Yelp reviews and many complaints against it have been filed with the Better Business Bureau.
We were especially concerned because the majority of BBB complaints were about the quality of the instruction and not about secondary matter like billing.
In contrast, Career Webschool gets good reviews from former students and real estate professionals.According to Career Webschool, what sets it apart from other schools is their approach to learning and retention. They deliver information in small chunks (each study session is no more than 20-30 minutes long), give you mini quizzes to test your comprehension immediately after each session, and constantly repeat information so that you master it. If you live in a smaller state that isn’t covered by Kaplan, Real Estate Express, or Career Webschool, you can take your prelicensing courses at a local college or university. Some local colleges and universities have distance learning options so you can take the courses from the convenience of your home or office.Offers real estate courses in 20 states.
Some larger or more populous states where Kaplan does not offer classes include Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Maryland.
Given that Kaplan is such a popular online provider, we were surprised that Florida (the third most populous state in the nation) wasn’t included. See complete listing of states offered (click on your state).Offers real estate courses in 19 states.

See complete listing here (hover your mouse over “Get Licensed”).Offers real estate courses in 17 states. Like Real Estate Express, Career Webschool does not offer courses in Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Maryland. See complete listing here.Cost of Real Estate Licensing CoursesReal estate school will cost you about $100 to $600, depending on which course package you select. To provide some context, California requires 135 hours of pre-licensing courses, broken up into 45 hours on Real Estate Principles, 45 hours on Real Estate Practice, and 45 hours on an elective such as Real Estate Law or Finance.For $499, you can purchase an OnDemand online course package that will cover the entire 135-hour California prelicensing course requirement.
The package includes video recordings of instructor-led classes, physical textbooks (no e-book option), an instructor-led review at the end of the course, the weekly interactive study group (described more below), a drill and practice question bank, exam prep sessions, and a CD of real estate terms and definitions that you need to know for the exam.Instead of buying the 135-hour course package, you can buy the California courses in three separate 45-hour parts, but this ends up costing you more. I think this “a la carte” option is meant for students who completed part of their prelicensing requirement elsewhere and want to finish the remainder at Kaplan. For $99 (“Standard” package), you get 3 e-books for the 3 different subject areas required by California and a math supplement that focuses on the math you should know as a real estate agent.
For $175 for the “Silver” package, you get the exam prep master which includes practice exams. The costliest “Success” package, priced at $299, lets you get a free “specialization designation” in a particular area or real estate. Real Estate Express does not offer video instruction or an interactive study group like Kaplan does.
The “Basic” package, priced at $99, gives you 3 e-books for the 3 different required subject areas.
The e-book breaks up the subject material into sections and contains quiz questions to test your comprehension after each section. If you buy the $179 “The Works” package, you will additionally get exam prep guides, a math master supplement, and an ebook of real estate terminology. For the $239 “Deluxe” package, you get everything in the lower tier plans plus physical textbooks.
However, you still don’t get video instruction and an interactive study group like you would with Kaplan, so the quality of instruction is not as good. Get more details here.As you can see, Kaplan is clearly the most expensive out of the three providers.
In our opinion, there are good reasons that Kaplan costs more.The OnDemand system makes you feel that you are sitting in a classroom because of the video recordings. There are also interactive study groups included in the course package, which can aid learning for many students. The math master supplements that Real Estate Express and Career Webschool charge for are already included in the Kaplan courses.One downside to our recommended provider Kaplan is that it doesn’t offer a payment plan to make tuition more affordable. Real Estate Express is the only provider of the three that offers an installment payment plan.
You can pay an initial deposit that equals ? of the course cost and pay the remainder in two more installments over the next 60 days. Kaplan does provide some guidance on where you can get tuition assistance, but they themselves don’t offer tuition assistance or a payment plan.Real Estate Express and Career Webschool have quality guarantees that come with their more expensive course packages. Real Estate Express will give you a 110 % refund of your course costs if you get at least 80 % on their practice exams and fail the state final exam. Career Webschool will pay the cost of your retake exam if you pass the course exam with a grade of at least 80 % and then fail the state final exam.
Kaplan has an e-book only for certain course packages and usually ships physical textbooks to you.
Some student like having physical textbooks because highlighting and underlining content helps them learn.Average real estate licensing exam pass rates of studentsSome states publish exam pass rates based on educational provider.
We averaged the provider’s pass rates for the two sections to arrive at the provider’s overall pass rate.As you can see, Kaplan and Real Estate Express perform quite similarly across the board with impressive pass rates.
These pass rates for course takers are significantly higher than the average statewide pass rates, which hover around 50 % to 60 % in most states.

Remember, you cannot get your real estate agent license unless you pass both your course final exam and your statewide final exam. In fact, you can actually build exams tailored for you by choosing topic areas that you are having difficulty with and the number of questions you have time to answer during a particular study session.
The Exam Prep package also prepares you for exam day with instructor-led video review of core topics that you studied throughout the course. You can pause and rewind during the video review to ensure you fully understand everything going into the exam.The Silver and Success packages come with Exam Prep Master. This online tool gives you up to 14 practice exams that gradually increase in difficulty leading up to exam day. There are exams specifically on real estate terminology, math, and state-level information, so you can be sure you’ve mastered each topic that will be tested.
Finally, there are two full-length 150 question practice exams that come with Exam Prep Master. Unfortunately, unlike Kaplan, Real Estate Express does not offer a comprehensive pre-exam review of everything you studied throughout the course.The Works and Deluxe packages come with exam prep. The exam prep ebook covers the ten most important topics on the licensing exam, some questions about each of these topics, and a final 100-question practice exam for real estate agents. Unfortunately, there are 150 questions on the California statewide exam, so this practice test isn’t the best preparation. Career Webschool does not offer the same number of practice questions as Kaplan and Real Estate Express. Take advantage of these things if you’re struggling with course content.For Kaplan courses, instructors are available by email to answer questions about course content. Even though phone availability would have been even better, the instructors respond quickly within 24-48 hours.
Kaplan instructors are real estate professionals themselves.The Interactive Study Group is included in the OnDemand courses and is basically a series of live webinars where instructors cover selected real estate topics and give students the chance to ask questions and discuss the topics with each other.
No study groups are offered.Instructors are available by email only, and they will respond within 24 hours. No study groups are offered.Length of Time to Complete Online CourseThe most attractive thing about online courses is the convenience and the flexibility that they offer the student.
In fact, one of the benefits of Kaplan’s OnDemand course is your ability to pause and rewind video segments to make sure you’ve mastered the material.However, with each of the three providers, you have a maximum of 6 months to complete the course. Basically, this means that when you purchase the course, you will have access to it online for 6 months. If you think you’re not going to finish the course in 6 months, Career Webschool will grant you up to 3 60-day extensions free of charge.Some states limit how fast you can complete the course.
You don’t need to spend time finding a different provider for continuing education classes. You can learn more about continuing education requirements in our guide on getting your real estate agent license.Do They Offer a Demo Class?Often the best way to find out if a school is right for you is to watch a demo class. Kaplan simply ships textbooks and some course materials to you, and you read the material and learn it on your own. They come closest to simulating an in-person class with video recordings of instructor-led classes and interactive study groups where you can discuss real estate topics with the instructor and other prelicensing students. In addition to providing an engaging learning experience, Kaplan’s exam prep review sessions and practice exams help prepare you for exam day, and they have high pass rates in several states to prove it.Kaplan courses can be expensive, so if you’re on a budget, we recommend Career Webschool.
Career Webschool and Real Estate Express use e-books and have a quality guarantee in the event that you fail the state licensing exam. Her areas of expertise include small business lending, credit cards, credit scores, and other aspects of small business finance.

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