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Project management is a balancing act of organization, planning, vision and motivation and it can be very difficult to successfully manage projects on a consistent basis. Microsoft Project Standard 2010 delivers powerful, visually enhanced ways to simplify planning, collaboration and resource management so you can successfully tackle all types of projects. AEC FastTrack Schedule 10 makes it easy to organize, track, and manage all your project details. Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is the recognized standard for high-performance project management software designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects.
Basecamp is an online project management and collaboration tool that gives teams essential workspace for day to day operations. Basecamp can be integrated with a variety of web and desktop applications including other productivity software developed by 37 signals. The product is specifically designed for project managers that need to handle the company’s projects and resources in a centralized way. Even more, RationalPlan Multi Project can be used as a standalone application or to connect to RationalPlan Project Server. Project KickStart Pro’s planning wizard, intuitive Gantt chart, customizable reports, and exports to programs that you use make it a great choice for anyone with a project to plan. Link-OM helps to improve relationship between teams and customer by providing greater visibility into operations and task management. Link-PM offers ready-to-use robust & powerful control tools for globally prioritising, planning & executing projects, programs and portfolios. Link-PM provides best-in-class solutions that address the specific needs of all major project portfolio management environments. Link-PM is built out of innovation that takes cost out of traditional EPPM methods and tools and delivers effective way to run PMO, which is vital for any successful business. Geared toward large and mid-sized organisations, range of installation from as less as fifty to tens of thousands of users. Link-PM SaaS enables secure access 24x7 and provides an industry-leading availability of 99.9 percent to users worldwide. Link-PM - project and portfolio management software offers comprehensive PPM functionality, and the ability to scale up new functionalities when required in turn fulfilling business value rapidly as the PPM process matures.
Increase data reliability by integration of resources, finances and schedules in a single solution. Financial forecasting tools that allows rapid assessment of impact on investment decisions and changing circumstances across a project or the entire portfolio. Link-PM endows project managers with full-bodied features to enhance forecasts, resolve issues, create accountability, incite collaboration, navigate and identify multi-polar project dependencies and produce reliable, consistent project success. Link-PM solution enables PMO to implement a structured approach to managing project portfolios. Delivered via a SaaS model, Link-PM makes it easy for Executives to quickly collaborate with key project stakeholders and respond more quickly to rapidly changing and dynamic natured capital programs. Cashboard's project bulletin board is based on best-practice project management techniques. This flexible software tool allows you to organize your tasks in multiple ways, but here's a couple of project management styles we recommend. As avid users of our own software, we've optimized the project bulletin board for all day use.
We've also added key commands so you can quickly add, edit, and reorganize tasks and project lists without hassle.
When you've tracked time against a project with estimates you'll see progress displayed visually. Cashboard helps you create accurate estimates in the future by letting you know which tasks are in the expected range, and which ones have gone over budget. After tracking time and expenses for your project you can invoice your work with just one click. Thankfully, there are software solutions on the market today that can dramatically help a project manager take care of the organization and planning, so they can focus on the vision, relationships and motivation!
With Project 2010, individuals, teams and the enterprise can realize the results of unified project and portfolio management by adding Microsoft Project Server 2010.
New consolidation and schedule-building tools help you plan more efficiently, keeping your projects on track and within budget.
It can be used to organize projects up to 100,000 activities, and it provides unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans. It allows teams of all sizes to use cloud-based task lists, discussions, documents, calendars and more to ensure projects stay on track. Additionally, 37 Signals has recently released Basecamp for mobile, so you can stay on top your tasks throughout the day, wherever you might be.! Besides all Single Project features, Multi Project version comes with additional ones when projects are interrelated by task dependencies or common resources, or if you just want to see all projects’ data in one place.

In this way project managers can have not only a multi project management system but also a multi user project management system.
Raised the son of a software entrepreneur and younger brother of a Microsoft Software engineer, he has been immersed in emerging technologies from childhood.
Primavera is well known in large construction project, MS Project has been a leader in generic project scheduling until recently. Leverage purpose built solutions from Link-PM - portfolio management software to drive business transformation, operation excellence and to accelerate innovation. Link-PM offers an easy, ready-to-use robust and powerful control toolset for globally prioritising, planning and executing projects, programs, and portfolios. Because of this complexity, large projects – particularly information technology undertakings -- often finish past their due dates, over-budget, and with a lower than predicted return on investment.Business professionals often rely on project management software to help them oversee multiple endeavors. It allows you to create tasks on the fly, then track time against them from the same interface. Our handy dashboard reminds you when you last invoiced a project and how much your client owes. The software listed below all have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to you to choose which solution fits best for your needs.
Project Server 2010 ensures organizations select and deliver the right projects while gaining greater visibility and control of resources, leading to improved productivity and better business performance.
Ideal for both experienced and first-time project managers, FastTrack Schedule 10 helps teams to effectively and successfully manage projects. Massive data requires sophisticated, yet highly flexible organization tools to provide you a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources. Concurrent access for multiple users is now possible through the use of the server architecture.
Project KickStart’s 6-step planning wizard provides a framework for brainstorming and planning project tasks. Mason loves big ideas, flying, controversy, and has an unhealthy dependency on Chicken Tikka Masala.
If two people are working on a project, updates are reflected everywhere without page reloads. Just start typing in a name and it presents you with smart choices from a handy autocomplete menu. FastTrack Schedule delivers descriptive project snapshots that are sure to make an impact with clients and colleagues. It’s crucial that the software you select makes your projects easier to manage, and doesn’t add unneeded complexity. Let’s examine the three major pillars of project management, and the commonly available tools on the market. PlanningPlanning a project first involves finding the team members with the necessary skills, and estimating how much resources a project will need.
Additionally, it’s of great benefit to both managers and their businesses if they can use historical data from past projects to forecast a completion date, estimate return on investment, and calculate the necessary resources.SchedulingScheduling completion dates for all of the moving parts in a major project helps managers construct a more accurate timeline.
Most of this software includes automatic alerts when due dates are approaching, or when a task is not completed on schedule. More robust interfaces include automatic reports that detail how close a project is to completion, based on the number of sub-tasks and goals that have been accomplished.Timeline visualization is becoming an increasingly popular feature in less technical industries, with the Kanban approach being a prominent example. Kanban project tracking software is derived from a Japanese supply chain methodology called 'lean production.'  Kanban lets you visualize tasks or projects via cards on a straight line or vertical funnel, which represents the production line. This lets users see their work, and move their tasks around, as if they were on a bulletin board or whiteboard. The screenshot below is an example of a Kanban interface, from PM software LeanKit.ForecastingForecasting usually involves extrapolating based off data from previous projects, and can be essential in calculating the ROI of a project before it major resources have been invested. Forecasting takes into account the time spent on each task as well as the resources required to complete each task relative to the organization’s budget constraints and revenue goals.
These types of tools can also help you predict potential risks and limitations.Resource AllocationSimilar to forecasting, resource allocation tools help project managers visualize where their business is investing time, energy, and materials.
Being able to quickly view the resources dedicated to a project and change them on the fly is an invaluable tool for both planning projects and pivoting during the lifetime of the project.
Although it can be time-consuming to enter and set-up a detailed inventory of company (and human) resources, it allows for project managers to anticipate bottlenecks and proactively allocate resources.2. Tracking and ManagementEven the best laid plans will be disrupted over the lifecycle of the project.
The best project management software provides the proper amount of granularity and monitoring to keep projects efficient and on track.Time TrackingAs the name implies, time tracking software tracks the amount of time each project contributor spends on their assigned tasks. Besides simply measuring productivity, time tracking software also builds an archive of valuable data that can help businesses forecast completion dates for similar tasks or projects in the future.
The image below shows the time tracking interface of Wrike.Task ManagementTask management refers to the assignment of different responsibilities to various members of the project team.

Being able to quickly determine who’s contributed to what part of the project lets managers better identify bottlenecks and stay on top of the project’s progress.While the concept of task management is simple, the software can actually be fairly robust.
In the case of large, complex projects that span different departments, tasks are very often interconnected or dependent.
Certain software platforms geared towards these types of undertakings will feature the ability to assign dependencies to tasks, which helps managers determine where a breakdown in productivity is occurring and assign the necessary resources to fix the problem.
Task dependencies are often represented through gantt charts, such as the one below:Other common features of task management include notes and tags. Adding notes to a task helps keep track of specific changes to the project or provide references for the strategy associated with each task. Adding tags to tasks makes them easier to filter and find through the PM software’s native search functionality.Permission SettingsPermission settings allow a PM to decide who can view, edit, or change tasks or sections of the software. A key part of managing a project effectively lies in vetting the access of each user on the platform.
Judiciously metering out permissions also helps project managers avoid having to track down the sources of unauthorized changes to tasks or entire phases of the project.Budgeting and Expense TrackingAlthough software that budgets for projects, and businesses in general, comes in standalone versions, certain project management platforms include budgeting functions as well as expense tracking. While budgeting software is somewhat self-explanatory, expense and project tracking software can provide PMs with the added benefit of knowing how team members accrue expenses throughout the lifespan of the project. Similar to time tracking, expense tracking provides valuable data that can be used to forecast future project costs.Analysis and ReportsAnalysis and reporting functions let project managers view data in a form other than gantt charts. A robust analysis tool can present metrics around productivity in a visual fashion that makes the information easier to digest. If a particular task needs additional resources or a specific department is moving slower than others, in-depth analysis features will help PMs rectify or leverage the situation.3.
CollaborationOnce projects are underway, keeping the moving parts connected can be the biggest challenge. Collaboration tools help connect different departments, and make it easier to include distributed teams. Extensive collaboration features are more common among cloud-based software than on-premise solutions.Document sharingTypically, email is the most popular way to share documents between teams.
Unfortunately, this often results in redundant communication as multiple messages are sent about the same issue. The basic structure of email also makes it difficult to find documents.Software that lets team members share documents can improve productivity and increase efficiency. Many software platforms allow users to upload documents to specific projects or tasks, making it easy to locate resources.The depth of such functionality varies from the simplicity of a system such as Google Drive, to full-fledged wikis that house all of a project’s relevant materials. Audit trails let project managers view task progress and investigate challenges that team members may be experiencing.Internal MessagingNative messaging and meeting functions strengthen communications between team members.
These features come in stand-alone versions, but can also be found in comprehensive or all-in-one project management platforms.Considerations When Selecting a Product1. Desktop versus CloudBusinesses today need to choose between project management software that’s installed on a specific company computers (on premise), versus software that’s hosted online by the vendors (cloud). Desktop software generally transfers large files faster and represents a single, fixed-cost license. Cloud-based solutions allow companies to connect teams with remote workers and different schedules. Cloud products also allow mobile employees to access the project management platform regardless of their location.2. Best of Breed versus All-In-OneProject requirements often vary as a project expands and matures. Industries such as software development and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) require highly specific functionality to fit their unique workflows. It’s always best to select software that intuitively lines up with the needs of your organization, and industry.Use free demonstrations (most PM companies offer one) for a project management software comparison, and consider how each of the product’s features will translate to your particular projects.
Simply because a platform offers a suite of features doesn’t mean it’s the best project management software for your business. Usability and IntegrationWhen comparing project management software, don’t just consider the particular features of each solution. Even products with lots of useful features can cause confusion if their interface is difficult to use, or can’t be easily understood.
You’ll be interacting with this program every day - make sure it won’t be a source of frustration.Further, it’s important to consider the integration capacity of each project management software.
Your legacy systems already hold all of your most important documents, so selecting a product that integrates with your email client will avoid a complicated migration down the road.

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