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Although the survey respondents felt applying metrics to training was important, only about 20% bother to measure the impact of training programs at all – and only 13% tried to compute a financial return on their training investment.  This means that developing and applying metrics to training effort is indeed a business challenge.
As the study goes on to note: “Such low figures might be understandable in the context of general-purpose training without any business objectives.
What’s important for making training work?  Here the McKinsey study noted:  “the more cooperation that exists between the training function and the business units, the more likely that learning will have an impact on business results. Implications for sales training.  Although the McKinsey report was about corporate training in general, the results have implications for the world of sales training.
Due to the disruptive changes in the buying environment there is more of a need for sales training than ever.  However, it is difficult to obtain a commitment of greater resources without metrics to establish the merit of the investment and the guidance for crafting the programs in the first place. Everyone needs to bring the mind-set that the sales training is being conducted so the company can achieve its strategic goals.  It’s not just a sales training exercise. Members of the sales team need be engaged with training in crafting the program.  If you are implementing a sales training program, it is always a good idea to keep your eye on the ball – the ball in this case is the sales team. For example, since most sales training is customized, select a small group (4-5) of top sales performers to provide the information to customize the program exercises and case studies and to provide best practices for the feedback sessions for the role-plays.  These top sales performers should become “ambassadors” for the sales training program. The sales training manager must ensure the sales training program is conducted in way that demonstrates institutional commitment.  For example, front-line sales managers can be invited to serve as table leaders to relate the learning to the real world and orchestrate feedback – Marketing can be invited to serve as participants to provide and gain insights. Every salesperson walking into a sales training program needs to be crystal clear that the company and the leadership are totally committed to the sales training before the day even begins and they need to understand it will help them do what they need to do to increase their sales performance. If you found this post helpful, you might want to join the conversation and subscribe to the Sales Training Connection. During his career Dick has authored numerous articles related to sales effectiveness and co-authored "Managing Major Sales", a book about sales management, "Parlez-Vous Business" which helps sales people integrate the language of business into the sales process, and "Getting Partnering Right" – a research based work on the best practices for forming strategic selling alliances.
This entry was posted in Sales Training, Sales Training Best Practices and tagged sales training, sales training best practices, sales training challenge. Nice post but is it possible to measure the outcome of training by the total sales result because that is controlled by many variables such as management decisions, market conditions etc. In this article we have researched what we believe to be the best sales training Manchester has to offer. Convenience has its advantages, which is why we have focused on suppliers that can deliver in your area. If you have five sales people on your team and they all increase their sales by 10%, you will see a huge improvement in your bottom line.
Poor execution of Sales Process is the problem that usually screams out for attention in many organizations. As a business, Real Selling has been established for 13 years but the knowledge, methods, courses and best practice tools have been developed by their team for over 25 years. The Parreto Effect actually have their headquarters building in Manchester, so they really are on your doorstep. It is common knowledge that launching an innovative product is not enough to bring in the desired sales.
For example, we have created a scenario for healthcare sales representatives who have to meet doctors and convince them to take their products. To explain the importance of job-aids in sales training, let me take you through this small scenario. When I was working sales jobs, it just seemed that the more I worked on myself, the more it reflected in my work.
When you begin to see fears at work as opportunities for personal development, you’ll experience results.

But let’s imagine a bank that knows its sales performance could improve if call-center employees were better at identifying unmet customer needs. To achieve that goal the leadership message needs to be clear and compelling and must be repeated and reinforced by all front-line sales managers.
Although it is important to be mindful of time out of the field, there are a number of ways for achieving involvement. If people have to stay overnight or even leave very early in the morning, it can have a knock on effect and add to everyone’s stresses in finding alternative arrangements for children etc.
Of course not everyone needs to be located in your area as long as they are willing to travel to you and deliver the service you need. Onsite training can be a bit restrictive and there is always the risk that people still have one eye on their work and only take in half of the course. We presume that the current performance is all that can be achieved but as any trainer will tell you, everyone can improve and increase their sales.
They have a very busy looking site so it can be a bit confusing to navigate but they also appear to have a lot of videos and sales training articles, so you can have a good read at things before making a decision.
Training the sales force on various sales skills and about the product and its features is mandatory in order to win customer satisfaction, counter competition and finally close sales. Rather, it is a small unit that explains one concept at a time and has a specific performance objective to attain.
So for the learner to retain information for a long period of time, we can create micro-videos that are 5-10 minutes long.
We need to create scenarios that resemble the situations the learner might go through in his workplace. So to give them a clear picture of how to deal with doctors and what kind of questions they might ask them before using their products, we created a scenario.
And I don’t reckon quick fixes are worth spending your time on anyway, but some of the best sales training you can ever do is working on you.
And no matter what you may sell, when you’re dealing with people, every fear under the sun can meet you head on. Maybe you’re a young salesperson and your primary sales demographics are older men and women.
When you work a 9-5, it’s not easy to keep a winning attitude all the time…but it is possible. In fact, for some employers, a good attitude is sometimes a more important consideration than skills. When you find yourself afraid or intimidated, or your bright disposition is challenged by a poor attitude, choose to see it as a chance to grow. I had the opportunity to play the role of a sales representative and sales trainer before and what I realized is how training and the actual sales operations are disconnected. You want to make sure you are getting the best price but also that they can deliver in or around Manchester.
Many times, they are just moving so fast that they don’t really know how to bring it all together and Implement a Process that both Drives Revenue and ensures proper execution. Again a pretty busy site with plenty to read, so you should be able to decide if you like what they have to offer.
And microlearning can be in the form of micro-videos, scenarios, info-graphics, games, job-aids, and so on.
In this scenario, we created a doctor and a sales representative, where the doctor asks various questions about the product which are answered by the sales representative clearly.

For example, we can provide a checklist of dos and don’ts of performing a task or provide some tips on how to deal with a client and so on. Treat him with respect and show him the kindness he may have spared you in your younger years.
We live our lives in our bodies and when the body is weary, your mind and soul will be shortchanged as well. If there are conflicts or troubles in your life and it is in your power to bring resolution to them…then do so.
When you constantly choose to develop who you are, you put yourself at a specific advantage. You can be sure your boss and your co-workers will see great results when you’ve made a commitment to continued personal development. I agree that sales training should be aligned to the needs for improvement of sales operations and should be involved with implementation. You don’t want to have your staff travelling any great distances as it is time consuming and expensive. For example, if we have to explain the latest feature of a product, we can simply create a video that shows this feature. This would improve his decision making skills and help him deal with such situations in real life very confidently. And when I took care of body, soul and mind I actually felt like working and enjoyed doing a good job. If he hasn’t grown up yet you may face the same kind of treatment you faced on the playground.
Your best will vary from time to time depending on your circumstances, but at the end of the day, it is easier to live with yourself if you’ve done your best. While many view it as a classic battle of art versus science, I think there are solid elements of both. It provides small nuggets of information at a time that are easily digestible by the learner. Similarly, even before starting a training session, we can create a demo video that builds some prior knowledge in the learner about what exactly the training is about.
I am lucky that I am now part of a company that has well-aligned sales training and operations. So how can one train the employees whenever a product is launched cost and time effectively? The learner can go through these modules any time if he finds the need for reinforcing information.
And when you’ve taken time for yourself and had some fun, your stress levels will be lower. Any sales specialists can find these companies with excellent training by signing up with Invisume.
The endorphins will give you natural positive energy and, in fact, chase away negative energy.

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