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Buster receives chocolates in the mail from a "secret admirer" and tries to uncover who it was sent by, asking everyone from Arthur to Molly. In the second scene with the Dream Reciters, it features music recycled from the show "Redwall TV". Buster mentioned Baxter Day, but as this episode takes place in September, the events of Arthur's Perfect Christmas have not happened yet. Black Monochrome Black Navy Blue Pink Red Optical White Natural White Charcoal To order a pair of core color high top or low cut chucks, click on the image of the shoe you want. To see the complete selection of seasonal Chuck Taylor high tops, low cut, or youth and infant models currently available, click on the image links. Click on the image links to purchase flat athletic, fat or retro, novelty shoelaces like multi-color weave, narrow, graphic print, and reversible, or knee high shoelaces for your chucks.
Buster is sitting at the base of a tree, plucking the petals off a flower as he talks about how great love is. Not able to figure out who it could possibly be, he starts researching the meaning of the word. After asking Sue Ellen and Molly, Buster begins to doubt he'll ever find his secret admirer.

Buster realizes that the secret admirer was his own mother since they celebrate a little holiday called Fall Day every September.
You can also order socks, tee-shirts or baseball caps to wear with your chucks, totebags to carry your gear, or books about chucks.
30 years ago, this week, one film was released that was the epitome of the 80s teen-sex-comedy, all-too common fare, good for a few smiles. He looks at the camera from his bed and says, "Isn't it weird how sometimes the nicest dreams turn out to be the worst nightmares?" Then he suddenly realizes that an arrow from the dream is in his bed.
He discovers that if he scrambles the letters of 'secret admirer' the words 'dream reciters' can be made.
Buster makes his mother a breakfast the next morning and gives her another poem back, signed 'Secret Admirer'.
Thomas Howell (PonyBoy!), Lori Laughlin, Kelly Preston (Pre-Travolta), Dee Wallace Stone (mother in every movie, right?), and even sported a prepubescent Corey Haim. If you’re looking for a glimpse of the cheesy way in which Hollywood portrayed teens in the early to mid 80s, this is your movie. Buster makes up what dream reciters are: hooded beings that create his dreams, who also gave him the chocolates.

Then, squirrels in the tree start throwing things at Buster, who is now very frightened and runs away into a clearing.
Note somehow gets inadvertently passed around amongst their parents, triggering much jealousy and accusations of adultery.
Buster sends a thank you package to Muffy filled with a poem, a pickle, and a bologna sandwich. They give Buster a big clue about who the real admirer is: the first letters of the original poem spell a word. She marches angrily towards Buster the next day and makes sure he understands that she would never be his secret admirer.

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