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Sure, It’s not a queen bed with lots of fluffy covers (fluffy with dog hair, that is). You have only a few more hours to Match the Mystery Kids and their dogs for a chance to win a pile of BlogPaws swag. Honey’s Holiday Happening – clue #2Tricky Dogs Dress Up for Halloween TreatsWhy Do We Expect So Much From Dogs? We like to sort the tasks on our ‘to do’ list with the urgent and important matrix, so we can prioritise and avoid wasting time.
Whether you are a morning person or you feel more efficient after midday, plan to work on your most important tasks at your preferred time of the day.
Put all the little tasks and other chores building up over the week, and decide of a set time every week to work through it. We are so excited about (and kind of in awe of) so many of the things that computers are doing for our kids, but the reality is, sometimes we need help managing their screen time. Keeping computers and other smart devices in a central location like the kitchen or family room is the best way to monitor and limit your kids’ screen time. If necessary, you can even consider keeping the kids’ devices in your own bedroom at night, especially if you have early bird, semi-independent breakfast-making kids who rise and shine before you do. We’ve found that the most important first step in setting limits is talking about it with your partner and kids. For you, you may want to specify no screen time until homework is done and then only a specified amount.
Let kids know that the devices belong to the adults and that you’re only loaning them these tech gadgets.
Consider writing out a contract specifying the terms by which they may use these tech gadgets, including care of the devices (charging, protecting, not accidentally leaving in the middle of the living room floor) and time limits.
Create a screen time chart to track usage using the odometer on your phone and old school pen and paper. Check your own phone or tablet to see just what you can get done there, without installing third-party apps.
Apple also offers the super helpful Guided Access, which allows you to do things like limit your device to a single app and control which app features are available for use. Here are a few other simple and effective reward systems that you can create around your kids’ screen time, too.
Establish a Homework First system, so that your kids know that during the week, they must complete their homework before screen and play time can begin.
Alternatively, we know parents who have success giving their kids 20-30 minutes of pure play time after school before they hit the books. One easy idea for managing screen time comes from our editor Liz and it simply involves moving from individual, tiny screens to a communal large one.
In my own family room, we have an ottoman that doubles as a neat storage chest that houses board games, cards, washable markers, colorful construction paper, and puzzles.

This may be the hardest part of all; parents know all too well that sometimes it can be hard to put away our own devices.
One way to do this is to set up auto replies to emails and texts telling folks that you’ll get back to them later, or turning on you do not disturb preferences on your phone. The point is, in tech as with all things, we as parents are exemplify the lessons we’re trying to teach our kids. I am such a huge procrastinator but perhaps if I told myself I’d just sit down and get to work for ten minutes and then take a break, it would help me get started.
Ithaca has several large waterfalls in the city limits and many more in the surrounding hills (including the highest falls East of the Mississippi River–Taughannock Falls).
And I’m so happy to see that Honey appears to be ENJOYING the cart (in a certain way). If you tend to work when inspiration strikes it’s easy to get distracted, put off less appealing administrative tasks or waste time because you haven’t effectively planned your day.
However remember to prioritise not urgent and important work too, because putting it off will only affect you in the long term.
It’s the hardest small word to say, especially if you genuinely want to help, but saying no is the fastest way to free up some of your time.
As much as it is tempting to take five coffee breaks during the day, it won’t help you get things done and you’ll find yourself feeling unproductive at the end of the day. Figure out what makes sense and what’s reasonable and realistic for your family, even if you modify it along the way. Will they be docked screen time from the next day or lose gadget privileges altogether after three strikes? Clarity with regards to consequences is really important. So you could set your iPod Touch to play just music from your iTunes library and nothing else. It’s an easy token system that really works, empowers kids to make good choices on their own, and it reminds us that with a little ingenuity we might actually win this parenting thing. Let your kids know and understand that if there are LEGOs on the ground, the iPad does not turn on. If they crush it on trash duty, they can earn extra Minecraft minutes on the weekend. You can choose whether you want to dock screen time for incomplete chores, too. Have a written-in bylaw that they need to show you the completed work before you hand over any devices. Instead of having everyone on their different devices and in their own worlds, she switches things up a little by turning on The Amazing Race or Once Upon a Time, or a finding kid-friendly movie and watching as a family.
Having fun crafts, games, books, puzzles, puppets, and art supplies available with easy access lets kids see that they really do have other options when they are out of screen time. So when I tell the youngster to find something to do when his screen time is over, he knows exactly where to go looking for crafty stuff to start a new art project. It’s a free app at the Mac App Store that gently reminds you to take regular breaks from staring at your laptop or desktop screen.

And here, we want them to know how valuable it is to step away from the screen and take in some IRL time with the people we love. Associate Editor Nicole Blades is a prolific writer, journalist, gadget junkie, and committed dSLR evangelist. As a mom of a toddler, I often think about how often I will allow my son to watch his favorite shows on TV or videos on YouTube. I have tried a few different parental control apps, which I did not find to be very beneficial to me. My guys try to make sure I follow at least some of them – spending time in nature with them Jasmine always makes sure of that. That tip #4… it’s something I strive for, and though I often come up short, I appreciate the reminder! But creative people are business people too, so it’s important to put into place some time management methods to make sure you’re getting the best out of your day. For example, we have a No Screens During Dinner rule that we stick to in our house, but there is a Saturday exception built in there to accommodate Family Movie Night while we all eat pizza in the family room in front of the TV.
You can get a little creative and make a checkpoint board with stickers or fun emoji doodles. In other words, no I’m booooored when YouTube turns off, because she can always point to a stack of activity books or board games nearby. She lives in CT by way of Brooklyn by way of Canada which means she's not only cool, she's very polite. Although it gives me some quiet time after work, I agree it’s important to determine a reasonable amount of screen time and stick to it. Walking at the dog park with my dogs when I am tired or crabby or bored does more for me than almost anything else I do. I manage all my protection settings and feature restriction right from my Android device – I only need Internet connection to get my restrictions applied on all my devices that my son has access to. Latest EatsThe ultimate make-ahead dinner recipe for Cold Soba Noodle Salad + a giveaway!A brand new magnetic high chair from 4moms: The newest addition to the registry covet list.Father's Day jackpot!
With these tips, a little experience and some self-control you’ll master the art of a productive working day! Toca Tea party (above photo) is always a hit with younger kids and their stuffed menageries. It’s great because it filters web pages, blocks apps, collects information about visited and blocked websites for my review.

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