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TweetIt’s admirable how this illustration of the average web design project plan condenses the essentials. I find planning for iterations quite important so when constraints allow it, I make room for iterations at least inside the content, design and development phases respectively.
Also interesting to notice in the illustration is that they put the content phase before the design and development phase.
As an avid fan of visual communication I tip my hat to the fine people at Simple Square who made this, they specialize in portfolio website design. GrowthStories helps businesses to design and optimise their services for a social and networked world. I'm a firm believer of continuous improvement and sharing lessons learned is a major part of that. Wakoopa is a desktop application that tracks the time you spend using various applications like your browser, RSS reader, email client, games, and more. You have an online profile page where you can view your tracked activitiy records, upload your pictures, add contacts and form teams, and write reviews.  There are various widgets you can take advantage of such as 'My top 10 software' badge, 'My recently used software' badge, a Facebook application, etc. Rescue Time is another feature loaded desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux that tracks your activities. TimeTracker is a simple Firefox addon that tracks the time you spend online browsing by running quietly on your Firefox status bar.
MeeTimer is another cool Firefox addon like TimeTracker, but it also shows how much time you have spent on each individual website, in addition to showing your overall time spent online. Any inventory clerk or accountant will agree that stock inventory management is crucial to any business that must maintain an inventory of merchandise, equipment, tools, or materials.
Many large companies use complex inventory databases to minimize excess inventory, but these systems are costly and difficult to setup. Vertex42's Inventory Control Template will help you get your inventory program started - including reducing surplus inventory and processing inventory updates. Use the main Inventory Control worksheet (see screenshot above) to keep track of locations, minimum stock levels, in stock inventory, parts on order and parts on backorder. Make sure to include both internal and external part numbers so items can be easily and correctly identified. Use the status field to track the life cycle of a part from pre-production through obsolescence.
Use the Suppliers (view screenshot) worksheet to keep track of supplier contact information. Looking to track fixed assets such as equipment, hardware and furniture, check out Vertex42's Asset Tracking Template – a simple solution for equipment tracking. Good Inventory Management Information for Small Businesses at – A collection of good basic information and tips for good inventory management geared towards smaller companies. Stock Control and Inventory at – A series of web pages with great information about setting and managing stock levels.

Best Practices for Accurate Physical Counts of Inventory at – The United States General Accounting Office's best practices for counting inventory.
Whether you are promoting a new post, someone else’s or simply asking a question – when are your followers online? Well you could just use some trial and error or thorough experiements to find the best time to tweet, but I am assuming you (like me) don’t have the patience. The lovely girls on Birds on a Blog have also summarised similar information for a bunch of social media platforms which you should check out. There are many Twitter tools and apps out there to analyse your account and find out the best times to tweet.
They also show you another chart to the right of this, which shows when most of your followers are online. If you are not using Buffer, then you will have to take this data and work with it manually. If you do work with Buffer, simply press the button shown below, and the times are sent to Buffer (you will be asked to login to Buffer – via Twitter). Followerwonk does many things, but one of the great things they do is analyse your Twitter account for the best times to tweet. Just like with Tweriod, you can also sync your buffer account with the best times to tweet from Followerwonk.
Simply choose how many times you want to tweet a day and press the big orange button (you can see it in the image above).
Or you can do a thorough analysis with Tweriod and Followerwonk and even better – import it into Buffer. If you are also interested in getting more Twitter followers, you should check out these posts. It shows the common sequence, level of involvement, milestones, priorities and phases of all in one infographic. Putting content first is not only smart, it’s the only way to do this kind of project properly.
Clients would love this brief overview showing project steps, milestones, and their own involvement.
You'll find plenty of advice here together with the checklists, mindmaps and templates that I use in my day-to-day work. The first type are the ones targeted at businesses and professionals for tracking amount of time spent on a particular project so they can bill their clients accordingly.
If you feel that your social media participation is becoming excessive and want to restrict yourself, you can get this toolbar, see which sites you spend most of your time on, and set the restriction timings for each. You can also view the most used software by Waakoopa users and check out other users' stats. What differentiate this from Waakoopa is that it helps you track not only applications but websites as well.

You can also place site urls into various groups and configure MeeTimer to show you a warning message when you visit a particular group or site.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. But as all inventory clerks know, keeping track of inventory is hard enough without worrying about inventory optimization.
If you are a small or medium size company, or just need something to get you started, check out our simple inventory control solution that includes an Inventory Control Spreadsheet template, a Physical Count Sheet and an Inventory Label template.
I am an Aussie WordPress web designer who loves helping people get more customers from their website. Once you have Tweriod open with your twitter account, you can simply let them analyse it for the best times to tweet. It’s still great to know when the best times to reach your followers are, but not as cool.
My goal is to make your WordPress website awesome, and get you more customers via SEO and amazing content.
My guess is that they probably left the iteration part out of the illustration to keep it more coherent.
The second variety are for net junkies with a need to track time spent on a particular activity online, say emailing, blogging, micro-blogging, reading RSS feeds, browsing, or just plain social networking. Setting up Wakoopa is hassle free and once installed, it runs quietly on your system tray and collects information automatically. Wakoopa also displays interesting items such as 'Software you might like,' 'People like you,' 'Reviews of your software,' and 'New versions of your software' on your dashboard that you might find useful. You can set the number of hours you want to spend in a day on a particular site and Rescue Time will alert you on your email, RSS reader, or by SMS when you run out of time. We searched the Web for the second variety and present below six very helpful tools to track your time spent online that are free and simple to use. This time tracking tool does the work automatically so you don't need to add tasks manually.
When you go to a particular software's individual page, you can see the software manufacturer's details, versions, download url, usage stats by Waakoopa users, popularity chart, and reviews.
This addon basically shows your online browser time and doesn't go beyond that, meaning you cannot track time spent on an individual site. While it is as simple as any online timer can get and comes without any usage trends, the beauty is that you can use it in any manner you want, like setting a timer for your online browsing or monitoring how long it takes to draft a blog post. I discovered blogging and online marketing while recovering from a shattered leg I got while skiing, and I have not stopped learning since!

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