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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Whether we are in business or in personal life, Communication skills are some of the most valuable skills a person can have. To excel in all aspects in life it is necessary to excel in communications.Whether we are in business or in personal life, Communication skills are some of the most valuable skills a person can have. The world around you improves each time you ask yourself and others how to improve your communication abilities. If you’re anything like me, you want to put and keep yourself in the group of people who do communicate better than the average person. You might do the assessment by breaking out the four major elements of any successful communication and figuring out what you are best at, OK at, and not so best at. The four elements of the generally accepted model of effective communication are the Sender, Message, Receiver and Feedback. You know yourself better than anyone, so start with the areas listed above, and ask yourself fourteen more questions about how well you communicate.
Every part of the communication process is critical to actively improving your communication skills. Earlier this week, the local chapter fell victim to another issue that could have been avoided had we developed a stronger communication system. In the past, these kinds of problems caused unnecessary complications that do more harm than good. What I haven't told you is that my administration was all over the problem from the moment it reared it's ugly head.

Moving forward, I would like to share a few recommendations on what I can do better next time. In closing, remember to recognize the problem when you are first made aware of it, control expectations by sharing your plans for resolution, and take action immediately. Subscribe to my newsletter today and you will receive the latest updates, articles, news, upcoming events, and FREE gifts. Be sure to include questions about how you encode, decode, associate meaning, and what channels you use (and why).
If I see a fire in the kitchen, I first decide who needs to know (receiver) then I formulate and "encode" the message based on your needs and the communication channel. As the president of the local chapter, I take responsibility for our lack of sharing and transparency. As a result of that situation, I'd like to brainstorm some initial thoughts on the subject and identify a few recommendations for making things better in the future. Instead of addressing the issue immediately, the problem festered and quickly grew out of control. While I use the fraternal organization to introduce the topic, this problem is not limited to our membership, region, or gender only. Unfortunately, nobody outside the few called to fix it were aware of the strategy and the action to resolve  it. Instead of keeping silent, I would have reported what I knew and shared our plan to resolve it. When I was first made aware of the issue, I should have recognized that there was a problem.

You can do this by responding to an email or verbally expressing that you identify that there is a problem. As the week rolled on, the membership received no official word on what the next steps were going to be. Keep in mind that as the message moves through the communication process, the participants package, decode, and repackaged the content based on the needs of the sender, receiver, and communication channels.
If you are asleep, I will include contact in the message as I shake and scream at you to get out of the house. As a result, people reacted the way you'd expect them to react in the absence of information. After delivering the message, I'll do a quick check to make sure you understood it the way I intended it.
As a result, members grew concerned, upset, frustrated, confused, and ultimately distracted. Hopefully, you'll give me some feedback (confirmation message) to let me know you understand I am not kidding around.

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better communication skills training

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