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Set time limits on everything you do or start out by timing how long it takes you to do all the tasks you have to accomplish on a daily basis. This one is tough for me because I earn my living from working on the computer.  I still struggle with keeping my work to office hours but I have improved, much to my family’s delight, on taking weekends off on a more regular basis. Our family has always functioned better with a schedule and as we had more children we moved to a daily routine because with nursing babies, toddlers potty training etc. Start getting up 15 minutes earlier each day and slowly move it to an hour or two whatever meets your current needs. If I were to do this I would cut out everything until my day was manageable and I got caught up.  Then I would slowly add watching one movie per week.
I think of all the projects I have to get done and how in the world I am going to accomplish them all.

Then allot the correct amount of time for each task so you can get all those projects completed.
Those of you who aren’t earning an income online need to schedule your computer time, set the timer and get offline when the timer goes off. Since spring is coming, days are getting longer and it is a great time to start this habit. I think we’d get a lot more accomplished if we didn’t have so much TV watching and media demanding our attention. The thing is I do have several other family members working behind the scenes doing jobs I use to do before I started working from home. In addition to  blogging, she is a Virtual Assistant with her own  company as well as a subcontractor to a couple other VA firms. Recruiting your family to help you around the house is a huge time saver, especially for busy working moms.

Her interests  include: reading, writing, traveling, education, being an entrepreneur, being  self sufficient by growing her own food through farming and gardening.
Get the kids to pick up their own rooms, ask your husband to do the grocery shopping and you will see your day become more manageable as you implement these 5 ways to manage your time better. Don’t worry these 5 ways to manage your time better won’t kill you; they will enhance your life and make you more productive.

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better time management involves

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