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So there’s a young bride, who marries an aloof older man haunted by memories of his deceased first wife and it’s set in a baroque mansion staffed by creepy servants. Celia (Bennett) meets millionaire Mark (Redgrave) whilst on holiday, falls in love and they marry; but Celia is apprehensive that she knows so little about her new husband. On their honeymoon Mark suddenly becomes cold towards her - he is called away on business, and when he returns his emotions veer from warmth to hostility. It’s suffused with Lang’s style and sensibilities, a striking showcase for his unique vision.Our heroine is Celia (Joan Bennett), a wealthy young heiress.

While holidaying in Mexico, she meets dashing architect Mark Lamphere (Michael Redgrave) and, after the proverbial whirlwind romance, marries him. The nay-sayers carp that he’s only married her for her money but Celia doesn’t believe that.
Down in the basement, he has reconstructed a sequence of rooms in which celebrated murders occurred and he has other morbid tastes besides. And does he mean to do Celia in too?Secret Beyond the Door is something of an oddity in Lang’s filmography.

Where normally he favoured an inexorably linear story line, the plotting here is frankly delirious.
True, these are simplistic (yup, it’s all mother’s fault) but it helps create a unique texture, a mental landscape that is accentuated by Lang’s careful design and spectral lighting.For all the superficial similarities to other films, this is a movie that only Fritz Lang could have made.

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beyond the secret dvd amazon

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