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Can Affirmations Be YOUR Passport To Happiness?Sadly most people are living in the country of negativity and sadness and while they may always dream about traveling to that wonderful destination called happiness they have no passport to get there. My friend and my brother that was powerful and if you dona€™t mind I would love to use this in Bible study this week. Thank you very much, may the Lord keeping blessing you in the richness of sharing his word. Easy To UseDownload the audio affirmations and create a playlist on your Ipod or other device. Bible study & SermonsThere are pages set aside n the book for those looking to delve a little deaper. Pause Between Each AffirmationA short 10-15 second pause between each affirmation forces you to subconsciously meditate on the statement.
Discover who you are in ChristOr be reminded and uplifted and built up in the faith by listening to the abundance of positive statements the Bible has to say about you. The words that we think and speak have a powerful effect on our lives, positive or negative.
Healing affirmations and confessions based on the Word of God develop a powerful healthy attitude in life; which is an essential element in good health.
I bless the Lord with all my soul and remember His benefits, which includes healing my diseases. Search the Word of God and find more of His healing benefits and begin to use them as your own healing affirmations. May you keep sickness away with powerful, biblical affirmations of health and life and experience days of growing prosperity! Do not forget My teaching, but keep My commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity.
Just because spiritual things are more powerful than physical things doesn’t mean you can ignore the physical body.
May you walk in prosperous health from the abundance of God and enjoy a life of growing prosperity! When analyzing how we manage our time, we will most likely find that much of it is spent on “time wasters.” “Time wasters” are those things that soak up our time and distract us from accomplishing our goals. Games, TV, Facebook, email, phone calls, and surfing the web are all common “time wasters” these days. The next thing we’ll probably notice is that a lot of our time is spent on the daily maintenance tasks of life.
Keep in mind: without a vision of the future, we can easily get caught up in doing things today that lack lasting investment. One of the most important principles, in our walk with God here on earth, is that time and activities spent for His kingdom have eternal value.

Prioritize the list and put a “P” in front of the main three to four priority items that need to be accomplished for the day. Refuse to be distracted by “time wasters.” Remove distractions as much as possible in order to complete the priority items. Motivate yourself to complete the priority items first by considering how great you’ll feel once you have accomplished them.
Schedule time for leisure activities and remind yourself they will be a reward to look forward to once you have completed your priority tasks. Word of warning: don’t let the seemingly endless “to do” list cloud your vision and make everything seem like a chore, especially when it comes to relationships. Faith News Around the WorldCancer Patient's Bible Mysteriously Found May 25, 2016A group of longtime friends wanted to cheer up a woman near Huntsville after she was diagnosed with cancer. Your message bless me all the time and always, always come at the moment when I'm getting weak somehow. You can browse and read the affirmations at leasure, perhaps a quick top up of positive direction while munching on your breakfast. I only want happy customers and fully believe if you put this product to the test that you will join the many who have been delighted with my Christian Affirmations. The key to living a healthier, happier life is choosing to affirm the positive and healthy affirmations. Paying attention to the daily, seemingly insignificant thoughts and words is the first line of defense.
If these are the regular affirmations you think and confess, how do you suppose it affects your health? And even though we may be aware that each day is a gift, none of us know how much of it we have left to use on this earth. And if you are procrastinating tackling your “to do” list, these distractions can easily take up way too much of the day.
Investing the time God has given us in kingdom work is not only satisfying, but will see everlasting rewards.
I can now enjoy the process instead of being afraid, complaining and asking myself in doubt if God really answers and delivers. May God Bless You for the wonderful commitment you've shown to spreading the gospel to many people and for having enriched and encourage me out of the depth of my sadness and worries.
Confessing biblical healing affirmations is something we can do in the natural, but at the same time we are fighting off sickness and disease in the spiritual realm. Choose to renew your mind to the Word of God and change your thoughts into His life-transforming thoughts of health and life. He provides us with immune systems, doctors, and medicine to help us fight off sickness and disease in the physical realm.

Because sickness and disease are not only fought off by the immune system, which is God’s grace in our body, but it can also be fought off in the spiritual realm! It is important to strike a balance in your life so that you use what is in you physically, spiritually, and emotionally to live a complete and prosperous life. Allowing anything into your thought life and failing to renew your mind with God’s Word would be neglecting the soul, which is the mind, will, and emotions. His Word covers all sickness and disease and is more credible and powerful than any family medical history. So, if you are searching for divine prosperous health, then you need to get a balance; spirit, soul, and body.
How we invest our lives demonstrates where our heart is and reveals what is most important to us. I have a better understanding now, knowing Goda€™s got me covered all the time.God bless you again. If for any reason you are unsatisfied just let me know and you will receive a full refund - no questions asked! Get serious, stir yourself up, and start quoting, praying, and confessing scriptures and tell your body to line up with the Word.
Harvest events are designed to be opportunities for Christians to invite family members, coworkers, friends, and acquaintances to hear the life-changing message of the gospel in an environment that is […]Biblical Mural Portrays The Faith In Israel May 24, 2016From Genesis to Revelation, the mural depicts the Bible, and is the length of a football field, taking six years to finish.
Just like your favorite music, they will be ready to access all your life whenever you desire to do so. Experiments 3 and 4 suggested that self-affirmation improves self-control by promoting higher levels (vs.
When they come in mp3 format you can download them to your Ipod and if you are into walking just listen to them while you do so. If you are stuck long hours at a computer job all day than why not listen to affirmations that will permeate your sub-conscious mind and make you feel better.Burn them to CD and they make a great traveling companion in your car.
Listen to them when you want to and alternate with the radio or other music you might have. As soon as something seems like work you will stop.Listen to Christian affirmations on and off while walking, working or driving as mentioned above and over time the affirmations will start to permanently sink in. Your sub-conscious mind will take on board all of the positive things the Bible says and before you know it those scriptures and affirmations will become a part of you.And it will take place the way affirmations are meant to - nice and easy.

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