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Tagged Biblical History, End Times, Evangelism, Future, Heaven, History, Last Days, Millennium, Prophecy, Rapture, rapture of the church, return of Christ, revelation, Second Coming, second coming of Christ, Timeline, tribulation. Date determinations made using the officially-sanctioned record of celestial lunar observation furnished by the World Karaite Movement. Long after the critics of Mark Biltz’s book, Blood Moons have been forgotten, the premise of his book will be changing how people view the Bible’s calendar. In his book, Mark Biltz showed that our Creator set out “divine appointments” which he codified in the religious calendar given to Israel. Let me tell you why I believe Biltz’s premise concerning a Biblical calendar is controversial to so many.
The other part of the Biblical calendar, as Mark Biltz so wonderfully demonstrates in his book Blood Moons, is governed by the cycle of the moon.  Specific days in these lunar months are designated as “divine appointments”.
For many today, Biltz’s book Blood Moons is an uncomfortable reminder that our way of looking at “time” has wandered from its Biblical foundations. This explains why a 7 “year” or a 3.5 “year” tribulation period is never specifically mentioned in relation to the prophecies of the Bible.
Once you’ve subscribed be sure to download your free copy of my books in the Prophecy and Patterns series. This entry was posted in Bible Prophecy, Blood Moons and tagged Blood Moons, calendar, Mark Biltz, prophecy, Time, Yeshua on June 28, 2014 by William Struse. William, this is an awesome article, and makes me want to read all your articles and blogs. You can download the non-fiction book The 13th Enumeration for free by subscribing to my blog. The 13th Enumeration is a blog where history and the Bible meet with evidence for the promised Messiah Yeshua. He resides in the desert of Southern Arizona with his love, Winnie and their five children.

Biblical Maps - Free Biblical Maps - Free Biblical Maps Site - Free Biblical Maps site with Free Biblical Maps and Free Biblical Maps studies, Free Biblical Maps programs, Free Biblical Maps resources, Free Biblical Maps to use with our Free Biblical Maps studies and Free Biblical Maps programs. To be sure Biltz was not the first to show the religious calendar of the Bible must be understood within its Biblical context but it was his research that was the catalyst which raised awareness of the subject to the point where it can no longer be ignored.
What he does claim is the blood moons are an important reminder to our generation that we should understand how our Creator reckons time.  For those willing to listen, the blood moons remind us that the Biblical calendar is based upon both the cycles of the sun and moon.
If you pulled back the cover on your expensive wrist watch you’ll find different sized gears which allow your watch to keep track of seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and years. This cosmic Rolex, if you will, measures time according to a standard He set in motion at creation. YHWH in his infinite wisdom did not intend for this to happen so when Israel left Egypt He instructed Moses to begin each new year in the month of the “Abib”. One part, as it relates to mankind’s day to day activity, is governed by the rising and setting of the sun. When we look up into the night sky after a hard days work the lunar cycle is there to remind us of our Creator’s plan of reconciliation for all mankind through Yeshua. This 13th month is the bridge which connects the side of the Biblical calendar which governs mankind’s struggle to survive under the curse of sin, with the side of the calendar which offers hope through the promised Redeemer.
Think of the implications this has for how we understand many of the prophetic passages in the Scripture.
A “year” in the strictest Biblical sense is not 365.24 days but rather 12 or 13 lunar cycles. No matter what you believe about the Blood Moons they are, at the very least, a spectacular reminder for us to look at Biblical “time” in terms of our Creator’s calendar not a poor man-made imitation. Biltz demonstrated the early church’s belief that several of these divine appointments were fulfilled in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) death and resurrection. According to the Biblical example (first set by YHWH at creation) this day to day cycle is also grouped into 6 days of labor and 1 day of rest.

In the first month on Passover, Yeshua became the “lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world.” Not many days later he rose from the grave and became, “the firstfruits” of them that slept. Have you ever wondered why the prophecies in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation do not use the term “years” to designate the shorter time frames?
This is the reason the books of Daniel and Revelation so often use days and months instead of “years” to described specific end time events.
The non-fiction book The 13th Enumeration explains the Messianic symbolism of the 13th Enumeration in more detail. He went on to make a strong case for a future fulfillment of those Biblical holy days in events related to the 2nd coming of Yeshua. If the Biblical calendar was not corrected every few years the months would “wander” causing them to move through the seasons. In practical terms this synchronization was accomplished by adding a 13th month approximately every 3 years. It makes perfect sense if you realize the Biblical calendar “year” varies between 12 & 13 months. So next time you’re reading a prophetic passage in the Scripture consider it in terms of our Creator’s calendar, you might be surprised at the insights you find.
I wrote the novel with the hope of reaching a wider audience with the evidence the Bible gives us to prove Yeshua is the Messiah promised in the Scriptures.

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