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Trophy real estate holdings in New York and Washington provided Eliot Spitzer a job and a solid income after he resigned as governor in 2008. A portfolio of trophy real estate holdings in New York and Washington provided Eliot Spitzer refuge after he resigned as governor.
Spitzera€™s father, Bernard, spent 50 years quietly assembling the portfolio, one building at a time. With seven residential high-rises containing 1,900 high-end apartments, and four commercial buildings, it is hardly an empire, but it only takes a few well-placed properties to amass a family fortune large enough to finance a political race a€” including Spitzera€™s comeback campaign for city controller.
For much of his adult life, Spitzer had shown scant interest in joining the business, which has a nondescript name, Spitzer Engineering, although his father occasionally consulted him about various ventures. Bernard Spitzer (center) built an impressive luxury real estate portfolio over a period of  50 years, now run largely by his son Eliot. It wasna€™t simply that Spitzer needed something to do after resigning as governor because of his prostitution scandal. To some in the real estate industry, it seemed that the son has not shared his fathera€™s passion. Whatever Spitzer's relationship with the real estate portfolio, it is again helping to finance his political dreams. In 1994, Spitzer took out a $4.3 million bank loan to run for state attorney general, using as collateral eight apartments Bernard had given him. Spitzer only revealed his fathera€™s questionable assistance four years later, when he again ran for attorney general.
Eliot Spitzer said there have been no such transactions to self-finance his campaign this year, a candidacy that his lawyers have said could cost as much as $12 million.
In the last two years, Spitzer received a total of $350,000 in compensation for his work at Spitzer Engineering, plus nearly $5 million in real estate rents, and trusts and partnership income, according to his 2011 and 2012 tax returns. In his interview with The News, Spitzer said his attorneysa€™ assertion that he could spend $12 million doesna€™t mean he will. What is clear is that the familya€™s wealth is the result of Bernarda€™s Midas touch in real estate, as he scooped up buildings and properties with to-die-for addresses. In the mid-1960s, he built two apartment buildings on Central Park South a€” one rising 35 stories, the other 23 a€” and then converted them into co-ops in the 1980s. Eliot Spitzera€™s rise to political power led Bernard to look beyond New York, to Washington, for new properties.
Bernard wanted to diversify, Collins said, perhaps with a dream of his son making it to the White House one day. Two years later, Eliot Spitzer bought another office building in the Washington market, in suburban Bethesda, Md., a short drive from the house of a sister. What the Spitzer firm has not done across the decades, even while Eliot Spitzer has been in control, is build affordable housing. Asked why the Spitzers never tried to address the citya€™s affordable housing crisis, Eliot Spitzer said the lower- and middle-income housing market was never part of the familya€™s investment strategy. Ben Dulchin, executive director of the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development, said Eliot Spitzer is no better or worse than the average New York politician when it comes to housing.

If he is elected controller, Spitzer faces potential conflicts of interest because of his real estate holdings. Spitzer said that should he win the election he would step down from the company, leaving it in the hands of associates. Chicago (November 21, 2013)—Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle—a fairy dream home of fantastic proportions—is getting a facelift at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) this winter. The collectible doll and teddy bear trade show IDEX Premiere has been canceled for 2014 and will discontinue all show operations moving forward, according to an announcement by Madavor Media.
There are artistically talented people, then there are people like Noel Cruz, the man who created the Angelina doll that sold on eBay (for a price that was almost as impressive as the doll, itself): $3,350!
Dollmaker and fashion designer Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls interprets that emotion in doll form with DOLLS’ new exclusive, “Hope.” Lowe was inspired to create “Hope” by recent life events.
Do Clothes Make the Woman?Wearing trousers is a fashion option taken for granted by most women in the 21st century, but it wasn’t so very long ago that females who wore bifurcated garments on their lower extremities in public were considered vulgar or indecent — and sometimes even unlawful!
During Hollywood’s Golden Era, the l930s and ’40s, such movie stars as Kathryn Hepburn and Marlena Dietrich popularized the look of tailored slacks and sweaters, proving that pants could be not only practical but glamorous as well. Go further back, and you’ll see that women have been wearing pants for centuries, despite society’s efforts to dissuade them.
Inspired by the vintage photos collected in the book, Joan Thilges, a doll collector, period fashion designer, and amateur historian, joined forces with Julie Woodbury to reproduce, in doll form, the forbidden ensembles worn by some of the book’s “manly maidens, cowgirls, and other renegades,” who posed for the camera in masculine attire, thereby opening themselves to censure.
The winners of the 2013 Industry’s Choice DOLLS Awards of Excellence (DAEs) were announced April 12 at the Debut of Dolls Banquet held at IDEX in Orlando, Fla.
Past VIP Award winners include DOLLS’ Editor-at-Large Jill Jackson for her work with "Doll Reader," the Biemann family from Schildkrot dolls in Germany, and such atists as Stephanie Sullivan. Jungle Jamboree is actually a chocolate box for those who love to dine in unusual ambiances. Located in Gold Souk Mall, SushantLok, Jungle Jamboree is niftily bifurcated into three completely different zones, the Jungle, the Aqua and the Sky Garden.
Moving forward to the Aqua zone, what is interesting to capture is the absolute transformation of colour, from lush green to marine blue. One interesting constituent without the mention of which the description of JJ remains incomplete is the Kida€™s Zone in the Sky Garden. If his son is elected city controller, he could face potential conflict-of-interest problems. Parkinsona€™s disease was taking a toll on his father, now 89, and it fell to the youngest but most involved of Bernarda€™s children to take over. After Spitzer lost, Bernard loaned him the money to repay the debt a€” pressing the limits of election laws governing family contributions.
But in his interview with The News, he declined to detail exactly how hea€™s coming up with the money. Periodic sales of the apartments have long been throwing off cash for the family, providing as much as $8 million for some units.
It features just two apartments per floor, some with large balconies commanding sweeping views of the Metropolitan Museum and Central Park. At $94 million, the deal seemed steep back then, but it has since proven a bargain, as investors from Manhattan and around the world have swooped into Washington, buying up properties and driving up prices. His first acquisition after joining the family business was the purchase of 1615 L Street, a midsize office building a few blocks from the one Bernard bought, for which the younger Spitzer paid $180 million in March 2009.

One possible example is: Auditors working under a Controller Spitzer could audit the Buildings Department and other agencies that inspect the familya€™s real estate holdings. The nearly 9-foot elaborate house was completed in 1935 by silent film star Colleen Moore and is filled with remarkable miniatures and artifacts collected from celebrities, artisans and craftspeople around the world. In the book “Women in Pants,” authors Catherine Smith and Cynthia Greig present a pictorial chronicle of women wearing trousers since at least the early 1800s. This year’s Industry’s Choice winners go on to become the nominees for the Public’s Choice awards voted on by DOLLS readers.
FDS, one of the first to introduce the concept of theme restaurants in India, decided to present a multi-themed fine dining restaurant in the plush zone of NCR, Gurgaon.
The ten thousand square feet restaurant begins with a water curtain that gives way to an all-lush faA§ade with green elements and old ruins that gives the picture of a deserted forest.
The underwater cave hosts umpteenth numbers of oceanic elements, starting from beautiful murals of sea horses, starfishes and the wonder of wonders, the mermaid sculpture that silently hums a melancholy in its own way.
The Play area has been designed to keep the princesses and champs busy in their own world while giving space to the their parents to sit back and enjoy their meals. A choice three-bedroom unit there rents for $25,000 a month today, and for years Eliot Spitzer and his family called the building home. Nordstroma€™s had an outpost there that recently closed, and the space is now for rent for $1 million a year.
The Fairy Castle structure, which took seven years and cost $500,000 at the time to create, is in need of conservation to stop ongoing deterioration and ensure its long-term preservation.
Look for photos of all the nominees, ballot, and online voting instructions in the July 2013 issue of DOLLS.
9, 2013 – DOLLS magazine publisher and former editor Carie Ferg received a special VIP Award for Outstanding Achievement in the 2012 Colliii Awards. As soon as one enters the core area the sight of the giant lion mural on the wall surrounded with verdant overgrown catches the eyes. From here, those who love the embrace of open armed nature follow the steps that lead to the Sky Garden. With a bounty of attractions like ball pool, slides, swings, blocks, puzzles, stuffed toys and more, the flamboyantly done Kida€™s Area is bound to be a frolicking region for all children!
The seating arrangement encompassing pebbles and cane cut outs complement the wooda€™s ambiance. With the objective to provide the experience of under sky dining, the FDS team came up with an open terrace layout that enveloped rock cladded formations, cascading fountain, artificial palm trees and grass curved open huts for private seating arrangements. By August 2008, its value had grown to as much as three times that, according to a $125 million refinancing at that time. The hut shaped huntera€™s lodge designed for the buffet spread is a concept only interior maestros can think of!
The global cuisine restaurant offering 7 Course unlimited food and beverages presents live food stations at the Sky Garden.

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