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One of the coolest features is the Multiview monitoring (at HD resolution) that provides the functionality to configure, program and preview six active inputs and two graphics channels and media players, all on one Multiview screen at the same time!
Live Keying is also made easy via one upstream and two downstream real time hardware Keyers. Not forgetting the audio department, the ATEM vision mixer also features a 2 x channel audio mixer that accepts embedded audio feeds from the six active video inputs via HD-SDI and HDMI inputs. The Blackmagic ATEM is fully controlled via the comprehensive Blackmagic software (included) compatible with Mac or PC.
Disturbances were also seen in several cities including Birmingham, Nottingham and Salford as well as Manchester where hundreds of youths ran down the street smashing windows and set fire to shops including Miss Selfridge. Riot police surrounded the Mailbox, the city's high-end shopping centre, following the disturbances. After Tuesday's widespread riots, London was largely quiet as 16,000 police officers were out on the streets.

Many police officers who had been drafted in from forces across the country were left with little to do. Many shops across the capital closed early and owners boarded up their stores in anticipation of further looting which did not transpire. We can supply a 27″ Apple Cinema Display if required (additional) however any TV or monitor will work perfectly with the ATEM.
The physical connection between the computer and the vision mixer is a regular USB 2.0 port, which every computer has, obviously. Here, a rioter walks through a burning barricade in Liverpool as about 200 missile-throwing youths gathered in the Toxteth area where they caused disorder and damage. Despite a large crowd gathering in Eltham, south east London, no disturbances were reported. The Metropolitan Police announced that over 750 people had been arrested over the disturbances, including a 21-year-old who was arrested on suspicion of arson following a fire which took hold of the Reeves Furniture store in Croydon on Monday night.

The audio is embedded on the output which is convenient, via the HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, all balanced audio, etc. Hardware control panels, control surfaces and broadcast panels are also available if you prefer the physical controls (additional).
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birmingham to london map 2014

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