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And of course you want to establish the principle that pension funds can be forcible sold, so you can plunder them too! Better still, divert the cash to reverse basic welfare cuts, which have a dramatically higher multiplier. And the government are committed to raising fees ever-higher, so don’t make me laugh!
UK: High speed rail pressure group Greengauge 21 announced a ?750 000 strategy development programme at a Rail Forum event in Birmingham on June 13. This will 'answer the questions that ministers and others raise about high-speed rail', according to Steer.

In recent weeks even more than usual, now the new HS2 rail link has thrust Britain’s second city firmly back into the spotlight.
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HS2 will help when it comes on line in the mid 2030s, but faster and broader action is needed if the railways are to provide the speedy, efficient and convenient network for the whole country. But by committing to HS2, the government has shown it understands the benefits of investing in rail. It’s such a great scheme the ticket buying public will pay the price for the great service it offers.
The same amount spent on upgrading existing lines, some of which are still not electrified, would be hugely more beneficial. I’d electrify the remainder of the UK mainline and split the rest of the cash between rural bus services and reopening train stations. Tuesday’s National Passenger Survey (pdf) showed most of those train users are satisfied with the railways.
Nearly 4,000 people have already signed our petition with 38 Degrees to get ticket prices down. As our Railways Fit for the Future campaign shows, the time has come not just for one-off re-openings (welcome though these are), but a coherent and far-reaching assessment of the case for new stations and the reopening of entire lines.
Furthermore, as the debacle with the West Coast franchise exposed, there are better and more efficient ways of running the railways. Those tickets will pay for the debt, the interest, the running costs, the pensions of the staff.
The problem is that subsidies are paid for by and large by the poor, because they are the ones screwed with the tax and the debt.
Journey times could be cut from 1 h 20 min to around 45 min, with 'significant productivity gains to the national and regional economy'.

The government must use the findings of its Fares Review, due in May, to end the above inflation formula for calculating fares and commit to reducing ticket prices in real terms. Multimillionaire Milliband brothers, who went to the same school as Boris, can’t possible complain.
Forecasts using government guidance suggest GDP gains over 60 years of more than ?5bn at 2002 prices. In particular, a wider adoption of the model used by London Overground and Merseyrail might give better value for money and allow quicker response to local needs. I enjoyed a champagne breakfast for just A?12, a fraction of what it would cost in the capital, while our photographer John set up his shot. But as soon as the weekend arrives, I return to my other home, 120 miles north west, in Birmingham. One of the most successful regeneration schemes in the world has turned the city of a thousand trades into the city of a thousand loft apartments.
In London, it would have been turned into a small housing estate, complete with Tesco Metro.
Instead, I have my very own nature reserve, allotment and botanical garden right outside my back door.
Yet I’m only a couple of miles from New Street station and the shops of the city centre. Another went to the local comprehensive, which had exam results only marginally worse than the grammar schools.
The idea of pitching them into the alien and unpredictable world of London schooling was never seriously on the agenda. The exodus of the metal industries, which has made possible the gentrification of industrial wastelands, has left a vast hole in the local economy.

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birmingham to london train route

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