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NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter is making some big changes, at least in the context of 140 characters or fewer.
WASHINGTON — Many of America’s young adults appear to be in no hurry to move out of their old bedrooms. WOODLAND -- Eight middle school students were learning about electrical current in Annika Dukes' science class at Lewis River Academy. Blue October -- Ryan Delahoussaye, from left, Jeremy Furstenfeld, Justin Furstenfeld, Matt Noveskey -- will perform on Oct.

His drinking, coupled with a broken previous marriage and an ugly battle over visitation rights with his daughter from that union had put Furstenfeld in a bad place. His situation with Blue hasn’t changed, but Furstenfeld no longer lets it ruin his life and those of others close to him. Such sentiments are placed within a selection of songs that have a spacious, anthemic rock sound that has prompted comparisons to U2 and Coldplay. Finding he still had his creative groove erased any lingering doubts that came with a lifestyle change that was certainly life altering and maybe even life saving.

He’s been sober now for 15-plus months, happily married to Sarah and enjoying a second chance at fatherhood with his new daughter.

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blue october good songs

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