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Alanis Morissette - (AA ARed flashback) "Eight Easy Steps", 2004.Alanis appears to perform the song as herself as seen in some of her earlier videos. Architecture in Helsinki - (AP AA glimpsed) pixel animation - bubble girl.(Process) - (APed) "Do the Whirlwind" Subtle sprite animated TF. Bad Ronald - (AA, kinda looked like mental ARed) "Let's Begin (shoot the shit)" 2001.Somewhat messed up version of Mr.
Baltimora - (AA age upgrade cutaways) "Key Key Karimba", 1987.The video features a class of schoolchildren looking bored, before Jimmy McShane arrives. Between Us (triptych) - (CoA theme) John Hollenberg, Netherlands, Tweekunst, 2008.Music cycle about the evolution of a young girl into an adult woman in relation to her father. Billy Joel - (FF) "We Didn't Start The Fire" compacts decades of current events into one fast-moving List Song. Blue October - (male AA FFEd) "Hate Me" male - (male flashback, male flash forward, AA) "Hate Me" 2006 Baby to toddler, boy, man. Bodyslam - (male AR AA fades, male AA AP RN fades)"Kwaam Cheua" AKA "Khwam Chuea", "Belief", Thailand 2005. Buggles, The - (AP AA fade) "The Buggles" - "Video Killed the Radio Star" Little girl transforms into disco woman. Chromeo - (pregnancy FF AA) "When The Night Falls" 2011.A large number of women wearing loose clothing suddenly becomes pregnant. Danny Brown - (male FF AA glimpse, kinda sorta vaguely looks like male ARed)"Grown Up", 2012.
Del Amitri - (ARed from neck down only) "Roll to Me" The funny 1995 video includes babies that look like their heads were APed, and hot attractive model type mothers.
DMC featuring Sarah McLachlan - (minor middle age flashback) "Just Like Me" 2006 music video. Enigma - (time inversion) "Return To Innocence" 1994 video link (flashbacks) Shows the life of a person going in reverse, starting with him dying and ending with his birth, where he returns back to innocence. Fei-Fei - (adult AA, TG, TF, interracial rejuv) "Flying Daggers", 2013.Woman creates potion and uses squirt-gun to douse elderly women into hot young Asian girls armed with similar guns. Five for Fighting - (male adult AA flash forward) "One Hundred Years" 2004 Proprietary media player required to view: male link - (male AR, cut, AA) "Superman (It's not easy)" 2001. Foster The People - (male AR, male adult to OA, implied ARed aftermaths)"Helena Beat" 2011. Gorillaz - (coming of age) - fan art - (FF AA) 10-year old Noodle arrived at the band's doorstep in a shipping crate in 2001. Hawthorne Heights - (flash forward, AA) "Saying Sorry" 2006 music video - flash forward - (AA APed, old aged) "Ohio Is for Lovers" 2004, from "The Silence in Black and White".Little girl turned into busty adult shadow. Ich & Ich - (AA TF faces only) "Vom selben Stern", Germany.People morph into different people. IU - (younger adults into young adults) "You and I" 2011.Fairytale-like plot set in an old clock tower. Jackie Wilson - (male clay face AR) "Reet Petite", 1986 UK claymation version of 1957 song.
Kelly Clarkson - (AA FF) "Breakaway" Kelly prays to be flashed forward into her adult life arriving at the premiere of the "Princess Diaries" movie. Kylie Minogue - (giantess) "Giving You Up" features Kylie strolling around town as a 15 ft. Lil Wayne - (FF glimpse) "How to Love" 2011.The first half portrays a girl growing up in a single parent home, being sexually abused, turning to a life of stripping and escorting and finally hitting rock bottom after testing HIV positive. Lindsay Lohan - (flashback) "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" 2005 music video. Lisa Marie - (coming of age) "Something's jumping in your shirt" Malcolm Mclaren, 1989 (Waltz Darling) Bootzilla Orchestra. Melody Chiang - (old aged to young adult ARed dream sequence) AKA Chiang Mei Chi, AKA Jiang Mei Qi, "remembers".
Moby - (male old age, male face FB glimpsed, male reincarnation AR) "Natural Blues", 1999.At the end his life comes full circle.

Morning Musume - (AA TF GTSed glimpse) "Love Machine" Shortest group member Yaguchi Mari was very briefly seen to have "expanded" in size. Nastyboy Klick - (adult rejuvenation) "Down For Yours", 1997 hip hop.The crew go to a senior home in the middle of the desert where some girls throw CD's into a pool and a geyser erupts. Nickelback - (kinda looks like FFed) "Photograph" Changing camera angles and jump cuts look like FF. Nina Simone - (male AR, cut-aways) "Sinnerman" (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) Running old man regresses to boy.
Oh Mercy - (adults rejuvenated cut-aways) "Stay, Please Stay", 2011.Older crowd into younger crowd. Ondina - (AP AA morph, AP AA cutaways, male APed AA) "Into the Night" summer 1996 Eurodance. Pink Floyd - (male AR AA dream sequence flashback) "Comfortably Numb" 1979, "The Wall" album.Hello, Is there anybody in there? Polysics - (AA APed AA ARed, TGed) "Electric Surfin' Go Go" 4 Japanese schoolgirls turn into adult female and male band members at the beginning and back.
Portishead - (kinda looks like age disguised) "All Mine" features an extremely unnerving little girl lip-synching the song. Rockster featuring Paul Cless - (male AR cuts) "How I Feel", 2013.2 guys regressed into kids while having a drunken bender night on the town.
Sandra Kim - (flash forward AA, side-by-side split-screen comparison) "J'aime la vie" - used in Delta Lloyd retirement commercial, 2010, Belgium.13 year old starlet who won the 1986 Eurovision song contest recreates her original music video as a 37 year old woman to advertise the fleeting nature of time. Sigur Ros - (kinda like OA mental rejuvenation) "Hoppipolla", 2005.Old persons act like young hooligans. System of a Down - (AP AA flash, face close-up) "Question!" - time berries (Process) - (AP, face close-up) "QUESTION!" music video.
Tatiana - (ARed AA face close-up) Girl's mother was magically reverted at end of music video.
Taylor Swift - (FFed to OA) "Mary's Song (Oh My My My)".Woman looks back at ages 7, 16, her marriage and children, and finally reveals she and her sweetheart will soon be 87 and 89.
Three 6 Mafia - (male flashback kinda looks like male ARed) "Poppin my Collar" 2006 music video. Tori Amos "Strange Little Girl" 2001, sudden age changes.("AR AP" AA blinks) Age change blink TFs at the start, at 90 sec, at 143 sec, at 179 sec. U2 - (male) The "Boy" album explores the phenomenon of a child (or boy) turning into a man. Walk Off The Earth - (AR AA, age forms) "Gang of Rhythm", Kids' CBC, 2013.Music video of a band performing with younger versions of themselves. Wohnout - (adult rejuvenation, male AR scene at end) "Rayda", 2004, Czech.Husbands bring their older wives to a Clinic were they test the women and prepare baths with what looks like tomato juice. For example, John the lumberjack may first talk about how as a boy he wanted to be a lumberjack, then as an adult what a fine lumberjack he was, then as an old man thinking back to his times of lumberjacking.Often a ballad about a person's life, with verses assigned to different points from youngest to oldest. At 0:43, a kid blows a bubble that has an embryo in it, which suddenly grows up to a teenage girl and magically gets dressed. We see Kitty Jo and Country as kitties, though they progress to adulthood near the end of the video. On his daughter?s wedding day, a father looks back at her childhood and adolescence, and the moments they shared."Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" - Neil Sedaka. After bursting out, she blasted a facemelting guitar solo, cementing her place in the band in spite of the fact that she doesn't speak English. There are multiple age related, male to male, male to female, female to male, and female to female changes. The second half is her alternate life where her mother marries, she stays in school, graduates from hair college and happily becomes pregnant. This causes all the seniors to become hot young adults and the clip ends with them chilling at the pool.
The song ends with Jackie Paper growing up and abandoning his imaginary friend, leaving Puff alone and in sorrow.
In the chorus, the band is in diapers, then schoolboy uniforms, teenage punk clothes, business suits, old codger clothes, and coffins. The older women helped by men in white coats go into the baths and come out as hot 20-something bikini models who end the clip dancing.

The lead singer goes into a bath tub (hmm sort of Fountain of Youth) and appears in another shot as a little girl singing the lyrics of the song.
Little girl based on lead singer Tigs trades places with her adult reflection to close the loop and start her life cycle again. The birthday girl?s course from awkward tagalong to young beauty."Paper Doll World" - Bobby Vee. He pops out, and over the course of the song his body ages rapidly, until he is an old man.
A young woman counts down the time until she becomes a Korean legal adult so she can be with the young man she loves. Intercut with a 6-year-old boy and girl, dressed immaculately as adults, engaged in adult type fighting. Then she AA's her preteen male and female friends into an adult party with her new powers (TFs not depicted). You can see Radu regress to a small boy and AP back into an adult but you don't see him regress again until near the end where he regresses twice, then he's APed back into an adult and the song ends.
She keeps having flashbacks of her old life with Mama Hyomin, causing her to flip out during a party. At the end she changes gender for a second, but the man also changes age and his head becomes a pig head. Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: she was made more feminine in avoidance to assumptions that she was male. She's supposed to have just returned home from a ballet class (she's wearing a tutu) and is running around her bedroom in a frenzy as her "parents" fight in the next room.
The flexible-leather foot expansion glimpse looks kinda like the first second of an AP scene, before her toes would break through the front and the straps would snap. She then meets other people similarly link AR process starts around 2 minutes 5 seconds. It is comical because these are children dressed as adults, behaving as adults, but really it drives home how childish fighting is.
The Married couple begins to fight again, and the last shot shows them as angry children once more.
Tattoos were faithfully replicated - Vid link - Maddie also appeared in "Big Girls Cry" and "Elastic Heart". Hair-metal hit about boys and girls growing up horny."Once Bitten Twice Shy" - Great White. By then she was noticeably taller with relatively thinner legs, and her hair was purple with Blinding Bangs. Years later, the man walks into a clock shop, finding the lady at the counter strikingly familiar. Everyone is in colorful costumes now, the place is brightly lit, and the people are all singing and dancing wildly.
Shockingly, we see she "turns" back into an adult woman, and she cries, her head buried in her knees. He expresses his desires for his child to be happy and wise and vows his support."Young Girl" - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.
Outside we see the boy "morph" back into a man, as he stews, sitting on the floor on the other side of the door, just inches from his wife.
Tatiana comes up to Mom and peels off a star, revealing a smile on Mom's face instead of the anger she had just seconds earlier.
The door opens to reveal the kids have now fully morphed into adults who are dressed as the kids were. This seems to be the actual theme, that adults ought to become kids again in order to think like them and have fun with them. Tatiana's own image is sort of that of a kid who never really grew up (her earlier "adult" albums notwithstanding).

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