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Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. An unexpected and unsettling personal shift sparked the music that would become Any Man in America.
MSP).a€? A heavy dark beat burns underneath a volatile verse colored with searing anger and emotion. The loudest voices will be the audiences everywhere that sing along to these songs with Blue October. Singer Justin Furstenfeld found himself mired in the end of a marriage and a tenuous custody battle that consumed him to the breaking point.
Instead of falling further, he turned to the studio and began documenting moments in his life in 2008 as the band was working on their last offering, Approaching Normal. The result is thirteen new songs that tell a cathartic tale of heartbreak and healing through unbridled lyrical honesty, anthemic modern rock hooks, and melodic soundscapes.
With the crack of a power chord, a haunting piano melody, or the texture of electronic despair, Blue October builds an immersive and often infectious a€?real lifea€? emotional roller coaster.
This record is my chance to speak my heart because I never got that opportunity to do that in the court system.

When my world was turned upside down and my daughter was being taken away from me I was being told a€?you know it is not right but you are going to have to accept it.a€™ In America, the system makes it easier to be a deadbeat father than a man who wants to provide for and love his children. They've had high-profile film and TV placements on The Sopranos, Saw III, and NCIS to name a few. Justin was also featured in a unique tour alongside Twilight author Stephanie Meyer in 2008. After two years of Justin documenting and recording the demos of what would become Any Man in America, the band retreated to an Austin, TX studio with mixer and producer Tim Palmer [Grammy award wining mixer for U2a€™s a€?All That You Cana€™t Leave Behind, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, and Robert Plant]. Co-producing with Justin, Palmer helped the band capture each and every instance that the lyrics describe so vividly. Ita€™s a a€?concepta€? album, except that this is not a concept, it is Furstenfelda€™s reality. The story begins with a€?Feel Again,a€? a sentimental cry out to a lost love, a wanting for return to the way we were. A propulsive backbeat morphs into one of the biggest hooks of Blue October's career as Justin urges for change in the relationship. The song recounts when Justin received life-changing news while boarding a flight to speak at a suicide prevention event on Capitol Hill.

At that moment, I realized I had to think of my daughter's future first and foremost instead of focusing this relationship,a€? he says. Blue October seamlessly infused nuances of hip-hop into their patented sound, yielding intriguing, infectious tunes. Artists like Paul Wall, Eminem, Jay-Z and growing up around Houstona€™s Swishahouse empowered me because they had no fear of speaking their minds. Jeremy adds, "We'd put five drummers in a room each with a single drum and do tracks where five guys end up being this huge drum corps.
Justin is talking about super important subject matter that could hopefully be lifechanging for other people.

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blue october songs download 5.1

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