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Change Your Thinking is the bestselling guide to managing upsetting emotions by learning to think in a healthy and balanced way.
Change Your Thinking is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the psychological approach used by therapists all over the world. It pays off to hone your photography skills, even if you don't want to take pictures for a living. READING is one of those great pleasures in life that sends me giddy with total and utter joy. Sali (whom I adore – a bit of a girl crush right here) has done what is practically impossible and written an informative and inspiring book about beauty that is far from dull and leaves you feeling brilliant. I devoured this book in a couple of reading sessions and will be keeping this book on a bookshelf not too far away, where I can reach it easily and dip into time to time for some more beauty-full wisdom. There are some real gems of wisdom in this book and so much of what is said, really resonated with me.
However, there just isn’t enough of this kind of stuff in my humble opinion and often it feels a little self indulgent. I haven’t had the chance to read it from cover to cover yet but I have managed to flick through and read odd pieces here and there when Elsie is having her nap. It’s also written by a very lovely and talented blogger friend of mine, the lovely Renee from Mummy Tries which meant I was very excited to get stuck in.
In a nutshell, I figure life out by writing about it and aim to try and inspire women to be kinder to themselves.

The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. It provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviours, and taking control of emotions such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and guilt. It sounds like advice your great aunt Marge might give, but according to science, your auntie might be right. Clearly I adore it because I wouldn’t be recommending it to you otherwise however part of me hates it because, well, it could have been a hell of a lot better. Without ruining it for you, there are some powerful statements about the importance of being happy in your own skin, why we should embrace ageing and how to really enjoy life.
You have to dig quite deep to find a jewel or two of inspiration in this book, but when you do find one, well, it’s worth the effort. I particularly love that even though it acknowledges that motherhood is the hardest job of all, it also recognises that there is much more to us mums than being someone’s parent. I'm Kate - an award winning lifestyle & family blogger, freelancer, mum and soon to be published author.
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It also describes techniques for enhancing self-esteem, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness. This edition also contains a brand new chapter on mindfulness, demonstrating how mindfulness techniques can be integrated with CBT strategies.

If so, try this book.Part instruction manual, part therapy, part religious cult, part sheer anarchy, THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE will help you poke a stick in the spokes of your routine and make every day of the next year the first day of your new life.
This major THING (it has to be capitalized) happened to me but there I was living my life the same way when I felt a HUGE part of ME was different. Dating experts say that couples who either share common interests from the outset or foster shared hobbies are statistically more successful; thus, coordinating your workout schedules, going to movies together, or joining a couples’ cooking class might have the same effect on your relationship as reading Dostoyevsky.
A bright orange book with a stupid cliched title written by two men who together call themselves Benrik.
However, these findings conform to the general consensus on the benefits on frequent reading, shown to positively affect everything from your mood and stress level to your cognitive state. Here are five reasons signing up for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook book club might not be such a bad idea after all.1) Reading can help fight depressionFeeling a bit down due to the winter weather? As the Guardian’s Wayne Gooderham notes in an essay about how Saul Bellow’s Herzog helped him fight depression, it’s because great books “[demand] your full attention and focuses your mind so that you are forced to concentrate completely on the novel.” Reading can help us not only leave our own problems and lives for a moment, but also gain new perspective on them. Saul Bellow just might save your life.2) It’s good for your brainIf exercise is a workout for your body, reading may provide a similar function for the space between your ears.
According to Psychology Today’s Christopher Berglund, “reading fiction was found to improve the reader's ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes and flex the imagination in a way that is similar to the visualization of a muscle memory in sports.” This allows not only to be cognitively stronger in the present but increases mental stamina as we age.

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