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I was originally going to post this theory on this thread, which pretty much covers all the same points, but I believe that the possibility of Stan not actually being Stan due to the carpet should be seriously considered by the fandom, especially now that this thing has been introduced as an element of the show.
After all the shenanigans in the latest episode that introduced a carpet that can switch minds, I think the possibility of Stan not being the real Stanford Pines should at least be considered. Now first of all, it's suspicious that Stan claims not to know anything about this room when the glasses he was wearing in the tTTP flashback are right here but, who knows. Yes, he does turn the sound up when he hears the kids, but this is because he doesn't want to hear them. For the sake of keeping it simple, we're going to call the uncle of the twins and their father's brother Stanford, and we're going to call the fez wearing scam artist we all know and love Stan.
Stan is a con artist and a criminal on the run from the law who comes to the Stanford's home seeking shelter of some sort. I saw this because I believe that Stan and Stanford are separate characters, judging by the fact that the glasses AND the fez symbol appear on the circle around Mr. I'm also aware that this theory, and the evidence I use, is actually almost exact to a theory recently proposed by TheMike, except where it ends up.

I think that room will appear in the next episodes.Well it has to at least play in- maybe Soos holding conferences in it or something. I say that the REAL stan was down there but died a long time ago, perhaps on that 4th of april 18 thingy maboby.
While I prefer having a very slim cover on my phone, there no doubt that these cases definitely look great.
Barbie: Escuela de princesas es la pelicula numero 20 de la serie de peliculas de Barbie, producida por Rainmaker para Barbie Entertainment.
The code in the screenshot before every episode which translates into "Stan is not what he seems." Of course, this is not theory specific, of course, but at the very least indicates that Stan is hiding something. In the Time Traveler's Pig, Mabel and Dipper flashed through various locations in the timeline of area in front of the Mystery Shack, including a snowy day in some unspecified year in the past. Various times when it was hinted that Stan was aware of the supernatural goings on; he just played dumb for the kids.
Maybe (according my theory) they belonged to his brother, or (according your theory) to real Stan, but now he just don't remeber.

In addition, if body-thieves were around, the line "TRUST NOONE" suddenly becomes a lot more sinister.
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My only gripe is that at those prices, I’d have expected them to use real leather, not just cardboard for the covers. In my opinion Gravity Falls creators put it on purpose and it may means something improtant.
They’re a great idea for those people who want to disguise their iPhones and iPad into less obvious targets for potential thieves. With the help of a long-lost relative, she begins to uncover clues and secrets--piecing together her family's history as she fights her way back to the present world.Meanwhile, back home, Cass is at the hospital in a deep coma.

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book like the secret history

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