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There are a million people right now writing, talking, and bloviating about Netflix's Making A Murderer -- heck, I should know, my first blog was about the show -- and one reason is that the name of the series is a stroke of genius. But, there is another, itchier, soul-turning question lying underneath the hoopla about the case that no one seems to be scratching: Putting aside Avery's nephew, Brendan Dassey, if Steven Avery killed Teresa Halbach, how much did those 18 years of wrongful imprisonment -- which the Manitowoc Police Department accepted responsibility for -- contribute into "making [Steven Avery] a murderer?" What cost was inflicted upon Steven Avery's moral character and personality after being wrongly incarcerated for approximately 6,570 days during what should have been the prime of his life; years when he might have been a happily married man, raising his children, working, and otherwise living free?

Avery had run-ins with the law that were not reported upon in full detail in Making a Murderer. Avery, is, despite the Avery family being cast as pariahs living where cars go to die, Avery is portrayed as growing up happy-go-lucky, joyful, and optimistic about life -- that is, until he is wrongly imprisoned.

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book making youtube

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