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As with any medical issue it is often the challenging and horrific stories that we hear about the most. In my recent research on levoxyl, I came upon an FDA recommendation to store all levothyroxine products in a dry, non-humid location. Have you had any positive experiences in coping with your change to a new thyroid medication? I’m happy you found a thyroid replacement and have been able to work through the symptoms and side effects of the medication.
Maybe soon I’ll be able to also share my thyroid medicine experience in a positive light. Bonnie, The day that I found out about the levoxyl shortage my mother was in ICU on the verge of being hooked up to a respirator. In his post The Albatross, Duncan Cross writes profoundly about my favorite illness subject: s-e-x. Did you know more patients die each year from medical errors than from breast cancer?  Patient safety receives far too little attention, so I was excited that Florence dot Com wrote about it in her post I’m So Very Sorry.
On Brass and Ivory, Lisa Emrich asks an in-your-face, utterly informed, and armed with statistics kinda question about prescription drug coverage to a panel of doctors at the National Press Club, in Not Your Typical Patient. Novel Patient takes a flipcam to record her second infusion in Rituxan Take Two, where we watch a mundane hospital routine become personal.
Aviva from Sick Momma has been asked 100 times by her 4-year-old daughter “Mommy, when are you going to die?”  Here’s her answer in From The Mouths of Babes. Leslie, from Getting Closer to Myself, fuses sociological perspectives on health and illness with her most recent flare of lupus, in What Does It Mean To Live In  A ‘Remission Society’? Laurie Edwards at A Chronic Dose writes about blogging in the illness community and how it has made her a less judgemental person in On Listening and Judging. If you’re ever terrified of getting an endoscopy, Kim from Emergiblog will put your mind at ease with her post I Went, They Scoped, Now Starbucks is History.
I really appreciated being able to understand how broken the health care system is through the eyes of a patient with facts that noone can argue, and I pray that there would be a successful reform that benefits all patients . I love the fact that PFaM takes me out of my niche of folks with similar symptoms if not diagnoses to mine. I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering on Thursday and had excellent news: My tumors are stable, they have not grown (ye-haw)! As a teenager (fifteen when diagnosed, sixteen now) who had metastatic melanoma (and who has had five more biopsies since, about a billion blood draws, and tests to see if I have thyroid cancer on top of things!), the waiting game has never been fun to play.
They have an online system that you can log into and see your appointments and clinical records. The doctors can see even more I think – like the actual imaging instead of a report (I think). Do the words “yoga healing” conjure images of spa-like relaxation, chiming bells, and waterfalls? How do people living with cancer and other chronic illnesses evaluate alternative medicine practices such as yoga?

Listen tonight to the Stupid Cancer Show, at 9 PM EST when co-host Matthew Zachary and I will be talking about yoga and cancer with experts Kelly McGonicgal, Editor in Chief of The International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and Halle Tecco founder of Yoga Bear. Have you engaged in yoga as a cancer survivor, or someone living with another kind of illness or disability?
I’m not new to yoga (been practicing over a decade) but things became different for me and my practice both during cancer treatment and afterwards.
I work in the area of exercise and cancer, and came across your site researching wellness programs.
Everything Changes – The Guide to Young Adult Cancer » How Smart Is Your Favorite Organization? Read the Making A Difference section of Everything Changes: The Insider’s Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s to learn more smarts about making change.
Charissa, the vision of sitting down with Mario Lemieux is a wonderful one to have, I think. Right now I’m down on the American Cancer Society for taking a stand that is reported to be against screening.
My book Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future is available in bookstores worldwide, and can also be ordered on most online bookseller sites as well.
Scenario Planning shows you, step-by-step, how to look at the world (and particularly the specific business landscape you do business in) a decade from now, how to identify the trends that could affect you, and how to home in on the most critical uncertainties that are most likely to have a make-or-break impact on your future success.
It then shows you how to create plausible scenarios based on these uncertainties, and describe the story lines that explain how the world could get from where we are now to where those scenarios indicate we might be a few years in the future. Dave Berkus is one of North America’s most prolific angel investors, a board governance expert, and author of over ten books for business managers and entrepreneurs. The last part of the book poses some thoughtful questions about the possible consequences of a few current trends, and how they might possibly affect you in the future. Identify (and prepare for) the trends that could play out over the next few years that could change the political, social, technological, managerial and economic landscapes – and thus significantly affect your business. Explore the impact on your organization’s competitiveness of such events as the advent of a new technology, the arrival of a new competitor, or simply an unexpected event beyond your control that changes your marketplace – or the whole world. Generate and flesh out plausible scenarios that represent the alternative future landscapes you may find yourself doing business in a decade down the road.
All information and opinions contained on this site are intended for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice. I just discovered this article is not available online, so email me if you’d like to read it.
MD Anderson has been good about calling us on the last day of that promised week or two, but we learned pretty fast that if we’ve waited even fifteen days for that fourteen day promise, we call to check on things. I can even schedule or request appts online instead of spending chunks of time on the phone. It has helped me feel connected to other people and to myself (if that makes sense), as well as helping to provide a sense of peace in an otherwise very unpeaceful time!
I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma(cancer of the bone marrow)in 2007 and was led by intuition to begin practicing Yoga Nidra.

The newspaper may have gotten it wrong, but it sounds like they are lumping breast and prostate cancer together as those cancers that encourage removing of too many innocuous lumps.
The Japanese-language edition of Scenario Planning, published by Eiji Press in December 2013, became the country's no. The Brazilian company Editora Saraiva has just published a Portuguese language edition of the book, entitled Planejando Cenarios. The Japanese edition was just voted 14th Best Business Book of 2014 by the readers of Harvard Business Review in Japan.
Wallpaper and background images in the Ghost Whisperer club tagged: whisperer ghost promo wedding book of changes. So the nervousness is there, but it’s nice to know that if we stay on the ball, the results will come in. During, I tried to make it to the Restorative class that my cancer center offered three times a week as much as I was able to (note: this was NOT all that frequent, given the constraints of feeling generally ill and finding childcare during the day).
I continue to practice hatha yoga and yoga nidra and am now 2 and a half years post stem cell transplant.
I am finishing Yoga Therapy training with Janice George in Columbus, Ohio and want to work with people on the cancer journey, so far, I am just beginning that.
Can you imagine the power we could have if all of the organizations that are out there dealing with pieces and types of cancer actually worked together?
My PTSD eventually went away with treatment by years of therapy, but every so often there will be something little or big that reminds me.
Afterwards, as much as I wanted to start up again with Bikram, my acupuncturist recommended against it as I was having hot flashes (hormonal imbalance) and she thought that the Bikram would aggravate it. I had over 10 back fractures before the disease was diagnosed and was in a great deal of pain plus could not move well or comfortably. The Japanese reading public understands that when thinking about the future, a scenario approach is applicable not just to corporations but to their own lives, and even the country as a whole. Yes, I can relate to PTSD and other cancer problems that cancer patients and survivors have. Lemieux, and wrote him, letting him know about Mike and ask for a letter of support for a fellow young guy with HD.
Some breast cancers are extremely slow growing and less aggressive than how we are treating them and that we may be over treating many breast cancer patients with surgeries and chemo treatments that are more aggressive than what the individual prognosis merits.
In the fall of 2008 I began training with Richard Miller, attending his level one iRest training program. I am happy to report that I have no back pain and have regained a lot of physical strength, range of motion, and flexibility. The majority of prostate cancers are so slow growing and non-aggressive that they could go without treatment all together.

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