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Lin Kong, now a successful doctor in the city, finds a new woman who has assimilated to modern-day culture and a new life where Shuyu and his daughter simply do not fit in. The worst part is that Lin Kong is so indecisive that he is basically crippled by his insecurity. Special Thanks for DonationsWe would like to thank the following families for supporting us by donating to The Voice. Frieda Klein is no longer working with the police department, and she’s still healing psychologically from what happened during her last case. A twisty mix of a psychological thriller and crime novel, Waiting for Wednesday is a great addition to the Frieda Klein series.
Waiting for Wednesday once again features psychotherapist Frieda Klein, and she is not doing well when the novel begins. There are multiple storylines in Waiting for Wednesday, and as always, the writing team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French handles them well. I do accept books for review, but please take a look at my review policy before pitching me a book. Every time I approached the shelf, eager to read a book, my eyes skipped over its spine and found something else, such as Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen. The lush red cover with a black braid splitting the front at last convinced me to start reading it.

His parents are in great need of care, specifically in need of a woman to provide for them.
Lin Kong, for over a decade, annually returns to the countryside to request a divorce with Shuyu. His decision to not make a decision at all renders him useless to the two women, whose adherence to their culture still requires them to be an attachment of their male spouse.
On the outside, she seems the same—passive, calm, and tranquil, the perfect therapist—but as the novel progresses, the reader sees just how damaged Frieda has become. The novel is fast-paced, and even when it’s not clear where things are leading, the reader has faith that things will end up making sense. If your comment needs a response, I will provide it in a timely manner, as I read every comment I receive. Just Listen, by the way, is a young adult romance novel (which is really beautifully crafted, for your information!). By accepting his deeply introverted nature, Lin Kong ruins his life and potential for happiness. Over and over again, she’s attacked by one person or another, and she mutely accepts it without feeling any anger. The mix of crime novel and psychological thriller works well, keeping the tension high and the suspense front and center.

She is an entirely different woman than in the photograph Lin had received, which depicted her as stronger and more robust.
While Lin Kong insists that their current day and age is entirely Westernized, in reality, it is not.
It accurately captures the struggle between the classes and the cultural upheaval of a changing China. Readers won’t be able to put this novel down as they race through it to come to the conclusion.
This is a novel that will appeal to a wide range of readers, as it’s smart and quick.
He only feels simple attachment, as one feels for a sibling or something one keeps close to one’s side. He has never really felt anything, but he never really does anything about his feelings either. Lin Kong is trapped in a state of limbo, between old and new China, between old and new wives, between old and new homes.

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book review of waiting for godot

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