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Remember how Obama has been gleefully slashing the budgets of agencies he doesn’t find to be all that important, like the Department of Defense and the Secret Service, while making our already-bloated social services even more insanely overfunded?
Hey, you know how Obama completely destroyed American credibility by not flying to Paris for that not-quite-a-march “March of Unity” of world leaders earlier this week? It turns out that not only has Obama snubbed Our Oldest Allies the French, he also libeled the brave men and women of the Secret Service, who put their lives on the line for him whenever they remember to put down their personal cell phones. Julia Pierson is tasked with helping to restore credibility to the Secret Service after the agency's prostitution scandal.
President Obama is accompanied by members of his Secret Service detail as he walks from the Marine One helicopter as he arrives at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to visit with wounded military personnel in Bethesda, Md., March 5. President Obama announced his appointment of the first female director of the US Secret Service on Tuesday, a milestone for the agency tasked with protecting political leaders and investigating currency fraud.Law enforcement experts and political officials say that Ms. Barbara Riggs, a mentor to Pierson and the agency’s first female deputy director, said that the scandal was not representative of the level of professionalism at the Secret Service and that Pierson will play a role in restoring its public image. What if said agent were to note that when Vice President Biden threw out a first pitch at the Baltimore Orioles season opener in April of 2009 before 48,607 fans, literally none of them had been screened with magnetometers, while Biden himself was not wearing a bulletproof vest? When confronted with examples of corner cutting, Secret Service takes a dismissive, blase attitude…[Nicholas Trotta] talks about lessons learned from previous assassinations and assassination attempts. Danny Defenbaugh, a former FBI agent who publicly criticized the Secret Service’s decision to stop magnetometer screening at an Obama campaign event in Dallas, notes that word can quickly spread that the agency engages in such lax practices. Indeed the issues with magnetometers represent just one of the damning allegations from Kessler’s book with respect to the ability of the Secret Service to carry out its core mission.

Kessler argues that such problems manifest themselves as a result of a Secret Service that bows to political pressure from White House staff over security protocols, a poor Secret Service management culture that seeks to whitewash events and punish subordinate employees while promoting dithering managers, and a lack of sufficient funding, all of which result in an overworked and out of shape Secret Service with insufficient internal controls.
Note: The links to the book in this post will give you an option to elect to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale to a charity of your choice. Study Reveals Shocking Change Involving Religious Affiliation in England — but What’s Causing It?
The President uses the Marine 1 with his Secret Service agents to get to different locations fast. Unsurprisingly, this has caused some in the African American community to ridiculously believe that this is all intentional, because they want to get the president killed, and all because he’s black. Well, hate to say it buddy, but that has probably played a pretty big role in the slip-ups the Secret Service has been having lately, because funding can make a huge difference in readiness. In any case, it’s just more evidence that Barack Obama is a pretty lousy president, and we need a leader who will get along better with the Secret Service and make them actually want to protect him.
He acquired his nym from a fan of Silver-Age comics after being differently punctual to too many meetings. Pierson’s appointment comes at a crucial time in the agency’s history as it continues to recover from a scandal in April 2012, when agents in Colombia were disciplined for soliciting prostitutes. But what about instances when the Secret Service buckles under pressure from campaign personnel or White House staff to let people into events without being screened?
Bush in 2005, in which a live grenade was thrown within one hundred feet of the president at an event in Tbilisi, Georgia by a man who was never screened by magnetometer.

Bush’s administration, said Ronald Kessler, author of “In the President’s Secret Service,” a book about the agency. Or her, although we bet that Bongino might, if pressed, be able to find something to dislike about Hillary Clinton, too. Pierson’s main tasks include reforming a male-dominated culture within the agency and reestablishing its credibility.“During the Colombia prostitution scandal, the Secret Service lost the trust of many Americans, and failed to live up to the high expectations placed on it," Sen.
Donations to Mercury One go towards efforts such as disaster relief, support for education, support for Israel and support for veterans and our military.
Some work to stop counterfeiters while others work to protect the President of the United States. The agency would not confirm that number and does not say how many threats it receives and turns over to the Justice Department to prosecute. Pierson has a lot of work ahead of her to create a culture that respects the important job the agency is tasked with.

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