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In her latest book, Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks sets herself the daunting challenge of portraying one of the most heroic yet morally troubling figures in the entire corpus of Jewish literature. ROS: Your portrayal of the prophet Natan is extraordinarily compelling, delving into the strange psychology and interior landscape of the Biblical prophet as a figure of moral conscience, his perpetual loneliness and sense of apartness in spite of being in the very midst of things. ROS: I found your depiction of the ancient landscape wholly convincing, a truly immersive environment. GB: For the sheep herding, we were at a Biblical reserve in the Shefala, founded by Ben Gurion, where the flora and fauna have, as far as possible, been returned to the species that prevailed as described in Biblical times. The imaginative challenge in my writing was de-populating the landscape, since only 45,000 people are thought to have lived in the area conjecturally associated with David’s kingdom, opposed to some four million or more in that same area today.
She shared her experience researching, concocting, and writing The Secret Chord: A Novel with Jewish Book Council. They are all such distinctive and engaging characters, each with disparate emotional and intellectual responses to their circumstances. Especially, I drew on those memories as I considered the vivid stories of David’s wives. So I thought about women I had reported on, women like Queen Noor in Jordan and Ayatollah Khomeini’s wife in Iran.
You have mentioned spending some time hiking with your son (and herding sheep) in the Judean desert and so on, but was there more research involved? I also had to mentally re-vegetate it: the Ottomans had a tree tax, so massive land clearing happened under their occupation in that era.
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As I thought about Bathsheva at David’s deathbed, maneuvering to get her young son Solomon on the throne, I thought of Queen Noor at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, as King Hussein lay ill with cancer. That reminded me of a strange afternoon when I was invited to tea by Ayatollah Khomenini’s widow. There are givens: the ferocious bravery of such a person, the willingness to speak truth to power, the unsettling nature of the one who stands outside, but sees inside. We also went to a Bedouin settlement where you can experience a tent encampment not so very different from the living conditions of David’s outlaw years.

She told me that day how she had managed to marry a guy who was then an impoverished religious scholar with no prospects.
We visited archeological digs to get a more accurate sense of the material culture of the Second Iron Age—what was a palace in those days? Khadijeh was just a girl, fully veiled in her chador, when she took in the tea tray and managed to catch a glimpse of her would be suitor, the young Ruhollah Kohmenini.
Enszer Stuart Ross Jewish Publication Society Austin Ratner Joel Stone New York Public Library Jewish Book World Roger Cohen BEA Naava Piatka Sara Davidson Doreen Carvajal Thane Rosenbaum Eddy Portnoy Yael Raviv Intern Alon Tal childrens Spertus Ilie Ruby Janice Steinberg Military Nicholas Kulish Michele Fitoussi Levana Kirschenbaum Sheila E. Novelist Geraldine Brooks, in her latest book, The Secret Chord, has filled in all of the human bits in between. That’s why, at points, I have other characters in the novel express skepticism about his visions and their purpose.
Jelen Steve Witt Rich Cohen Siddur pinterest Gerald Sorin Writing Contest Etgar Keret Jennifer Robins Matti Friedman Sports Kenneth Bonert Birthright Israel Freidrich Torberg Rebecca T. My IDF contact got very enthused about the project and actually conducted some of his own site visits, for which I am exceptionally grateful. Alpert Esther Singer Kreitman On reading and writing Alina Bliumis Naim Kattan John Kessel Anne Cherian Kevin Salwen Stephen Witt Micol Ostow Sifriyat Pijama Rucahma King Feuerman Margot Singer Anna Solomon Yael Unterman Leslie Epstein Eshkol Nevo Adam Kirsch Harry Brod Arianne Cohen Josh Rolnick Michael Idov Writing Conference David Harris-Gerhson Holocaust Michael Lavigne Mike Kelly Laurel Snyder Roberta Rich Yuval Elizur Summer Reads Heidi EY Stemple Thanksgiving Galit Seliktar Daniel Asa Rose Asaf Schurr Lisa Silverman Erica Brown South, Dina Weinstein Reading Lists Hillel Halkin Matthue Roth Rachmil Bryks The Liars Gospel Carole Kessner Brian Morton Irene Nemirovsky Reviews Amos Oz The Visiting Scribe Elliot N. The Old Testament drama of King David intrigued her, and she went back to her Bible to piece his life together.
In the morning, she told her father that she had seen Ruhollah meeting with all the great prophets of Islam. The Secret Chord provides new context for some of the best-known episodes of David’s life while also focusing on others, even more remarkable and emotionally intense, which have been neglected. Yet David’s wives do have names, and they have distinct personalities and backstories.
We see David through the eyes of those who love him or fear him—but not without fratricide and treason. Shapiro Sarah Gershman Robert Service Jewish Museum Lenore Weiss Russ & Daughters Bel Kaufman John Benditt Judith Frank Seth A.
So, there were plenty of lessons about how you wield private power in a society that publicly barely acknowledges you.

These women lead precarious lives in a society that gives them no evident power and few rights.
Rosensaft Ayelet Tsabari Peri Devaney Danya Ruttenberg Richard Brettell American Girl Miranda Richmond Mouillot Liad Shoham Scribblers on the Roof Seth Rogovoy Marc Tracy Lavie Tidhar Aharon Appelfeld Stephanie Feldman Dror Burstein Franz Kafka Ellen Bari Ted Solotaroff Interview Jonathan Sarna Wingate Prize Sukkot Daniel Smith Sana Krasikov Shmuly Yanklowitz David Samuel Levinson Elizabeth Rosner Stefanie Pervos Bregman Ellen Litman Shani Boianjiu Miriam Libicki Olympic Michal Malen David Albahari Marc Keller Karl Kraus Ilan Mochari Nadia Kalman Charlotte Strick Efrat Libfroind Jay Neugeboren Karen Hesse Lesley Simpson Daniel Oppenheimer Book Reviews Tent Gift Josef Burg Sholem Aliechem Debra Band Article Joseph Winkler Trees Alex Epstein Ellen Frankel Donna Minkowitz David Ostow Ron Rubin Ilana Kurshan Jonathan Krasner National Poetry Month Nicole Azulay Lisa Rotmil Liana Finck Beth Kissileff Gary Shteyngart Jessica Soffer Charles Reznikoff Ann Vandermeer Bruce J. David’s wives have to duck and weave and improvise to stay alive, to have say in their marriages, to stop their husbands from making mistakes likely to get them killed, to secure a future for their children. Hillman Robert Liberles Internal Dialogue Ari Folman Edmund de Waal Daniel Levin Jeff Friedman Tu Bishvat Justin Taylor Alexis Landau Jeff Vandermeer Talya Fishman Hanukkah Ask Big Questions Paul Steinberg Amy Bloom Mike Silver Judaism Timothy D. Lytton You the Reader Slavko Goldstein Spertus, Keith Gessen Joshua Max Feldman Guy Delisle National Jewish Book Awards Yehuda Halevi Sophie Judah Devan Sipher Wendy Wasman Michael Greenberg Top 10 Abigail Green Leo Frank Jenny Feldon Alef Betty New Reviews Eric Greitens JBC Bookshelf Conference Matthew Shaer Debra Spark ForeWord Joshua Fattal Tamar Ansh Salvatore Tagliareni Harvey Pekar Nina Spiegel Lawrence Malkin Ghita Schwarz Alden Solovy World Jewry Jami Attenberg Bob Goldfarb Betsy Rosenthal Eric Elkins Shulamit Reinharz Nora Gold Barry Fantoni Gavriel Savit Chanan Tigay Ayelet Waldman Margareta Ackerman Ken Krimstein Lore Segal Chanukah Jewish Book Month Melissa Fay Greene Library of America Book Club June Hersh Jennifer 8. Lee Jill Jacobs Paul Goldberg Primo Levi Dina Elenbogen Aviva Kanoff Polly Zavadivker Cookbooks Dina Gold Dalya Bilu Howard Jacobson Kenneth Moss Raid the Shelves Sadia Shepard Cynthia Ozick Niles Goldstein Matthew Baigell Jake Marmer Arthur Allen Bible David Laskin Alicia Oltuski Zoe Klein Gaby Brimmer Jewish Literature Daniel Gordis Mother's Day Gayle Redlingshafer Berman Steven Pressman Trina Robbins Avrom Sutzkever David Polonsky Saul Steinberg Michelle Brafman Yann Martel S. Scott Lerner Judith Claire Mitchell Laura Silver Sarah Wendell Georges Perec Gail Hareven Judy Kempler Allison Amend Judy Sterman Melissa Klapper Shavuot Julia Dahl Soviet Jewry Avi Steinberg Steven Gimbel Sara Levine Mark Polizzotti Bernard Malamud Chicago Hyam Plutzik Rachel Shukert Michael Kimmage Jan Aronson Will Deutsch Art Spiegelman Angella Nazarian Clarice Lispector Bronfman Roger Bennett D.A. Mishani Ilana Blumberg Israeli Writers Michael Showalter Michael David Lukas Jamie Geller Adam Wilson Mad Men Lauren Rabinovitz Dara Horn Words Without Borders Shana Liebman Miriam Sagan Dolph Grundman Liel Leibovitz Tisha Ba'av Irina Reyn Wordspoke Ilan Stavans Eric Weiner Women's History Month Stefan Zweig Andrew Winer Jessica Cohen PJ Library Michael P.
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