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The top left is supposed to be Jagang the Just and his pupil-less eyes, the middle is a carving Richard did of himself and Kahlan whilst in the old city, the grace at the top, the Sword of Truth running from right to left, the Wizards Keep and Zed are on the left hand side and finally Aydindril is on the right.
Comments being disrespectful to others or otherwise violating what we believe are common sense standards of discussion can lead to the banhammer getting used. Admin, you screw up so many details from the books in one single paragraph and expect us to believe that you’re a SoT fan? There was no 13th book in the Sword of Truth series, unless you count both “Debt of Bones” and “The Law of Nines” as books in the series. Admin, you screw up so many details from the books in one single paragraph and expect us to believe that you’re a SoT fan? It’s a pretty sweet Tattoo and I do love the series, but even I think thats going a bit far yeah?!? Content is King By Bill GatesHere is Bill Gates talking about Content on the Internet, way back in 1996! Actually, there is an amazing amount of free software and complete documentation on how to make and perform some amazing feats of science. Click here to get started!Mining the MoonIt's going to happen soon - there are a ton to rare Earth Metals on that big old rock in the sky! Michio Kaku - Universe in a NutshellRaiders of the Lost Ark – Conception TranscribedRaiders of the Lost Ark - This is an amazing read on the thought process between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan as they talk through the concepts of this amazing film. It's practically peering into the thought process of some of the most influential film makers of our day. Found within the many pages of the Halliwell Family's The Book of Shadows is 'The Truth Spell", a spell that causes the individual who hears it to speak only the truth for twenty-four hours, after which the individual has no memory of anything disclosed to others in the time period. In order to find out how her long time friend and beau Andy Trudeau would react to her being a witch, Prue Halliwell cast the Truth Spell while in the Attic of the Manor after the Book of Shadows continued to open to the spell. While at Buckland Auction House, Prue called Andy and told him to come by because she had to discuss something with him. During a discussion with her sisters about what she thought about her boss at Quake, Phoebe asked Piper what she really thought about her boss and Piper stated that she thought he was a horrible person with a "small penis". After learning about the spell Prue cast, Piper was determined to learn how her handyman Leo Wyatt felt about her and he revealed that he thought she had beautiful eyes and that he likes a girl who makes the first move but he was waiting for it to happen. While at work at Buckland Auction House, Prue asked Hannah Webster why she is such a bitch to her and Hannah responded by saying it was her mission in life to destroy Prue. When a Warlock from the future known as Gavin appeared in the present time and began killling innocents who would ultimately create a vaccine against him and other Warlocks, Gavin attacked at Bucklands and Prue confronted him.
After dating Nate Parks for a few weeks in 2003, Paige Matthews was interested in knowing how he would react to her being a witch so she found the spell in the Book of Shadows and cast it on Nate when she meet him at his workplace.
The Book of Shadows entry for the spell is incorporated on the cover of the Charmed Comic Family Shatters.
Sojourner Truth, birth name Isabella Baumfree, is born into slavery by parents James and Elizabeth in Ulster County, New York. While in the service of the Dumonts, Isabella met and fell in love with a slave named Robert. In 1826, Isabella walks away from Dumont's farms with her infant daughter because he reneges on a promise to free her. While she is still with the Van Wagenens, Isabella's old master, Dumont, leases her oldest son Peter to another slaveholder. Slavery is legally abolished in the state of New York, setting Isabella free from the Van Wagenen's service.
Isabella leaves Ulster County to move to New York City with a white evangelical teacher, Miss Gear. Sojourner's most famous speech, advocating gender equality and woman's rights, "Ain't I a Woman?" is given at the Women's Convention in Akron, Ohio.
At a convention, Frederick Douglass, well known former slave and abolitionist, speaks despondently of the cause's circumstances. Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th President of the US, right when the Civil War is starting.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, published a rather romaticezed account of her meeting with Sojourner Truth- Sojourner Truth, the Libyan Sibyl.
Sojourner Truth passes away on November 26, 1883, in her home in Battle Creek, Michigan at 86 years old. Frances Titus, Sojourner's friend and traveling companion, commissions artist Frank Courter to paint the meeting between Sojourner and President Lincoln. On June 4, 1919, Congress passed an amendment to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote. In 1935, a memorial stone to Sojourner Truth was placed in Monument Park, close to Battle Creek.
In 1981, Sojourner Truth was inducted into the National Woman's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York.
While staying with the Van Wagenens, Isabella underwent a life changing religious experience, later saying that she had become "overwhelmed with the greatness of the Divine prescence." She began attending the Methodist Church. After her book is published, Truth speaks and preaches abolition, woman's rights, and Christianity. Sojourner became involved with a group that branched off the Quakers, called the Progressive Friends. Sojourner begins campaigning for the government to provide land for freed slaves in the new West.
2 years after Sojourner stopped campaigning for land for freed slaves, many slaves begin migrating north and west on their own.
Sojourner makes some limited appearances around Michigan, speaking for temperance (abstinence from alcohol), and against capital punishment. In 1997, a year long celebration of Sojourner Truth's 200th anniversay of birth was held in Battle Creek.
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Lastly below is the very last line in the 13th book and also what Richard carved into the statue.
He has a giant Halo Master Cheif Tattoo on his back fighting a character from Star Craft with a huge Factpile logo under it. You need to be one insane fan to actually remember all that information and bring it up from memory(unless you fact-checked the whole thing first, lol), and as a SoT fan myself, I have to say it’s commendable, and enviable. Whatever ad is put there will become defunct soon enough, while that tattoo is bound to stay there for a freaking long time. Not knowing that her sisters were in the house as well, Prue cast the spell and it not only affected her but Piper and Phoebe also.
When he arrived at her office, Prue showed him her power of Telekinesis by moving an object across her desk. Paige showed him her powers and he was okay with the fact she was a witch, but he revealed he couldn't wait to tell his wife. Isabella was one of 13 children, although she never knew many of her siblings, who were sold to other slave owners. They had four children, Peter (1822), James (date unknown, died young), Elizabeth (1825), and Sophia (1826). The group disbanded, but the family who owned the house, the Folgers, accused Robert and Isabella of poisoning him and stealing his money. As she told her friends, "The Spirit calls me, and I must go." She changes her name to Sojourner Truth.
Although the exact words of her speech are debated, the most widely used version was published by Frances Gage. Sojourner rises to admonish him, asking "Frederick, is God dead?" The question "Is God dead?" was later inscribed on her tombstone. Although it did not completely end slavery, it abolished it in states that had seceded from the Union, and was an important step to ending slavery in America. Published in April 1863, it depicter her as a mysterious and powerful African, giving her a nonexistent Southern accent and fitting her into Stowe's vision of blacks in general.

He had been her traveling companion for many years, and read and wrote for her, as she was illiterate, never having been taught to read and write. Although Sojourner was long dead, she fought for gender equality and woman's rights for most of her career.
Pierson ,a religious reformer, speaks of following the laws of the Old Testament for salvation. Sojourner recieves 3 letters from him in 1840 and 1841, but when the ship returned in 1842, Peter was not on it.
They were a group of about 210 members that lived and made profit by raising livestock, running grist and saw mills, and operating a silk factory. Sojourner goes to live with one of the Association's founders, George Benson, who has established a cotton mill.
They supported abolition, woman's rights, non violence, and believed in communicating with spirits. During this time, Sojourner spoke for the North, speaking about black enlistment and freeing slaves. During the Week of Truth, October 12 - 18, the Battle Creek National Woman's Conference invited scholars and leaders on women's issues from around the country to lead a week-long conference on Sojourner Truth, her issues and her legacy. Craige Lewis uses the light of God’s word to reveal the hip-hop subculture for the destructive force it is. It was said so explicitly in “Faith of the Fallen.” Richard was just carving a masculine and feminine pair and using inspiration from various people to make them both up.
Richard did not carve “Your life is yours alone” into the statue he carved in Altur’rang: he just engraved LIFE there and nothing else. Andy responded "what the hell was that?" and Prue revealed she was a witch, so were her sisters, her mother and grandmother. He revealed he was sent to the future to kill all those who would be part of his species' demise. Later, she said "I did not run off, for I believed that wicked, but walked off, believing that to be all right." Dumont visited, threatining to take Sophia if she did not come back, but Isaac Van Wagenen offered to buy her services for $20, until the state emancipation took place.
Gage made several additions, such as a Southern accent and the repeated question "Ain't I a woman?", hence the name of the speech. Neely is a cruel and abusive owner who beats her often, especially since her first language was Dutch and she didn't learn English until the English speaking Neely bought her. At around this time, she begins dictating her memoir, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave, to another former Association member, Olive Gilbert.
She sells her home in Northhamptom and buys a home in Harmonia, Michigan (close to Battle Creek) to be near them. As you read, you will understand that more than a music style, hip-hop is a way of life that is leading a generation to hell. Kahlan even remarked upon seeing the statue that the woman was NOT her, but she noticed it contained quite a bit of her own shape in it. Andy was shocked by Prue's secret and told her he needed time to register what she had just told him.
In fact, that version is most likely inaccurate, as it was published 12 years after the speech was given. It was here that she began to find refuge in religion: praying out loud when she was beaten or hurt. Ultimately, Andy revealed to Prue that he could accept the fact she was a witch, but he couldn't deal with the fact that she cast a spell on him, kept who she really was a secret and lied to him. Inspired by the DVD series that exposed hip-hop for the demonic influence it is, The Truth Behind Hip Hop is written to equip the church and expose the devil’s agenda to immobilize and destroy the next generation. After the twenty-four hours concluded, Andy forgot everything Prue shared with him and his reaction to it.

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