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A condensed, board book version of the classic bestseller, perfect for babies and toddlers.
Daring Do's name is a play on the phrase derring-do, meaning "brave and adventurous, often reckless actions".
When asked why Rainbow and Daring are practically similar, Jim Miller responded "when we were starting DD's first appearance, we didn't know she'd ever come back. Later in the episode, Twilight calls the book Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue instead of Sapphire Stone and goes uncorrected. The book series depicts Daring Do as an adventurer and treasure hunter, exploring long lost temples and ruins for ancient artifacts. In Trade Ya!, Rainbow Dash goes to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange seeking a first-edition copy of Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. In Castle Sweet Castle, Daring Do appears on a poster labeled Daring Do: Riddle of the Sphinx.
In Tanks for the Memories, Rainbow suspects the reason for Tank's hibernation is reading too many Daring Do stories. The harp plucking that plays when Daring Do first enters the temple bears a strong resemblance to the music that plays in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Indiana Jones casually brushes spiders off of his back. The sunlight shining into the chamber is a reference to the map room scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the sunlight shines on a crystal at the center of the room. The way Daring Do makes her way to the Sapphire Stone's pedestal mirrors a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where the titular hero navigates a trap floor by only stepping on the correct tiles.
The scene where Daring Do retrieves the Sapphire Stone mirrors a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which Indiana Jones retrieves an idol statue from a pedestal. In Daring Don't, Daring Do briefly makes use of a whip, the signature tool of Indiana Jones. On page 18 of Micro-Series Issue #7, a pony resembling Daring Do appears at the Ponyville Flea Market wearing a hat similar to Daring Do's pith helmet.
Daring Do appears in book pictures in cover B and the Hot Topic cover of Friendship is Magic Issue #15, and she herself appears in the issue's story. In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Spike is seen reading a Daring Do novel in Equestria. A Daring Do Dazzle miniature collectible is included in the Daring Pony Story Set with Princess Twilight Sparkle and rainbowfied Rainbow Dash.[14] A Ponymania Fashion Style brushable toy of Daring Do Dazzle was leaked in April 2015. In Enterplay's collectible card game, ? #152 R and ? #?40, cards of Ahuizotl, attribute to A.K. A Pegasus pony who hunts for treasure, Daring Do is adventurous, fierce, and undeniably, unquestionably unstoppable.
Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell mentions in chapter 1, "A Crown Achievement", that Spike shows Twilight a book in her library, "Daring Do and the Trek to the Terrifying Tower", and that Twilight "had already read all the books in the series about the fearless pony adventurer at least three times." Spike uses the book to explain to Twilight that she should seek guidance about her new role as a princess from others with similar experience, as Daring Do seeks tips from "Professor A.
In Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, "Rainbow Dash has always been a huge fan of the Daring Do series, but when the newest book comes out, it's Daring Do madness!
Posted in Cards, Printable Tags, Printable Templates, Thanksgiving, Wallpapers by kawarbir. Yearling,[note 1] is a female Pegasus pony, the titular character and the author of the Daring Do book series, based on her adventures. She shares the same mane, tail, and eye design as Rainbow Dash, and their personality is similar. The aforementioned first book in the series sees her discovering a temple she'd searched for over two months. The book has a similar spine and cover as The Griffon's Goblet, but the title on the cover is Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone.

Like in Read It and Weep, the book is referred to as Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue several times. A parade balloon of Daring Do appears on page 6 of the Friendship is Magic Issue #10 story. As Rainbow Dash assumes the role of Daring Do in the world of one of her books, the fictional Daring Do appears in Ponyville.
A book titled Daring Do and the Secret of the High Cholesterol Test appears on page 5 of Friendship is Magic Issue #28. Yearling the quote "When writing a villain it's important that he comes to life as vividly in the reader's imagination as he does for the author." In the game's expansion set Canterlot Nights, #191 UR, a card of A. She travels Equestria and faces untold dangers while exploring ancient temples in search of treasure.
Yearling's adventure novels starring the fearless Daring Do have been recognized as the best-selling series in Equestria history.
I’m going to have to show this to my Son later so we can pick out a couple of things to do here – thanks!
She is featured in seven episodes, having major roles in Read It and Weep and Daring Don't, and makes small cameos in A Friend in Deed, Too Many Pinkie Pies, Trade Ya!, Rainbow Rocks, Castle Sweet Castle, and Tanks for the Memories.
They differ in cutie mark (a compass rose), coat color, and Daring Do's "rainbow" hair which is grayscale; when she snatches the Sapphire Statue from Ahuizotl's hands, she leaves a grayscale rainbow trail behind her, like Rainbow Dash does in several episodes.
She surpasses the booby traps within and liberates a sapphire statuette shaped like a two-headed Anubis, all with an injured wing. In her guise as the reclusive author, she disguises her appearance with a purple shawl, a grey cloche and heavy red-framed spectacles. Of Friendship is Magic Issue #16, an outfit with a similar design to and the same color scheme as Daring Do's outfit is worn by Rainbow Dash on a cover, Daring Do appears on cover RI, and the fictional Daring Do in Ponyville helps Applejack, Fluttershy, and Spike before she is sent back. A book titled Daring Do and the Legend of the Lost Art appears on pages 1, 2, 17, 18, and 22 of FIENDship is Magic Issue #5. Rainbow Dash is thrilled to discover that Daring Do is a real Pegasus who poses as reclusive author A.K. Yearling is the author of the best-selling "Daring Do" book series which includes such classics as "The Quest for the Sapphire Stone" and "The Griffon's Goblet". Before she knows it, she becomes 'Daring Dash.[sic]' and is doing all sorts of crazy things—tightrope walking (no wings!), hot chili pepper eating, and even sneaking inside a spooky old barn.
His advertising cartoons, featuring Quick, Henry, the Flit!, appeared in several leading American magazines.
Twilight says she owns all the books in the series, and mentions to Dash that "You'd like Daring. Her manestyle is identical to Rainbow Dash's, and consists of six shades of grey that correspond to the six colors in Rainbow Dash's mane; this color combination is often referred to as a grayscale rainbow.
She has been shown to be incredibly intelligent, using her wits to solve puzzles, pull off disguises, and escape many of Ahuizotl's death traps.
In order to fill out the crowd scenes and due to time constraints, Daring Do's shirt was recolored and the outfit was then used as a costume, worn by the pony Berryshine. Daring Do is alluded to throughout Friendship is Magic Issue #41, with multiple book titles mentioned on page 18.
The description is divided into two paragraphs, one for each character, with Daring Do's reading "Daring Do is a treasure-hunting pony and the star of Rainbow Dash's favorite book series.
But when Rainbow Dash offers to help Zecora by entering a scary, haunted forest alone, her friends worry she's jumping into too much danger. After college, she briefly worked as a researcher at the National Archives for Equestrian Artifacts and Ponthropology in Canterlot.

There are SO many fun Seusstastic ideas out there and I’ve rounded up the best of the best! Through various trials and tribulations, Daring Do secures the sapphire statue from Ahuizotl's clutches and, in doing so, saves the world.
It is established that the adventures recounted in the books are actually based on Daring Do's real adventures against treasure hunters and the series' villains, including the creature Ahuizotl. However, they do differ from the version seen in Read It and Weep in that the back covers also contain a few darker lines in Trade Ya! However, it is revealed in Daring Don't that she is a loner, often rejecting company and help whenever it is offered to her, as seen when she turns down Rainbow Dash's, and in an earlier adventure Dr. We're off on a quest!" On page 6 of My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #1, Twilight Sparkle mentions having "read Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue". During that time, she wrote an essay based on her findings on the Griffon territories entitled "What was the Name of that Griffon Again?
Seuss's first children's book, And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, hit the market in 1937, and the world of children's literature was changed forever! Her cutie mark is a compass rose, which probably represents a talent for exploration and a strong sense for adventure, as would befit her name. Yearling is a pseudonym or if it is 'Daring Do' who is the false identity, used for her dangerous adventures. An outfit with the same design and color scheme as Daring Do's outfit is worn by Rainbow Dash on the Hot Topic cover of Friendship is Magic Issue #6. Or Beak and Roaming Studies Recalled." It was published last year by the University of Equexeter's journal, Pegasus. In 1957, Seuss's The Cat in the Hat became the prototype for one of Random House's best- selling series, Beginner Books.
Daring's outfit consists of a dark olivine vest and a tan pith helmet with a dark olive band. It is revealed that through all of the secrecy that comes with her dangerous adventures, Daring Do taught herself not to trust anyone at all. On page 10 of the Friendship is Magic Issue #7 story, Daring Do appears with another pony in Rainbow Dash's imagination, and Rainbow Dash says "Aw, man! Why did it have to be medusas?", and #156 R, a card of Biff attributes to him and Daring Do the respective quotes "Running away, Daring Do? This popular series combined engaging stories with outrageous illustrations and playful sounds to teach basic reading skills. Yet during the climax of the episode, she does open up a little after Rainbow Dash rescues her from Ahuizotl's trap and asserts her friendship towards Daring, and she later admits that sometimes even she could use a little help.
Daring Do would, like, make a crazy explosion out of, like, ducktape and Applejack's hair and boom! At the very end, Daring seems to have lost some of her introverted nature as she develops a bond with Rainbow Dash to the point where she writes about her in her latest book.
Seuss charmed his way into the consciousness of four generations of youngsters and parents.
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 and three Academy Awards, Seuss was the author and illustrator of 44 children's books, some of which have been made into audiocassettes, animated television specials, and videos for children of all ages.

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