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With Hurricane Sandy understandably overshadowing many an East Coaster's Halloween plans, costumes are probably the last thing on people's minds. Check out some hilarious last-minute costumes from around the web below, and upload a photo if you've made one yourself!
In what may be an unexpected follow-up to Smallville, Variety reports The CW is looking to develop a series based on the DC Comics character Raven.
Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, the teleporting half-demon empath debuted in October 1980’s DC Comics Presents #26 as a founding member of the new Teen Titans. Raven is being written and produced by Diego Gutierrez (V, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) through Warner Bros.
The series is only the latest attempt by The CW and its predecessor The WB to find a companion, or replacement, for the long-running Smallville, now in its 10th and final season.
He ignores me of course, grabs a granola bar from the pantry, and walks out without a word. I hear what might be words spoken in the time of Neanderthals and assume he’s got it covered.

In the car on the way to school, his head dips toward his phone and his too-long greasy hair hangs over his eyes blocking me out.
Alisa Schindler is a freelance writer whose essays have been featured online at NYTMotherlode, The Washington Post, Kveller, and The Huffington Post as well as in The Forward. Her struggles with her dark side and her demonic father Trigon were central elements of the hit ’80s New Teen Titans franchise.
It seems likely The CW series will downplay or completely disregard her involvement with the Teen Titans, focusing instead on the character’s other-dimensional aspects. The 2002 series Birds of Prey aired for just four months, and the 2006 pilot for a Smallville spin-off starring Aquaman was never picked up. Each birthday he mourned the passing year, maturely understanding that those were times to be cherished, that you can’t go backward. I want to push the strands away from his beautiful face, but I have five minutes to connect and can’t risk the fallout. I need to work harder to find these little moments of connection, to be there even when he doesn’t want me there, to make sure he always knows that I love him and understand that underneath his teenage scowl is a little boy who still loves me too.

31, there are plenty of things you can create with minimal effort, just in time for Halloween. Two years later the network gave a commitment to The Graysons, centering on young Dick Grayson before he became Robin, but those plans were quickly abandoned.
He’d make me promise that he would never have to go away to college and that when he got older he could live with his wife in the basement.
At 13, he’s totally ditched me, and I am surrounded by a Pigpen mass of manic, desperate energy generated by my cast-off devotion. Of course, I nodded and nose-kissed his sweet earnest face, agreeing to all his demands while telling him that things would change, that someday he would grow and not want to be with me all the time, that he might want to hang out with friends and go away to school and that it would be perfectly OK if he lived around the corner instead of in the basement. Once upon a time, he was little and loved me with his whole heart, but now he is bigger and life is more complicated and more people have claimed pieces of him.

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books related to teenage life rese?a

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