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These timeless novellas capture, for me, everything that comics are capable of being – funny characters and absorbing visual narratives, accessible to many age groups, full of twists and cliff-hangers that keep the reader turning the pages, with stories grounded in social and political meaning that remain durable over time. Herge was from a small country (Belgium), but his artistic influence was such that it spurred French language comics (or BD) to become the ground-breaking artform that it is today. A good summary of Tintin and the life of Herge for English language readers is to be found here. Carl Barks was the anonymous creator of the early duck stories written for the Walt Disney comic book franchise between 1943 and the late 1960s.
In the process he invented an array of characters for the Walt Disney stable that he would never be allowed to own himself, including Scrooge McDuck, the Beagle Boys, Gyro Gearloose and his lightbulb helper and Donald’s lucky cousin, Gladstone Gander. Back in the days when the New Zealand Listener still tried to be a magazine that genuinely served its community (instead of the formatting prescriptions of overseas marketing and accountancy phonies), many New Zealand cartoonists found an independent voice within its pages. In the late 1980s when TV (and programming information) was still in the process of being deregulated, Trace Hodgson was given space within the magazine’s pages to branch out from his regular political cartoon into an extended comic story called Shafts of Strife. Tezuka graduated with a medical degree but, rather than become a physician, chose to dedicate his life to drawing comics and animating cartoon films for children.

Tezuka is also known for having effectively had his Kimba the White Lion story borrowed wholesale (and unattributed) by Walt Disney for 1994’s Lion King movie. You can find out more about the artist, and life and his work at the official Tezuka website. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. I enjoyed your post and the parts about habit, money as a friend and sitting…waiting for some information to hit you and you take it in. Although no new Tintin adventure has been produced for more than forty years, Herge’s legacy remains relevant, not least because of the number of imitators his work inspires. Again, only to be found in the French language, this is a fascinating document of Herge’s creative process. A couple of French live action films in the early 1960s, Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece and Tintin and the Blue Oranges are now available for the first time in this country (with subtitles) either for rental or purchase from Aro Street Video.
During that time, this middle-aged and somewhat world-weary cartoonist, who had already spent a lifetime in hard-working jobs, from rivet driver on a rail gang to farming chickens, gave a truly human voice to the Disney ducks.
McCay practically invented modern day comics, along with its sister artform the animated cartoon film.
Schodt is one of the most ardent documentors of Tezuka’s work in the English language. I haven’t read any of the books yet but the Way of the Peaceful Warrior is definitely on my to read list!
Favourites include King Ottakar’s Sceptre, The Calculus Affair, Tintin in Tibet, The Castifiore Emerald and Flight 714. The French language website Tintin est Vivant, contains links to the many Tintin emulations, parodies, and pastiches created by great artists and fans alike since the author’s death.

Herge was directly involved in the production of these films, and I think they capture something of the essence of the original comics. Barks recalls that he used to pick up copies for himself at the local newspaper stand at his home in Santa Barbara. His work still looks fresh more than 100 years after its debut in the pages of American daily newspapers at the turn of last century. Reproductions of the whole series are now available online, thanks to New Zealand ex-pat Roger Langridge’s Hotel Fred website.
Once you break the barrier and start reading instead of watching tv, it’s hard to go back to watching the tube. Read them before the flurry of marketing hype and, Lord spare us, film-look-alike paraphernalia that seems likely to accompany the soon-to-be-launched digital film trilogy (see further below).
He was one of the first comic artists to use frames and page layout, to enhance the visual narrative of his stories.
As a result of his pioneering work, the artist almost single-handedly gave birth to the post-war Japanese comic book (manga) and cartoon animation (anime) industries, whose global cultural influence has been profound.
McCay’s pages positively burst with ideas and innovations, many of which have seldom been repeated.

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books that changed my life tumblr swag

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