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Boston University Medical Campus, home to the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health and Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS), is located in the Boston’s South End. GMS has its own student organization, the Graduate Medical Sciences Student Organization (GMSSO) who organize volunteer and social events, as well as advocate for the student population. Your time in Boston wouldn’t be complete without seeing a Terriers game or concert at the Agganis Arena, or without a swim at BU FitRec or South End Fitness.
As Assistant Dean of Students, I serve on the Dean of Students’ leadership team for the Division of Student Life; my specific responsibilities include oversight of Residence Life, University Orientation for new students, staff training and development for the Division, and various projects for the Dean of Students. As Director of Residence Life, I provide leadership and direction to an 11,500-student, 150-building program, with 27 full-time live-in professionals, 15 faculty-in-residence, 18 clerical staff members, and 285 resident assistants.  Boston University’s housing system is one of the largest among private universities in the United States. My involvement in NASPA, an international association of student affairs administrators in higher education, includes two recent terms on its Board of Directors as National Director of Knowledge Communities and as Director of Region I, which includes the New England states and several Canadian provinces and European nations.

As much as I love taking advantage of all that the great city of Boston has to offer with its museums, shows and winning sports teams, at the end of the day I look forward to heading to the beautiful little town of Sutton which is currently home for me. Iota Nu Delta uplifts its men in their duties: to serve, to lead, and to accomplish greater things in life. The purpose of Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity is a life-long commitment to the Latin American culture. Sigma Beta Rho is a national multicultural Fraternity based upon the principles of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance. Our students explore the historic streets lined with elegant Victorian brownstones and homes built in the 1800s.
In addition to our students participation in academic and social life, we take pride in our students’ community service involvement.

Bound by Brotherhood Eternal, we shall: Cultivate lifelong academic and professional excellence. Besides beautiful, the South End also has one of the most vibrant and diverse communities in the city, surrounded by shops, restaurants, nightlife and a thriving arts community. After completing my undergraduate degree on went on to pursue and my Master of Education in Adult and Higher Education with a focus on College Student Affairs and Leadership from Grand Valley State University. Although I often miss the Midwest, I have enjoyed living in Boston since 2007, and now proudly call it home.

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boston university life coaching 83

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