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It is not that an easy thing to explain what strategic brand management process is all about. So there is the definition of a brand and strategic brand management on the other hand is a process that includes establishing, interpreting to helping that brand to sustain in the market. The above mentioned points need to be discussed in a proper way as that will making things comprehensible in the best possible ways. Brand positioning – This is like the DNA of brand as it is the basis on which a consumer will relate to the values of a brand’s products and services. Implementation by planning – Yes this is an important aspect of strategic brand management process as this is the only way that can be used constructively to prove brand equity.
Sustaining a brand – This is a connection between the products and services of a brand with its portfolio.
So all this shows how brands can be developed from the scratch in an all comprehensive way. Another imperative is to add values to this brand as it will help consumers connect with it on an emotional level. To conclude on strategic brand managementwhat can be said is that it is a simple process of marketing, development and approach that are required to build up a brand.
If social media gives certain powers to people, it also gives numerous opportunities for brands to build positive brand perception among its current and prospective customers. The pizza joint got into the conversation with an extremely insensitive and unrelated reply which got them a lot of social media flak – all this because they did not take the time out to understand the context of the hashtag.
A study by Lithium Technologies found that 53% of customers who ask a brand a question on Twitter expect a response within 1 hour regardless of when they tweeted, with that percentage rising to 72% if it’s a complaint. A Brand has social obligations towards its customers and thus must align its consumer’s interests with all business and branding initiatives. This is not because of the fact that it involves nay rocket science but for the reason that it is a relative phrase. All these elements together make what is better known as strategic brand management process. However, before that we need to focus on one more thing that of be it an online business or a traditional one, strategic brand management is a method that should be followed religiously by all entrepreneurs without a fail. This means selecting the right logo, packaging, presentation and marketing strategies can make all the difference. It is like measuring a brand in terms of its real value keeping the financial aspect in tow. This is an important part of brand management and should be given time to while conceptualizing a brand. Below are 14 suggested ways brands can manage their online brand reputation on social media platforms.

Brands can learn from their competition on what to do and more importantly what not to do on social media while handling reputation management for the brand. Don’t take customers for granted. You know what’s worse than not getting a meaningless response from a brand? Certain brand management definitions suggest that branding, when successful, is the key to enable the business to charge premium rates for its offerings. Therefore, premium rates are justified only when they are inevitable: particularly for sustaining the brand image and maintaining the attraction of the target market.
If truth be told then it can be stated that defining the very concept of a brand is little tricky as it is a comparative term in itself. Taking out one element will hamper the growth of a brand as there is no scope to do so at all. This will only help people develop their ecommerce, mobile ecommerce or a conventional business a momentum.
This could be done by highlighting the advantages of the brand and then comparing its features with its competitors.
This also is a means of expansion of a brand that may take it beyond its geographical boundaries! The situation in India is better than a year back, but there is still a lot of scope for improvement. Never mind if a comment is positive, negative or neutral, prove your brand diligence by acknowledging the mention and follow this up with the required response.
Try to control the unpredictable nature of social media by creating a platform for consumers to file their grievances on. Don’t try to take a customer to a private mode of conversation to avoid publicly addressing the comment.
Invest in available tools and technology to ensure your brand team can monitor your brand online. Ensure you engage (reply, respond, like, share, address a comment) on social media mentioning your brand.
This is a critical step in the journey of managing your brand’s online reputation on social media. A highly aggravated customer can be mistaken for a troll (and vice versa) but consistent communication and collection of background information can help make this differentiation.
Customer service personnel are driven by internal KPIs on which their performance is measured. For a fact, a brand may have strong ties with its customers on account of a low price strategy. A brand is an aggregate of the value of services or products of a company and that of its own characteristics.

This will help in monitoring complains, allocating responsibilities and improving response and closure rates.
Handle the situation confidently on social media so public eyes can appreciate your customer care as well. There are a number ofsocial media listening tools where in you can monitor your brand hashtags, critical keywords associated with your brand, etc. For example, act quickly in response to any customer issue, ensuring the complainant understands that you have taken notice of the comment.
Be very specific about what you are addressing, what your next step would be or what you’d like the customer to take as a next step. This pressure forces them to try and close issues at the earliest, often at the cost of quality customer service. Taking your own time and disrespecting your customers’ time or taking them for granted is a big no-no on social media. You come across as a brand that must bring down its competition to drive attention to itself. If the prices were to be increased, the brands association, loyalty and value would meet a serious impact. To ensure this does not happen, the customer service executive must be trained to be empathetic towards the customer. This forum can be completely controlled by the brand, ensuring that social media chaos across various platforms is limited.
This must tickle down to all departments that should collaborate with each other internally.
It will also ensure they are held accountable for social media conversations around the brand. The hashtag was for individuals who continued to stay in a relationship while facing abuse. Changing this requires a paradigm shift of mindset that must start from the top decision makers.
If you are not the right person to make any claims or give assurances, be honest about it and connect the consumer with someone who can.

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